5 Things I Love and Hate About Call of Duty Black Ops 3

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Year upon year, Call of Duty gets more realistic and we see even better graphics, Black Ops 3 was no different.

The Good And The Not So Good

Call of Duty has gone through some major changes since the prestigious CoD 4 days. There’s been improvements. There’s been steps taking backwards. It is what it is. Coming off the back of a controversial Advanced Warfare release, there was a lot of pressure on Treyarch to produce a real Call of Duty game again.

Some features I love, some flaws I hate. Here’s my top 5:

5 Things I Love About Black Ops 3

1. Graphics

It feels like I’m right here. Standing side by side with my ally.

The game looks crisp, it has a nice modern clean finish to it. The water looks good. The lighting is good. Everything in the game looks good. Treyarch built upon what worked in previous CoDs. Kept it simple, but not boring. Attention to detail is impressive, maps, guns and even the characters have been brought to life. 

2. Gun Balance

“Watch your back, I got you!”

For the first time in Call of Duty history, it has been pretty hard to distinguish between the best guns in the game. Each gun in its respective category is pretty even with the rest. This is unheard of to CoD fans. Usually, weeks after the release there is an update to downgrade some of the overpowering guns. However, this time they seem to have got it just about right. Each gun has its strengths and weaknesses. It makes for a really interesting experience as I am constantly testing out new guns and class set ups.

3. Dead Ops Arcade 2

Just like a real arcade game.

After successfully completing mission 2 in the campaign, this bonus minigame is available to unlock. Just like in Black Ops 1, Dead Ops is an insanely fun game mode to play. In a third personal aerial view, you have to fend off zombies coming from left, right and centre. Literally! This can be played in multiplayer too, after each level you reap the rewards. Next, choose a new path to follow and time for all hell to break loose again. Madly entertaining, one of my all-time Call of Duty favourite features. 

4. Wall Running and Swimming

“How the heck did he get up there?”

Now this is really awesome. Ever since the trailer video was released, I couldn’t wait to try out these features. Treyarch have taken a step back from Advanced Warfare, they learnt from the games flaws, and poor movement flow. The wall running and underwater swimming features fit in so smoothly with the movement patterns of the game. It seems so effortless. These features are a really cool dynamic.

5. Free Run Mode

Let the challenge, begin.

It’s like assault type training. You can practice to prepare for almost any scenario that may occur in-game. Sprinting, jump over obstacles, sliding through gaps, wall running, shooting, all off the above combined. It would take all day to list the situations you are met with. This mode encourages you to move more smoothly with the flow of the game, and trains your movement patterns. All whilst being timed, this adds the competitive feel. With several maps to choose from you can easily master the movements, to improve your in-game performance and skill. 

5 Things I Hate About Black Ops 3

1. Confusing Maps

I don’t even know what’s going on here…

Although I mentioned earlier how much I enjoy the graphics and design of the game as a whole and some maps in particular, various maps are below standard. To be honest overall, they just lack lustre. There is such a mixed bag of maps. Breach, one of my all-time favourite maps ever has so many avenues and paths to explore, they fit in so well with the map. Compared to maps like Metro which I don’t like at all, and I think many will agree with me on that. The map layout is too complex, and hard to understand, it’s almost like Treyarch tried too hard. It doesn’t flow well, in my opinion worst map of the game.

2. Arena Mode Is Nothing Compared To League Play

New feature lets you ban/protect weapons, specialists and perks.

League Play in Black Ops 2 was insane, no Call of Duty has brought the competitive edge to it that BO2 accomplished with league play. It fed that hunger to win and play with teammates, rather than destroying the same old noobs in regular game modes. The ranking system was really cool, I enjoyed the sense that you could progress from the bottom up and it gave me something to work towards. They tried to replicate this in Black Ops 3 with Arena Mode but it just didn’t compare. It’s not so much they system Arena Mode follows but more the nature of Black Ops 3. 

3. Complicated Specialists That Ruin Gameplay

Snooooooooooooore. Just stick to the basics.

Personally I think Cod has gotten very complex, with a lot more things to take into consideration. For example, specialists. Specialists are a new dynamic that allows you to customize your character whatever you want. They reward you in unique ways whenever you score a certain number of points or kills in game. In my opinion, I don’t like it. It’s not my cup of tea. Scores streaks are enough I think, without adding in new variables to the game.

4. Complex System straying from old CoD Nature

Ah, the good old days. Classic car explosion.

I am sure you are more than aware by now, that I am a big fan of the traditional older Call of Duty’s. Then first and second Modern Warfares, even World at War is enjoyable. It isn’t so much this game in particular but more so the Call of Duty franchise in a whole is leaning towards dynamic, complex systems. Black Ops 3 is no different, and kept up with the trend. Me, I miss the days when it a simple 3, 5 and 7 kill streak. Or lying in the bushes for a ninja defuse. With that being said, news has recently been released about the new Call of Duty to launch in 2016, is said to be returning to the CoD 4 theme. And I am more than excited…

5. Tiny Maps That Cramp Gameplay

No. Just no.

The fast paced nature of the game allows you to get across the map pretty quickly. Leading to a cramped, smallish feel to the maps. I will admit, Advanced Warfare was far worse as players were literally on top of you in seconds. But, Black Ops 3 didn’t bring a major improvement. A change in the movement or pace of the game would help, or possibly an increase in the overall size of the maps. Small Maps make it pretty difficult to get a good kill streak going and own in the leader board.

What is your top 5 favourite things about Black Ops 3? What are your pet hates? Let me know in the comment section below!

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