The Best Zombie MMOs on PC

7 Days to Die is voxel-based, giving it a straightforward crafting system a bit like Minecraft’s.

Fight the Elements, the Undead, and the Odds in the Best Zombie MMOs on the PC Market

The zombies craze has not died down just yet—especially where video games are concerned.

Suddenly, we don’t just want to watch the zombie apocalypse play out. We want to be at the center of the action, fighting tooth and nail to survive against the mindless hordes of flesh-eating monsters

Here are some games that let you do just that.

1. Dead Frontier

Dead Frontier lets players pick classes for advantages, such as specialties on cooking for chefs.

Operated by Creaky Corpse and developed by Neil Yates, Dead Frontier offers content for free and for a price.

Use your wits to outrun the mobs out for your sweet, sweet flesh. Do you need experience? Then rev up that chainsaw or load a shotgun and use the resulting noise to up the zombies’ aggro and draw bigger crowds. The more you mow down, of course, the more experience you gain.

Or sneak around, use bats and other melee weapons to crack skulls more quietly if you want to snag loot without attracting too much attention.

However you choose to proceed, take care. Danger shuffles around every corner in the city of Fairview.

2. How to Survive 2

How to Survive 2 requires the player to take care of basic needs like food, water, and shelter—all during the zombie apocalypse.

How to Survive 2, like the first game, has just a hint of Left 4 Dead and The Walking Dead about it, as it is set in the southern United States.

The game is currently out on Steam’s early access.

Play with friends or by yourself—either way, build a shelter and defend it while you plan your next supplies run. Remember, the clock is ticking. Your stomach just started growling, and what’s that scratching at the door?

What with the game being set in Louisiana, you have plenty of interesting locals to tutor you in the ways of survival down there in the bayou.

3. Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid is only out in early access, but any time you purchase you are guaranteed updates throughout the game’s lifetime.

Sometimes, in our wildest zombie apocalypse dreams, we imagine surviving to be as simple as crushing undead skulls with a trusty hammer.

But in Project Zomboid, survival means more than just slaying. Survival means accounting for your sanity, your food supply, your health, and so much more…

The game features a fun crafting system, reminiscent of Minecraft, so you can put just one more plank of wood over the door before the horde comes knocking.

4. H1Z1: Just Survive

The zombies are smart and unpredictable in this survival horror.

Think carefully before you fire that rifle. It could summon the hordes. Do you have your exit planned—or is there only one way out of this room? The answer to this question could mean life or death.

In H1Z1: Just Survive, the open-world wastes hold many treasures for those with sharp enough eyes. Just be careful you don’t run afoul of other greedy survivors. Desperation can make any man a murdering thief.

And maybe if you’re really lucky enough, you can get your hands on a car. In H1Z1, cars make flattening zombies a fun time—if you’ve got the smarts to get the car up and running.

5. Fallen Earth

Careful of the plague victims wandering the nuclear wastes.

Kind of like a cross between Fallout and H1Z1, Fallen Earth takes place in a world destroyed by a plague called the Shiva Virus, plus some nuclear war.

In addition to the game’s unique take on zombies (called “Throwbacks”), there are a number of other fascinating and terrifying enemies to contend with: sandworms, raiders, creepers, religious whackos, and good ol’ Blight Wolves.

Team up to control the map with your clan, and make sure to stay alive.

6. DayZ

DayZ is still being updated, so there is more to come.

DayZ started as a mod of ARMA 2 but became so popular that its developer Dean Hall decided to make it into a standalone game.

Much like other games on this list, find weapons, mine resources, craft and build a shelter to survive. Ward off diseases like cholera by staying away from contaminated water, or treat it with the right medicine. The focus here is on staying alive, and DayZ makes that feel authentic with the proper challenges.

7. 7 Days to Die

Nothing’s getting in there, you think to yourself. Except the zombies in 7 Days to Die are really determined.

You’ve got 7 Days to Die and many ways in which to kick the bucket.

In “The Survival Horde Crafting Game," you can live for more than seven days, but the longer you stay alive, the tougher the zombies hordes get.

Watch out at night, too! The zombies get stronger then. And stay away from carrying foods—you don’t want those pesky monsters to get a whiff of you.

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