The 30 Best MMORPGs To Play on PC in 2017

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If you love MMOrpgs, here are some of the games you should be playing right now

The 30 Best MMOrpgs To Play On Your PC Right Now

The MMO market is swamped and every year we get a plethora of new and exciting games. But what are out there right now you can play? Well, I’m glad you asked. After scouring the Internet and spending many hours in a virtual world, I’ve brought a comprehensive list of the 30 best MMOs you can play on your PC right now. Grab a coffee, buckle in and get ready to take up your household’s bandwidth.

30. Kingdom Under Fire 2

Picture a game with beat-em-up style combat, add a pinch of MMO, a dash of RPG elements and a slice of Real Time Strategy, mix it all together and you’ve got Kingdom Under Fire 2. This game had been in development for a very long time, but it’s certainly been worth the wait. Huge amounts of enemies will obscure your view as you try to control the world of Bersia and return the land to a time of peace. Despite a large number of enemies I was surprised how well the framerate held up in this game.

If you like feeling like a god and laying countless enemies to waste, this one’s for you - character creation, epic combat and a mass of enemies to slug your way through.


“We are the Knights who say N..Ni..No Dragons!”


“Enemies come in all shapes and sizes”

29. Lineage Eternal

Lineage Eternal is the third game to be released in the Lineage series. This isometric view title is all about hacking and slashing your way through multiple enemies. Set around 70 years after the events of Lineage 2 the story centres on the conflict between the descendants of Deporoju and Kenrauhel.

The game features a unique system called the Eternal system, in which you choose 4 heroes from a bank of 13 to create an Eternal Team. However, only one hero can be controlled at any one time. Sound confusing? Well just picture it like a tag team, where you switch out your party at will. Lineage Eternal is a truly beautiful game in its own right. The isometric view, unique heroes and gothic feel really make it is easy to the eye. The dynamic dungeons and a twist on traditional MMOs are the reason Lineage Eternal made this list.


“You shall not pass!”


“Burning bridges never looked so good”

28. Blade & Soul

Blade & Soul combines martial arts with mythology. As a student of the prestigious Hongmoon School, you honed your craft and mastered your skills in peace, until one day the evil Jinsoyun slaughtered your fellow students and your beloved master. Pick from 9 classes across 4 races and engage in fast-paced action combat. With the games East Asian look, mixed with some fantastical elements, it fits together seamlessly and immerses you from the moment you enter the world.

What’s interesting about Blade & Soul is the glide mechanic it uses. Players are able to soar like the Crane, dashing across rivers and forests, which are reminiscent of the Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon movies. Avenge your Master and your fallen students by way of PvP or PvE, including vast dungeon and interesting bosses. Remember, becoming a true master takes practice.

“Learning balance, as Daniel San did”

“Everybody was Kung-Fu fighting”

27. Aion Online

In a world of constant celestial warfare, Aion Online lets you play as the winged angelic races of the Elyos or the Asmodian. The game lets you pick from 4 classes, which all have 2 sub-classes to choose from once you reach level 10. Aion Online is primarily an MMORPG. Ariel combat, sprawling epic group quests, dungeons, solo adventures and massive legion raids all in a beautiful art design that culminates in hundreds, maybe thousands of hours of gameplay.

The games crafting and gathering help to draw players away from simply fighting your way to the level cap and provide a welcome downtime. Character creation is fun and has enough options for you to spend a good amount of time shaping your alter ego to suit your personality. Aion Online has one of the better MMO soundtracks and you find yourself humming along as you traverse the world. Who needs a horse when you have wings anyway?

“So this is what happened to Dennis from Jurassic Park”

“Why walk when you can fly?”

26. Gloria Victis

Gloria Victis calls itself an MMO with an emphasis on realism. Set in a medieval low fantasy world, Gloria Victis is a truly open world game. No loading screens, no invisible barriers and lots of territories to control. The game is set in a fictitious medieval time period where 4 nations are at war with each other. Each nation has some familiarities to real life medieval nations. You have your Persian looking nation, a Saxon looking one and there is plenty of variety to choose from.

Character creation has you design your avatar and then answer a series of questions, which determines your class. I say class lightly as there are no set classes in this game, essentially, your class is based on the gear you equip.

Weather also looks to play a large part in the game. With a dynamic system in place, weather can affect lots of details like NPC behaviour all the way to how your character reacts when wearing heavy furs in a desert. Think of this title as Mount & Blade, but with all the focus on PvP multiplayer. Gloria Victis is also set to be a free to play the game upon is impending release, which is altogether another reason to check it out.

“Come at me, I dare you”


25. Lost Ark

Lost Ark is an MMORPG with fast paced hack and slash, action combat. In Lost Ark, a demon named Kazeros has released his horde on the world and plunged it into chaos.  As the player, you must venture the vast world and reclaim the Lost Ark in order to close Kazeros’ portals and return the realm to peace. Explore the realm, hunt for treasure, enter the colosseum in 1v1 or 3v3 PvP, enjoy a drink in the local tavern and even own your own island, you can do it all in Lost Ark. 

This is the second game on our list to use an isometric viewpoint, and with vast waves of enemy’s attacking you will need to choose a number class (7 confirmed so far) and hone your skills to stop them. The game is truly gorgeous and it has a similar look to the Diablo series about it. It’s currently available in Korea and is due to be released in Europe and North America in the near future.


“Pick on someone your own size”


“Form an orderly que please”

24. Naturo Online

The highly successful anime series Naruto has the new game, and it’s free. This title is a free to play browser game. Meaning you can simply navigate to the website and play, all in around 5 clicks of your mouse. The game closely follows the original anime series and has the player pick from 5 premade characters. The artwork is as close to actually watching the anime series as you can get, along with some truly great animations to complement it. Combat is turn based and involves high levels of strategy. Recruit familiar faces from the anime series, create your own team and take on the PvE environment or try your hand at PvP. The game is simple to use, thanks to a lot of in-game directions and has some really great cut scenes that make you want to watch re-watch the anime instantly. If you’re not a fan of the show, this game is still a fun one to pick up and play, but if you are a fan of the show, there’s no reason you shouldn’t have played this title already.

“Face off”

“Eye see you”

23. Lord of the Rings Online

Lord of the Rings Online is a game that needs no intro. It’s a game set in Peter Jackson’s Middle Earth and it’s basically an opportunity for you to venture deep into the mines of Moria, or dare to tread through the forests of Mirkwood, have a nice pint at the green dragon in The shire and generally just get your ‘Legolas on’. The game was originally released in 2007 and since then has had major patches and features added to get it where it is today. Choose from the four races Man, Elf, Dwarf and Hobbit and select one of the 9 classes available. The story line or books as it’s called in the game is constantly updated and it provides a variety of events such as PvP events, Roleplaying choices and player housing. Exploring the world of middle earth could not be more fun either with your own fellowship or in solitude as a lone wolf; also, it’s free to play!

“Ride of the Rohirrim”

“They have a cave troll”

22. Marvel Heroes

Created by the visionary behind Diablo 2 – David Brevik, Marvel Heroes lets you choose from a whole host of your favourite Marvel characters and take on greatest supervillains ever to walk the pages of the beloved comic book series. Whether you’re hacking and slashing or swinging your way through the world, this game is fun and infinitely more fun with friends by your side. In the game, the Cosmic Cube has been obtained by Doctor Doom and our heroes are tasked with stopping him. Marvel Heroes is a free to play game, with some funds required to purchase certain heroes and different outfits. RPG elements are included like levelling up and items that you can equip make up a large part of the game as you shape your heroes to suit your play style. Collect all your favourite heroes from the universe as you launch your assault from the avenger's tower.

“Insert 4th wall break here”

“Take your pick”

21. WildStar

Action based combat takes the player to the world of Nexus, a legendary planet and origin of the Elden race who have since disappeared. Take you pick of 2 factions the Exiles or the Dominions as you fight your way through Robots, Alien organisms and savage natives. Whether you’re using huge guns or mysterious magic WildStar has a unique art style and sense of charm about the way it looks. Go to war against your enemies by grouping with friends, buying a ‘Warplot’ and building defensive structures, then engaging in a massive PvP experience. There are 8 races and 4 classes to choose from – Solider, Scientist, Settler or Explorer as you try to tame the world. House building and an engaging story make this game worth picking up.

“Line up, Line up”


20. Osiris: New Dawn

Mankind has just discovered interstellar travel, the ‘Fold Engine’ has enabled the human race to travel to the Gliese 581 system and here is where you come in. You are tasked with colonising the planet and working together with other online players to do so. First or Third person combat lets players equip a variety of different weapons and defend the colony against the alien onslaught. Explore the planet and beyond by delving deep into dungeons or creating your very own spacecraft and venturing into space. Good flight mechanics and a selection of mounts both mechanical and alien add an extra flavour to this space aged title. You’ll need to grow food, create manufacturing bays and research new technology to survive. Osiris: New Dawn is truly stunning and the vast world you’re given to explore makes for a huge and engaging experience.

“It’s a new dawn, a new day”

“I don’t like spiders anyway”

19. Albion Online

An open world in a medieval style and a fully player driven economy make up some of the details in Albion Online. Engage in small adventures or large scale PvP and conquer territories. Graft items and combine armour and weapon pieces to make your own unique class in the game. Albion Online imposes no class restrictions on players and allows you to essentially forge your own class through the gear you equip. A deep levelling system called the ‘Destiny Board’ allows players to assign skills and further customises their play style. Players can build houses, take some time out to tend to the farm and enter the PvP ranks. The housing system allows players to customise the layout of their property, adding in comfy beds and oak tables all adding benefit to their created character. The game has really simplistic yet appealing art style, which can look somewhat cartoonish, but has that appeal to it. Get crafting, gear up and join the fight.

“A man and his moat

“Hanging a picture was never easier”

18. Day Z

You maybe be privy to some of the trolling videos circulating the internet that have become associated with Day Z, or you might not know a lot about the game itself, allow me to educate you. Day Z is a post-apocalyptic survival game. Players roam an open world plagued with zombies, with the simple goal; to survive. Build fortifications and safe houses as you try to survive this harsh world. There are no saved games in Day Z and one incorrect decision can lead to a game over. Team up with buddy’s and get some protection in the form of a variety of different weapons to better your chances of survival. The game world is split into instances you access through the main menu and you may come across other players trying to survive, this can make for some pretty interesting encounters. The learning curve can be steep as there are no tutorials as such in the game, but most of the learning resources can be found easily online. The game is still in early access but can easily be picked up from steam at low cost. Why don’t you see if you have what it takes to survive?


“Stay back I tell you!”

“Close encounters of a masked kind”

17. Neverwinter

Neverwinter is a free to play MMORPG set in the Dungeons & Dragons forgotten realms world. Players choose from the classic D&D races and pick a class available to that race. As you adventure through the world solo or in a party, visiting many of the iconic locations from the table top based franchise you will level up traditionally and increase your character's skills. Engage in large dungeon raids and epic PvP arenas as you level your way through this high fantasy world. Crafting and outfit changes allow some down time in the game, as well as purchasing items in the marketplace. Neverwinter has been around since 2013 and has seen major changes to the levelling system and its pay model. The art style may not be comparable to other titles, but where this game makes up for that is with its combat and class abilities that really make you feel like a hero of old. Now is as good of a time as any to pick your copy and create the wood elf of your dreams.

“It’s a good day to fight a dragon”

“Come get some”

16. Rift

Rift takes place in a world called Telara where 2 warring factions are locked in perpetual battle. A tear or Rift has appeared in the dimension, which means players must choose a side and pick a fight. Rift has a unique feature called “Ascended”, which allows players to increase the strength of their character and attune their abilities to essentially mix and match classes in the game. There are 6 races and 4 classes to choose from. All of the classes have a number or ‘Sub-classes’ to ascend to, which makes for some interesting paths to go down. Mounts, a range of skills and abilities are all present in the game, along with dungeons, PvP and guilds are all there for players to take part in. The game is another free to play title and you can download it straight from the developer’s website.

“Huge bosses = Huge dungeons”

“Floating amongst the stars”

15. Vindictus

Enter a world of darkness where Monsters and otherworldly creatures alike ravage the countryside. As the hero of the story, you are the last line of defence as you explore the continent and fight your way through dungeons and evil entities. Vindictus is an MMORPG set in a brutal world. Fast combat and deadly animations immerse you as you take on huge monsters. Team up with friends and face the toughest challenges the game has to offer, or go at it solo and test your luck against the horde of relentless monsters. Players have 9 characters to choose from each with different play styles and all with some very cool animations. Lots of customisation and the truly mammoth sized bosses make this title a worthy inclusion on our list.

“Do your worst”

“As quiet as a shadow”

14. Elite Dangerous

Claiming a massive 400 Billion star systems, to call Elite Dangerous massive would be an understatement. This space-age flight and fight game gives players the chance to truly roam the galaxy. Starting with a simple ship and a few credits, the actions you take as a player changes the experience you have with the game. Ever changing multiplayer opportunities and an evolving narrative engage you in Elite Dangerous which keeps you coming back for more. With a lot of ships to purchase and customise, players can trade, fight and reshape the galaxy by allying with one of the three factions in the game. Want to Hijack a space ship and make an exit? You can in Elite Dangerous. Not only is the world vast, but it’s great to look at, with fantastic sound effects and a great soundtrack you really can get lost in this game. Explore, hunt, mine and smuggle your way through space all with the company of your friends.

“Lightspeed ready captain”

“Missiles away”

13. PlanetSide 2

A first person shooter on a massive scale is the easiest way to describe PlanetSide 2. The futuristic setting of PlanetSide 2 sees players choose 1 of 3 factions and 1 of 3 classes and engage in combat on a truly epic scale. Vehicles, multiple weapons to choose from and base construction are all included in this all-out planetary war game.

The game is very skill based (as in player skill) but anyone with a mind for traditional FPS’ should pick this up fairly easily. Featuring up to 2000 players at any one time, the scale of this game is truly a benchmark in its own right.

Graphically the game looks great and competes with other titles in the genre and despite some slight FPS drops when large numbers are on screen, it holds up well.  Whether you’re turning the tide of battle in a tank, in a plane or just with your trusty machine gun, this free to play title is certainly worth a shot.

“Keep rolling”

“Fighting in the tundra”

12. ArcheAge

In ArcheAge you choose your own path. Set in an epic fantasy world and based on the novels by Korean writer Minhee Jeon, this MMORPG allows players to craft their own story, travelling by air, land or sea in the process. Trade, craft and farm your way through the continents of Haranya, Nuia & Auroria as you master up to 120 and classes, which can be achieved by mastering 10 ancient skillsets. Players can combine attacks between skillsets and essentially chain abilities together in both PvE and PvP environments. ArcheAge gives players a chance to rule and improve 1 of 6 Auroran castles, here you can develop a nation and choose a faction to ally with. There are many facets to this game and sometimes after playing; you rarely feel you have scratched the surface.

“Set sail across the high seas”

“Lay your enemies to waste”

11. Mabinogi

The mystical land of Erinn awaits for all those who wish to indulge in a fantasy life. In Mabinogi, a century old battle threatens the balance of the world and as the player; you are tasked with restoring that balance. Mabinogi has a unique rebirth system where characters can be reborn and live their lives over and over again. This system allows for players to literally try everything in the game without losing any of your progress. Mabinogi markets itself as a game where you can be anything, a musician, a fighter, a cook and even a beach bum. With a range of classes to choose from, this anime-inspired title allows players to create fun and unique characters to explore the world with. The game is free to play and does lack in the combat area compared to other titles, but with the mass of content available to players, this should be a title you pick up.

“Crazy outfits”

“Time for some downtime”

10. TERA

TERA is an action combat-based MMORPG which requires player aiming, dodging and tactical timing. In TERA the whole world is under attack by monsters and demons alike. The balance of the world is at stake, whilst the god's squabble, evil rises and gains a foothold in the world as it aims to destroy it. TERA is a true action combat based game. Players need skill and timing to master the classes available of which there at 11, with huge monsters and vicious mobs to deal with, you’re sure to have a fun time doing it. The fantasy world is vast, with thousands of quests. The game's controls are something that really stands out as this title moves away from the traditional point and click of other MMOs. The game is powered by Unreal Engine 3 and it really pays off, as the game looks great.  The game is free to play with an optional premium subscription for you hardcore players. TERA is one of a unique MMORPGs in a market saturated with many.


“Huge bosses are everywhere in TERA”

9. Conan Exiles

Survive, Build and Dominate is the name of the game in Conan Exiles. This vast seamless world has so much to uncover as you go deeper and deeper into the game. Cannibals, monstrous creatures and deadly sandstorms are you enemies in this brutal world. In Conan Exiles limbs will fly and heads will roll as you need to master the world’s occupants as much as the weather. Building is a huge part of the game, as players harvest essentials need to construct homes, forts or even entire cities. Building a place to lay your head in Conan Exiles requires the player to capture NPCs called ‘Thralls’. The Thralls are essentially slaves that can build and can even protect your base in some cases. All these are critical ingredients when you wage war against another player. You can also summon huge titan like gods and take the fight to your enemies in Conan Exiles.

“Being welcomed by the natives”

“All in a good day's work”

8. Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV is set in the beautiful world of Hydaelyn. Made up of three great continents, Hydaelyn has been embraced by the gods and here is where the player’s story unfolds. You are beckon by the Mother Crystal – the source of all life in the world. Embarking on a quest to remove the darkness from the world Final Fantasy XIV has the player engage in traditional MMO combat. Choose a race and a class that suits your style and explore the world, clearing dungeons with friends or go at them solo. Housing, Crafting and Gathering are all present in the game as a wide range of outfits to choose from all complete with the most important feature here – Chocobo mounts. It’s currently free to play so if you’re a fan of the Final Fantasy series, this should be a welcome addition.

“Are you talking to me?”

“Why walk when you can Chocobo”

7. Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls series finally gave us an online multiplayer game back in 2014 and exploring the world of Tamriel never looked so good. Whether you sneaking around the cat like Khajiit’s or confidently roaming the street as a broad chested Nord, your days in spent in Skyrim or Morrowind it’s no longer a solo event. Since its original release date, the Elder Scrolls Online has seen huge changes to the game, including new regions added and changing from a monthly subscription model to a single purchase game. The Elder Scrolls Online offers players the full continent of Tamriel to traverse. The game world is huge and encompasses many different environments, from the deep forests of Valenwood to the snowy peaks of Skyrim, there’s a diverse landscape here. The character models in the game are a particular highlight as you choose from 1 of 4 classes. In traditional Elder Scrolls fashion, you can equip most weapons to in any class that suit your playstyle. Elder Scrolls online has a huge number of quests and dungeons to keep you busy and a vibrant active community, along with the frequent updates to the game from the developers makes this game worthwhile.

“Slaying Daedra”

“Cast a large shadow in the world”

6.  Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 had a lot to live up for as its sequel was a highly successful and critically acclaimed. Set 250 years after the original instalment the player explores the world of Tyria, questing towards defeating the five Elder Dragons. The Beautiful world or Tyria is as much a character in this game as the many NPCs are and traversing its terrain can be dangerous and harvest many a secret. Unique races, a whole host of classes to choose from, with a truly beautiful art style, Guild Wars 2 stands out. Combat is fluid and fun, with each class having a range of abilities to choose from, there is even underwater combat, which characters have a separate skill tree for. Guild Wars 2 also has the World Vs World area, where players from different servers clash on huge battlefields. This game mode is fun and epic and players can capture settlements and engage in all out warfare. In a nutshell, Guild Wars 2 is vast, more than you realise. Combat, Crafting, Mounts, Marketplaces, Flying, Dungeons, Huge Bosses, a great storyline, it really has all the ingredients an MMO needs. Guild Wars 2’s model has always been, buying the game and having no subscription cost, a great way to be affordable to a wider and younger market and so far, it’s worked.

“Beauty and the beast, ready for battle”

“Now that’s a view”

5. World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is a game everybody knows. Chances are you’ve played it or you know someone who does/has. Whether you know of this game thanks to Leeroy Jenkins, South Park or just because of the massive player base it has – World or Warcraft’s status is legendary. Released in 2004, World of Warcraft has not gone away. Instead, it’s gone from strength to strength, growing its player base and adding multiple expansions, a true MMO masterpiece. The graphics have been updated and changed multiple times so that it doesn’t look out of place in today’s market. World of Warcraft introduced the MMO market to so much and many of its predecessors have the game to thank for bringing these innovations to market. WoW is a game that doesn’t restrict an audience with a low-end PC and I think that is one of the main reasons it became so big, it was so wildly available to a huge market. It’s a game that needs no introduction and if you’ve never played it, you should probably ask yourself “why?”

“An army waits”



Dinosaurs, Dragons & Sabertooths, need I say more? ARK is survival game with a twist, the aforementioned Dinosaurs, Dragons and other primaeval creatures. Picture a world 10,000 years ago, but filled with Dinosaurs and the rest – That is ARK. Hunt, grow crops & build shelters as you try to survive and keep from starving this mysterious island. Using some skill and a little bit of cunning you are able to tame the beasts that inhabit the island and even go as far as breeding them. The player base for this game is huge, as the game still in early access there are likely to be major improvements in the future. If you’ve ever wanted to ride a T-Rex into battle, here’s your chance.

“I was wanted a T-Rex”

“Fight fire with fire”

3.    EVE Online

EVE Online lets you create your own empire and embark on your own personal Sci-Fi adventure. Build, explore the galaxy and conquer the universe. Space is not the final frontier in EVE Online, it’s just the beginning. Whizzing through space and decimating your enemies with lasers doesn’t get better than it does in EVE online. Epic space warfare in a range of different spaceships, all in stunning graphics make this game so appealing to look at. Sometimes I found myself you parking my ship in space and looking into the distance, it really is that breathtaking. Wage war on a galactic scale as you team up with players to engage in all out Starship warfare on a massive scale. EVE online is now free to download on steam, so there is no reason you shouldn’t be trying it out today.

 ”All-out war on an epic scale”    

“A Breathtaking environment”

2.    Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online, a game where people can live out their alternative fantasy lifestyle. Set in a huge fantasy world, the player is guided through the land by the ‘Black Spirit’ an entity who’s destiny is entwined with your own. With the help of this ghostly figure, you travel to the world, on horseback or foot taking on huge mobs of enemies and even bigger bosses. Black Desert Online is one of the better-looking games on our list and with amazing character models so much to do in the game, the scale of it is something to behold. Fishing, gathering, hunting, horse breeding, cooking, house decoration, sailing and trading it has it all. The combat is some of the best combat I have had the pleasure of using in an MMO. Every class is different and has its own strengths and all animations are fluid and interesting. With 12 classes to currently choose from and more planned, the game is only going to get bigger and better. Black Desert Online really does let players live another life in another world.


“Face me like a man”

1.    Bless Online

Bless Online, a high fantasy MMORPG with huge depth is the latest Korean MMO in a long line to come to the western market. The world is at war, and the 2 warring factions need heroes to end the conflict and return the realm to peace. The Bless Online world is huge, its scale is said to be bigger than Black Deserts and not only that, the world is detailed and beautiful to look at. Creatures roam the wild for you to farm and with fluid action combat, engaging these enemies are fun and rewarding. The story of Bless Online, without going into spoiler territory is great. It’s one of the better stories to come out of an MMO and coupled with all the extra functions the game has to offer like huge scale PvP, massive raids and high-level quests it has so much to offer. Photo realistic graphics based on the Unreal Engine 3 rival the games beauty with that of Black Desert and with 10 different races and multiple classes to choose from and one of the best character creation engines in an MMO lend to the game's variety. Players can choose from 800 pets to have alongside them and try their hand at the advanced political system the game has, where players can capture and seize territory. The scale and the beauty of this game are why it takes the top spot on our list and is certainly worth investing time in.

“Dire wolf Riding”

“Defend your lands”

So here we have it, our list of 30 MMOs you can pick up and play right now on your PC. We could go on, but I think these titles should keep you busy for the foreseeable future. Hours and hours of fun await you in many different settings, but before you go, why not check out these other articles featured on our website:

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