Journey Through War-Torn Country in Indie Game 'Displaced'

Can you plan your escape?

With echoes of the similar survival scenario of 2015’s This War of Mine, Displaced pits you in the middle of a war-torn country, having you attempt to escape by passing directly through a hot bed of crime, violence, and death.

The game, released on July 26th, puts emphasis on choosing your crew of five survivors wisely. The difference between life and death can depend on the specializations of each character. For example, if the player hand picks the medic character to partake in something dangerous, they’re, in turn, risking the health of the entire traveling party.

It’s a different take on the standard war game. Being civilians, the player must be careful when engaging in conflict, as it could lead to catastrophic consequences. 

Originally posted to the Steam Greenlight page on March 21st, Displaced was voted to be greenlit as an early-access game.

Story elements unfold through graphic novel-like pictures and visuals. Using these pictures coupled with ‘cards’ representing survivors, the game is played as a proper role playing game.

As it’s a Steam early-access game, Displaced will undoubtedly go through a long, productive process in which the developers keep a close eye on bugs and complaints from within the gaming community. This adds a vital aspect in which the game as it stands today will be drastically improved a year from now.

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