Fallout 4 Mega Sale: Is Bethesda getting desperate?

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The main protagonist from Vault 111 sets out to explore the massive city of Boston.

Fallout 4 just experienced its most massive price drop yet. It went on sale for $18 on steam; that’s 60% off!

But what does that mean for the developers? Usually a game’s lasting price is a sign of its future longevity as a title. It stands to reason that the longer a title stays popular, then the longer its price will stay near the price from its release. The Witcher 3, for example is still going strong in many online stores, keeping its price of $40 on Steam. The Witcher 3 is a huge adventure with tons of content to choose from, but isn’t that what the Fallout series also brags about? That leads us to ask the question about what such a sudden price drop means for the future of the game.

As soon as Fallout’s first steam sale came about, questions were raised about the title’s longevity

Fallout 4 had everyone clamoring to get back into the wasteland for some good RPG action when it was released. Hype was generated almost instantaneously.

Fallout did so well, in fact, that it blew Call of Duty out of the water with $750 million in sales in its first week. Since then, the hype has died out, and more realistic reviews have surfaced. Fallout 4 has averaged 7/10 on most review sites. Gaming has advanced to become a world where the multiplayer aspect is key, so when a single player game is released, it has to be absolutely astonishing to stay relevant. It seems that Fallout 4 has put up a good fight, but Bethesda may be coming to terms with the title’s dim future. 

We're not going anywhere, are we boy?

Fallout 4 isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Fear not, fellow wastelanders. Although prices are dropping, Fallout has a strong and loyal fan base. That leaves you to reap the rewards. We can expect the price tag to get smaller and smaller, but we can also expect more DLC to keep players interested.


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