8 Video Games That Kept Me Up For Weeks And Gave Me Nightmares

8 Video Games That Kept Me Up At Night
Video Games That Gave Me Nightmares

There is nothing to be afraid of it’s just a video game! These are the video games fill you with fear. 


They keep you up at night, and give you nightmares. They make you question your sanity, lock all your doors, and sleep with the lights on. They make you fall off the couch, hide behind pillows, and shut your eyes. They low-key make you want to run to your mom, and ask your dad to remind you that there is no such thing as monsters. Game developers have been trying to scare the pants off of us since the beginning. Horror games especially have a way of getting under our skin. Video games unlike scary movies, or television allow us, as players to really get into character. We are transported into the horror of a game, and it’s not the characters running around in fear, but us. These are the games that were the best at making us feel like there are monsters in our closets, that ghosts are going to appear at any moment, that if we turn around, if we stop running, we might actually die.  This is a list of the video games that gave me nightmares. 

1) Alien Isolation


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