For Honor Announces Ninja and Roman Centurions

For Honor has just announced its first additions to the battlefield The Shinobi and Centurion

The new classes arrive on May 16 for you lucky season pass owners. The rest of us will wait until May 23 for the full release of the new classes. The new classes will be added to existing Samurai and Knight factions, which begs the question, when are the Vikings get some love?

For Honor is about to launch it’s first DLC and add two new characters to its roster. The deadly Shinobi and the powerful Centurion join the endless war on May 23rd.

With the launch of the two new classes comes two new maps as well. The maps Forge and Temple Garden will be added along with the two new classes, however little is currently know about the maps. Ubisoft did not include them in the trailer, which showed off the Shinobi and Centurion.

Ubisoft will also include some new gear to accompany the classes. As expected, the Shinobi and Centurion will have customizable gear in all the right places and will also introduce the new epic gear variety.

So let's have a look at what we know about the warriors who will be taking to the field shortly.

Shinobi concept art.


In For Honor, the newly added Shinobi will be wielding the Kusarigama – a chain-and-sickle weapon with a wide arching range. We do not currently have the details on the abilities of the Shinobi, but one would guess this class would be fast and powerful. Be careful not to get caught in the heat of the moment as this class is not likely to take much damage. Here’s what Ubisoft had to say on the Shinobi. “The Shinobi are silent warriors able to move with a dancer’s grace and kill with precision thanks to a lifetime of disciplined training. They wield the traditional Japanese Kusarigama.”

Centurion concept art.


A close-quartered combat specialist, the Centurion is likely to be in the thick of battle. Images have shown this soldier wielding a Gladius, which is a typical Roman short sword. This will likely mean the Centurion will deal powerful, strong attacks with a short range. No images have shown this new fighter with a shield yet, so we don’t currently know if this class can only wield a sword. Here's what Ubisoft had to say about the class. “The Centurion sees the battlefield like a chessboard. Equipped with the reliable standard issue gladius, Centurions can bypass enemy defences through strategic close-quarters combat.”

These classes have not been the best-kept secret as numerous leaks have come to light. But finally we have an official announcement and some new characters to look forward to.

The second season of For Honor’s faction war will commence on May 16 to coincide with the early release of the classes. The new maps and the new gear will also drop on that date so make sure you have the season pass ordered if you want to be the first to play.

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