The 5 Best LOL Casters

Meet some of the people responsible for the hype at League of Legends Esports Events.

What is a “Caster” for League of Legends, and Who Are the Best Ones?

The word “caster” in League of Legends is a title applied to people known for commentating gameplay, most often competitive gameplay at large Esports events. “Caster” is short for “shoutcaster,” a name that expresses the excitement and high volume for which fans know these casters.

So who are the best of the best, the fan favorites and the experts?

5. Joe Miller

Joe Miller casted the Season 3 European League of Legends Championship. 

Joe Miller got involved in large scale competitive gaming at a young age, starting with Battlefield 1942 for a Swedish team when he was just 16 years old.

One quirk fans recognize Joe Miller by is the beard he grows before major events.

4. Kobe

Kobe (pictured right) is known for being a hype man. He gained a brief reputation for missing smites on Baron Nashor.

Kobe got his start playing a number of old school games, including Goldeneye on the Nintendo 64. Eventually, he shifted his attention to the competitive Super Smash Brothers scene.

Doors opened for the talented caster over time, and he began competing for Counter Logic Gaming.

Kobe quit playing League so he could focus on school but was recently hired by Riot to cast games.

3. Quickshot

Quickshot, having changed his name from “qu1ksh0t,” is from Johannesburg.

Quickshot otherwise known as Trevor Henry, is originally from South Africa.

His involvement with competitive gaming began with playing Call of Duty 4 but like many casters he moved from playing the games to commentating.

People often remember him for trying to do highlights after eating a habanero pepper.

2. Deman

Deman has played League of Legends since its release in 2009, giving him some pretty impressive authority over the gameplay.

Deman is from the United Kingdom and goes by Leigh Smith outside of his League of Legends casting. One reason he’s notable is his 10+ years of friendship with fellow caster Joe Miller. He reports that Joe got him into casting League of Legends in the first place, after Deman asked him outright to connect him to the Esports casting scene.

1.  Phreak

Phreak’s catch phrase is “tons of damage,” and some fans love his frequent puns.

Phreak’s real name is David Turley. He works directly for Riot, and before he casted games, he was known for being a Platinum and then a Diamond ranked player of League.

Many people view Phreak’s prior experience playing League as a solid background to his commentary on games.

Phreak is even more well known among casters because he is responsible for Riot’s videos, such as the Champion Spotlights.

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