HBO Max's Upcoming Series Will Star Keanu Reeves

If only 4-D was already here..

Embrace by a voice

Sometimes the source material for our favorite movies and television shows are books whose own origins lie in folklore, history, etc.

Perhaps a product of our times is the latest innovation: A World of Calm, to be based on Calm, a mobile app for guided meditation. In total there will be 10 episodes, and though there is no official announcement for a DVD release as of yet, it is likely considering past projects that this will happen sometime in 2020 or 2021.

This seems initially somewhat outlandish in a paradoxical way, taking such material and adding a plot. It is an idea reminiscent of video games like Pepsi Man or Sneak King, but maybe by nature of the source material not so "in your face."

Pepsi Man—enough said.

The app itself is a mostly paid-for experience (a small amount of content, such as the first part of a multi-part guided meditation plan, can be accessed for free). Perhaps it is the lack of pre-existing storied content that will allow the writers to create a truly unique show, but it may also turn out to be more commercial than plot. Either way, it is starting Keanu, so this may very well be the point at which I cash in on a free trial of HBO.

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