Deadly Broadcast Co-Op Horror Survival Game Unlocks New Fears

Deadly Broadcast Co-Op Horror Survival Game Unlocks New Fears
Careful what you draw... never know what'll pop outta the ground next!

‘Deadly Broadcast’ is a 4 player horror survival co-op game filled with monsters created by overly ambitious practitioners of the occult.

Undead bodies in the hallways... Image by 'Deadly Broadcast.'

The story begins with you, an ambitious content creator, live streaming from an old abandoned mental hospital. The idea is to create an entertaining stream for your community in a creepy old hospital. Little do you know…

As you explore, it quickly becomes clear that something isn’t right. Something, or someone, lurks in the shadows, ready to pounce! A pentagram of some sort has brought creatures of darkness out into the world, with the mental hospital as the gateway. 

The halls are filled with zombies, whose beating hearts must be found and destroyed in the rooms the zombies come from. The only way to kill the creatures is to destroy their hearts. And your only hope for survival is if you can kill all of them…

The pentagram where it all began. Image by 'Deadly Broadcast.'

Every door you unlock will have new monsters waiting behind it. It is of paramount importance that you keep your eyes peeled. There is useful equipment and materials lying around that you can use to aid you in your escape. It might be a good idea to keep an eye on your live chat as well. Backseat gamers are always the best!

Whatever you do, don’t let the stream be interrupted. If the stream ends, so will you… The good news is, if you manage to make it out alive, you’ll be one of the most famous people on earth and on the fast track to becoming one of the wealthiest ones too!

Keep looking over your shoulder.

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