3 Reasons Why eSports is Taking the World by Storm

eSports gaming PC online DOTA 2 Lol events tournaments pro gamers
Huge crowds, a massive media machine and big money. It’s hard to tell eSports and real sports apart these days.

3) Huge prizes

One fact remains true no matter what kind of business venture you’re looking at, for any enterprise to succeed there has to be money involved. ESports is no exception to that rule.

Players can win huge cash prizes from eSports tournaments, encouraging thousands of players to try the games that are earning the most in a bid to become a member of the pro leagues and gain access to the multi-million dollar prize pools on offer.

Take DOTA 2 for example, the 2016 prize pool for the DOTA international tournament was a record breaking $20 million dollars.

2) A Growing Player Base

eSports gaming PC online DOTA 2 Lol events tournaments pro gamers crowd arena

Huge crowds of players pay to attend modern eSports events

If you thought eSports had a big following now, just wait till you see the rate of growth. Experts predict that by 2020, eSports of all kinds will reach an audience of 600 million viewers, generating over $1 billion in revenue.

It’s not just money, eSports are growing so quickly that it’s becoming a cross genre phenomenon. With leagues available for all kinds of games, from racing to first person shooters, MOBA’s and beyond there are few demographics that eSports won’t touch by 2020.

1) Massive Developer Support

eSports gaming PC online DOTA 2 Lol events tournaments pro gamers sponsorship

Developers, sponsors and business interests are all putting considerable weight behind the eSports revolution.

Another reason for the massive success of eSports has to be the colossal support from developers who have spent millions on providing these prize pools.

But that is just where the support begins, from giant marketing campaigns that continually promote the sports, sponsorship deals for both media coverage and professional teams and a massive growing industry based around pro gaming merchandise there is a whole new market segment on the block and it’s going to do as much as it can to keep eSports growing.

As for those developers not yet involved in the cult of eSports? Many soon will be as more game publishers begin to push for a slice of the growing revenues of eSports games.

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