Individual User Profiles Added to Amazon Prime Video

Wait, this wasn't a thing already?"

Thoroughly behind the times, Amazon is finally adding an industry-standard feature almost a full 7 years after Netflix.

Amazon Prime Video is significantly younger than Netflix, having been launched in 2006; Netflix began with DVD rentals in 1998 8 months after its founding in 1997.

A long-overdue feature, Amazon is catching up to other streaming services in the US by adding user profiles. They were previously available in both Africa and India, but have finally come to the west. Netflix first implemented this feature on August 1, 2013, before Blockbuster closed down.

Similar to Netflix, there will be a kid’s profile option, restricting viewable content, searches, and buying content.

How-To Geek has a useful guide to help you implement this new feature.

Too little too late?

Undoubtedly against its competitors Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and the new Disney+, Amazon Prime Video has had a difficult time convincing people that another subscription is worth it. Despite the difficulties, approximately, “26 million consumers are regular Prime Video watchers.” (Source) This seems more modest compared to Netflix’s nearly 183 million users according to Expanded Ramblings. To what extent, if at all, this “new” addition will have on their user base will eventually be seen, but without doubt, it cannot hurt it.

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