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Battleborn free to play free-to-play F2P Gearbox Software
Battleborn’s Rath, Miko, Montana, Marquis, and Phoebe in the midst of battle

Is Battleborn really free to play?

Most would say so, but President and CEO of Gearbox Software Randy Pitchford calls the new business model “retail with DLC” and insists that Battleborn is playable as a free trial. However, several features of the game are unlocked in ways that make it feel like gamers are getting (nearly) the whole package. Whether it’s a free trial or actually free-to-play doesn’t seem to be making much of difference in this case to the players (both early adopters and newcomers), though I’m inclined to agree with the designation of the latter based on the evidence presented.

Battleborn’s official YouTube channel recently upload a trailer for the free trial showcasing the characters and some gameplay footage.

What content is in the trial?

According to Battleborn’s Steam store page, the free trial gives “unlimited access (no time limits or level caps)” to all maps and game modes, and uses a weekly rotating roster of thirty playable heroes. Any progress made in the trial will carry over to the full version of the game, which includes the twenty-five original heroes and a PvE story mode.

How are gamers responding?

Also on the game’s Steam store page are thousands of player reviews. Supporters of the game tell of how underrated Battleborn is and how comparisons to (and the marketing competition with) Blizzard’s Overwatch are unfair. They lament that their dissenters judge the game on unfair bases, which also include the game’s so far small player base making it difficult to find matches, but the players are enjoying what they can get.

It seems that the positive reviews come from a dedicated fanbase—one that was actually willing to wait for long amounts of time to find games in matchmaking. Some reason that its release date was too close to Overwatch, which hampered its developing player base. Despite this, the free trial hasn’t really attracted many new players yet, but player reviews on Steam and commenters on the YouTube trailer are hopeful that the game will get the player base and appreciation it deserves soon enough.

Will you be trying out Battleborn? If you’ve been playing it since before the trial, does this new business model affect your opinion of the game or its developer and publisher? Perhaps you’re already busy with Overwatch or something else?

The curious might want to check out the official website for character bios, faction lore, and more. Personally, I’m up for trying anything offered at the low price of free, especially when a game has such defenders behind it.

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