5 YouTubers All Gamers Should Subscribe To

Some of the best YouTube channels in the world are based on gaming.

Who Are The Best Youtube Gaming Celebrities?

In the world of YouTube it’s hard to not get lost in the thousands upon thousands of channels, well I’m here to show you a few necessary gamers that you may or may not have already subscribed to. Over the years gamers have went in and out of popularity, due to various reasons. But there are a few that we just can’t get enough of. The ones that we always connect to, never fail to make us laugh, or always have something interesting to say. Check out these guys!


PewDiePie in a spotlight from 2015.   

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, or as you may know him, PewDiePie has been the most popular YouTube channel for quite some time. You may wonder how a gamer could earn such a title, but there is a very good reason. He’s funny and entertaining! This Swedish comedian represents the classic dream. After dropping out of college, he was unable to receive any support to focus on his YouTube channel. He worked his way through early productions by working at a hotdog stand, and a couple of years later, he became the most subscribed channel on YouTube. This just shows us that with determination and passion, you can achieve your dreams one way or another…so keep playing video games!

Get to know PewDiePie


Ian and Anthony just being themselves.

Ian Andrew Hecox and Daniel Anthony Padilla are the duo known as Smosh. Over the years they have paired up with many other actors and YouTubers on their channel, but the original duo are who make up Smosh. The diversity they add is what really makes them so entertaining to us, the viewers. Most of us have heard of Smosh, but did you know that they started out as a simple website of flash animations?  Later they began their journey by lip syncing to their favorite nerd themes. They took what we all do in private and shared it with the world, making uber -mega-bucks. In 2015, they even created a Science-Fiction comedy movie, Smosh: The Movie, which also featured some of our other favorite YouTube gamers.

Get to know Smosh 


Sean and his good friend, Sam

Seán William McLoughlin is a big personality. At first, he was much calmer than the Sean we see today. But now, he is often referred to the "most energetic video game commentator on YouTube". In fact, his energy is most contagious. He is well-known for his Five Nights at Freddie’s animations where the animated version of Jacksepticeye will take us on adventures full of “scary” moments. Jackspeticeye loves a good adventure!

Get to know Jacksepticeye


Mark lets his exuberant personality show 

Mark Edward Fischbach first studied to become a biomedical engineer but dropped out to pursue his career in entertainment. As a first impression, you may see Markiplier as overly dramatic, emotional, and excessive with his language. But when you really get to know him, you will find he is one of the most caring and generous Youtubers in the top channels. He is known for supporting many charities and with his fans has raised more than $1 million for his causes. He also makes it a point to try to personally connect with his fans and show them the respect and appreciation that he believes they deserve. So, props to Mark for paying it forward.

Get to know Markiplier


Here we catch a rare glimpse of the man known as Vanoss

Evan Fong, like many famous YouTubers, dropped out of college to move on with his career on the website. Vanoss is often recognized for his video’s relatable nature. While watching him, you will get the feeling that you are there, just hanging out with friends and having fun. You may look at his channel and wonder why none of his videos do not feature him alone, in-person. Well, Evan likes to play with friends and create funny shorts more than focusing on himself. This is another great thing about Vanoss, we really get to dive into his videos and connect to his stories!

Get to know Vanoss 

So that’s it! There are only five gamers on this list, but I know there are many, many more that have fans raving! You got to start somewhere, and with these channels, you will be led to their friends and acquaintances, which will eventually lead to you meeting all of the YouTubers that gamer NEED to subscribe to!

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