20 Essential Words All PC Gamers Should Know

 20 Essential Words All PC Gamers Should Know
The Book of Gaming Words

Are You Literate in Gaming?

We’ve all had our moments when we’ve had to ask for an explanation of a certain term in the in-game chat. Usually these results in us feeling stupid and our team mates thinking we’re idiots. If you play video games or are looking to start, these are some very gamer words that you should be aware of.

20. Troll 

Poor troll players immediately getting labeled.

A troll is not the mythical beast that lives under bridges or deep in the woods. It is someone who has way too much time on their hands and uses it all to screw with people. Very simple examples of trolling include giving wrong directions, tricking other players out of loot, and spamming the chat with ridiculous, and often inappropriate, content. No one really knows how the mythical troll came to be used as gamer slang for a tricky douchebag.

19. AoE

Some AoE makes sense, others not so much.

AoE stands for Area of Effect. It means that your skill or ability will not only hit the targeted enemy, but also all surrounding foes. How this works is a mystery. Perhaps the swing of your sword was so powerful that  waves of kinetic energy are released in all directions. Who knows?

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