Final Fantasy 14: 5 Awesome Things You'll Love

Hyur - Heavensward
I'm more than just a pretty face. I've slain dragons, baby.

And it's not even free-to-play. Here's why people keep playing the game despite its price tag.

For starters, Final Fantasy is a long-existing series of RPGs that has been a part of most gamers’ playing history and it involves saving the world from the brink of destruction while brandishing legendary swords (Why hello there, Ultima Weapon) and invoking arcane magic to slay monsters for quick gil or expensive loot.

In the advent of free-to-play and freemium PC MMORPGs ranging from the simple, point-and-click ones to the intricately-designed, action-oriented masterpieces, Square Enix offers Final Fantasy 14, a combination of signature, epic FF gameplay with neat multiplayer features that may leave you glued to your system for hours - and you would definitely shell out cash to keep staying in its realms.

If you’re new to the series, wanting to experience a grand adventure SE has been renowned for, or a die-hard fan of the FF series who loves seeing Easter eggs and nuances derived from former titles, this game is for you. Here's a quick list of five awesome things you'll love about Final Fantasy 14:

1. Rich Storyline

Heavensward - where ambitions soar higher than where your wings can take you.

After a dream sequence as the Adventurer travels to the starting cities: the serene woods of Gridania, the majestic sands of Ul’dah, or the busy port city of Limsa Lominsa, FF 14 summons you into a world where people start from small beginnings, taking minor quests and gaining fame as you are told of your uncanny resemblance to the legendary Warriors of Light upon joining an Adventurer’s Guild. Soon, you gain stronger, more bizarre visions, and you’ll eventually learn how your existence as the representative of the Mothercrystal is important in preserving the state of the world you live in. As with many MMORPGs, the storyline is sometimes ignored, but in FF 14, the plot is weaved into the game that it intrigues and tempts you to continue unravelling the lore as it opens up the mystical world even further. Heavensward, the upcoming expansion to be released in June 2015, will certainly bring the adventure to greater heights as the epic lore continues.

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Cherrykuns's picture

Cherrykuns 9 years 1 month ago

That, I might not be certain. All Final Fantasy online games are in a subscription-based format, and even Final Fantasy 11 is still kicking thirteen years since its launch. I'm afraid that things might stay the same, but I'm hoping that they would somehow reduce the subscription charges. Turning it into a free-to-play game might destroy its current business model.

Shogun's picture

Shogun 9 years 1 month ago

I really want to play this game, i should give it a shot because I love the final fantasy saga.. But is so expensive, i might wait for a price change, hope they do what TERA did.

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