Battlefield 1 Gameplay has been revealed, prepare to get excited

New Armor Balancing, weapons and more!

New Armor Balancing, weapons and more!

DICE has Been playing with and expanding the melee combat elements of Battlefield. In Battlefield 4, the melee combat was pretty straightforward; you have a knife and can kill enemies/other players with it. Battlefield 1, however, is adding in a variety of melee weapons that each have positive and negative effects. For example, some melee weapons are larger and heavier but slower, allowing one to brutalize their enemies. Then there are smaller faster weapons that do less damage but can be used quickly. Another thing we know is that it's possible to attach a bayonet to the front of some rifles, allowing you to do a focus charge attack. 

Tanks: These are extremely powerful at a distance as there is only one soldier class that is properly able to solo a tank. The tanks armor is relatively high and hard to take down.

Player Weapons: With regards to weapons that players can use, there are 6 different classes: There are your Shotguns, SMGs, LMG, Semi-Automatics, Sidearms and Sniper Rifles. Each obviously featuring their own strengths and weaknesses. Each weapon type/class has a variety of weapons to choose from

The Behemoth Zeppelin is the biggest vehicle Battlefield has ever seen.

DICE has revealed that the Behemoth Zeppelin will be given to a team that is losing. Developers say that the opposite team will need to drop everything and completely focus on taking down the Behemoth Zeppelin. "It flies on top of the map and it takes control of the map," said Grøndal. "Defenders really need to focus on trying to take down this behemoth. If they manage to take it down, it comes crashing down, and you don't want to be in the way when this airship lands on top of your face. It creates a cool dynamic."
There will be other behemoth vehicles on different maps, but they haven't been revealed yet.

The Behemoth Zeppelin under assault by attack planes

You can ride horses!

"You can bring a horse to a tank fight." DICE has tried to be accurate to WWI in many aspects. Horses and tanks coexisted in the war and are both playable in the game. A large front in WWI also involved the Middle East and the Ottoman Empire, in which traditional cavalry units clashed against Western technology, which can be briefly seen in the trailer.


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