Far Cry Series: 10 Things We Love Most About The Far Cry Games

Hello Elephant! Can you give me a lift?

Here's a list of Far Cry Games Since 2004:

  1. Far Cry                                  2004
  2. Far Cry Instincts                     2005
  3. Far Cry Instincts: Evolution      2006
  4. Far Cry Instincts: Predator       2006
  5. Far Cry Vengeance                 2006
  6. Far Cry 2                               2008
  7. Far Cry 3                               2012        
  8. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon          2013
  9. Far Cry 4                               2014

So, you're a Far Cry fan? Then, you're in the right place!

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “Far Cry” are vast expanses of jungles with absolutely drool-worthy graphics, but it doesn’t just stop there. It contains everything that a typical jungle plays home to, from ferocious tigers to bears and wolves, and not to mention the pirates and rebels encroaching land controlled by no established government; it’s a plethora of mayhem, fun and devastation waiting for someone to come and light the fuse.

1. Total Immersion: Lose yourself in the exotic world of Far Cry


Far Cry is known for its exoticness, transporting the player to otherworldly locations.

There are not a lot of games out there to which you can say this. In fact, the open world given to you is so exotic that some minor tweaks to the terrain might transform this into the holy grail of space explorers; an alien planet capable of life sustenance located in some strange far-away galaxy.

There is just way too much eye candy here, that some gamers might feel a saccharine aftertaste lingering behind long after they are done with the game. If you want a game in which you can completely lose yourself into, then here’s one waiting for you readymade.

2. The Art of Hunting: Back to the Caveman Age

Ooops, better not miss, you were not supposed to see me Mr. Leopard.

In Far Cry, hunting doesn’t just serve the purpose of food, it’s a crucial way of means to craft essential stuff like weapon holsters and ammo pouches. You’ll almost break a sweat while you’re sitting crouched behind foliage with leaves obstructing most of your vision as you stalk the deer feeding on shrubs a few feet away.

The slightest footfall might scare it away and trust me, there’s no way you can sprint up to it, and the deer won’t stop unless its miles away from you. This will just leave you a long way from where you started in the first place, frustrated and fuming that you can’t even catch up to a deer.

Hunting in Far Cry might as well as train you for the apocalypse (zombie or whatever) that has been a long time coming.

3. Crafting: The Alchemical Transformation of Animal Skins

Behold every hunter’s dream.

It’s the temptation of every gamer to go ahead and craft everything that is there to be crafted. But this is not exactly advisable; you’ll have to make informed crafting decisions to truly own the game. This is a game that gives you the freedom to play it your way, ninja quiet or weapons hot, it’s your call.

Once you have chosen your style, the crafting decisions you make will have a huge impact on your style of gameplay. If you choose to go in crushing the trigger, you’ll have to concentrate on maxing out your ammo pouches and holsters.

If you prefer to be a sneaky soul reaper, you’ll want to upgrade your quivers and syringes, so that you can carry as many arrows as possible and the syringes to enhance your senses to help you detect enemies.

4. The Conqueror: Taking down Enemy Outposts

A heavily guarded outpost? Or is it?

The game’s story is plenty interesting but the best moments don’t happen during story missions but while you’re out in the open exploring. One of the best moments would be when you lead a wild animal into an enemy outpost, and sit back at a comfy vantage point and watching as all hell break loose below in the camp. A mad elephant or a stray tiger can bring down a whole outpost while the panicking pirates fire blindly wasting ammo.

But you can always kick down the front door with your guns blazing, chucking grenades everywhere, or you could go all quiet picking out the unsuspecting patrol guards one by one. Or choose a nice camping spot with a beautiful sprawling view of the outpost below and snipe them out patiently.

It’s a free world, after all.

5. Vaas: It’s You-Know-Who

That penetrating gaze… *shivers*

If there’s one guy who has no chains restricting him in social gatherings and the like, it’s Vaas. This guy struts around, not giving a shit about what he says or does.

That convincing nasal voice combined with an attitude to boot deserves a special mention for voice acting that has been well done. The resultant product of which is a vibrant character that strikes a chord with most of the gaming community.

This is one insane guy who wants to define his own meaning of insanity.

6. Transcendence: Dr Alec Earnhardt’s Drugs

Hi5MOFO walks us through the experience.

Feel like getting high, but you’re so not into drugs? Far Cry lets you do it.

Most gamers who are in a hurry would definitely miss this, but you can’t really classify this as an Easter Egg. They are pretty easy to find if you are an ardent explorer. The rush of excitement before you swallow the pill is almost akin to the real deal, as you anticipate what the drug’s effects on the protagonist will be. But the drugs actually do nothing but jiggle your memory to the events that lead you to the island you are playing in.

It’s basically a cut scene showing the protagonist and his friends planning the ill-fated excursion to the island in a club. This might seem a little anti-climatic but it’s sort of a huge relief to ride in something as simple as an elevator after traversing through miles and miles of jungle.

7. The Rakyat: In Command of an Army

Hello comrades! Let me save you!

It does feel good to have an entire army doing your bidding, take over and guard outposts after you capture them. Stop a patrol and drive away with their patrol vehicle, leaving them to bite the dust and walk back on foot.

It’s not much really, but it’s fun to boss them around. It would be even cooler if the game granted more control over them, for example, radio to the nearest outpost asking them for transport and supplies that you can buy from them. What else would you love better than being pampered by a whole army?

8. Ajay Ghale: The Guy Whose Face You Can’t See

Credits: http://farcry.wikia.com

Alas, who’s the most important character in a FPS, it’s the guy whose face you can’t see. It’s both the curse and boon of a FPS, it looks great and immersive to play from this perspective but you can’t really judge what the player is feeling without seeing his expressions.

Ajay had a very disturbing life but his true adventure was set into motion by his mother’s last dying wish, which was to scatter her ashes at Lakshmana in Kyrat. He’s left with no choice but to stay and fight a bloody civil war, and in the process gets acclimated to his true home country.

9. Pagan Min: The Other Guy

I think, and it happens.

The villain of Far Cry 4 is twisted and diabolical, but at the same time, he will leave you second guessing your own judgment at times, is he really what I think he is? What kind of complex is this guy suffering from, it’s as if an amalgam of different characters thrown in and mashed together to form this guy. Some might name it as inefficient character development, but it works, it just works.

This guy will leave you wondering, do guys like him actually exist? Maybe they do, I was just not aware of the range of personalities that human beings can have.

10. Oh! More content to play? No surprise

Oh yeah! Gimme all I can play.

You won’t believe how much hours you’ll have to play to reach 100% completion of the game. If there’s one game which has major positive reviews and the gamers not really wishing for DLCs, it could be Far Cry 4. You can just go on and on till you’re sick of it, but later you’ll automatically come back for more. It’s strange, the way this game can make you feel. You can spend hours hunting and upgrading, yet even more hours at side quests.

If you have a compelling looting behavior forcing you not to miss any goodies, you are in for a rollercoaster ride, with thousands of loot spread all over the gigantic map. It could possibly take months before you finish collecting all the loot the game has to offer.

Who Says No to Candy?

Far Cry is candy, eye candy, the sweetest of its kind. It’s an escape where you can lose yourself in a world where you can do and see things not possible in reality.

But too much of anything good is not good, so a bite or two occasionally would be good, just don’t be too greedy and gobble up too much or after some time, you’ll start seeing the triangles and polygons that actually made up that realistic looking rock lying beside you.

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