10 Video Game Weapons You Wish You Had If The Zombie Apocalypse Happened Tomorrow

Dead Island 2's Zombie Horde
If the zombie apocalypse happened tomorrow...

These should come in handy...
Destiny brought some pretty cool guns to the table
Guns Guns Guns!

Perhaps mad geniuses have let their intellect carry them too far and they’ve created an alpha zombie. Maybe a crazy virus got loose and is starting to infect people.

For whatever reason, the zombie apocalypse is happening tomorrow. A source has told you, there’s going to be a good chance you’ll have the entire slew of zombies at your doorstep by tomorrow: runners, walkers, shamblers, the fat guys that puke acid on you, almost every zombie you could think of. Luckily for you, you’re allowed to take one weapon from a video game with you. What would you grab? Here are 10 video game weapons you might want to consider taking with you.

1. Half-Life's Gravity Gun

If you’re surrounded in zombies in the ruins of human civilization, there’s most likely going to be a ton of garbage just flying around. This weapon is able to turn practically anything into ammo. The only problem is that we don’t know if it needs to be charged somehow. If we’re going off game logic, it seems infinite so I think we should be fine.

From a survival point of view, it can help you grab things that would be difficult to get otherwise, or just so you can use the terrain to get into places you’d have difficulty getting to otherwise. Fans of the Half-Life series would probably vouch for how useful this gun is out of combat situations.

Half-life 2 Gravity Gun
Isaac Newton would be so proud

2. Samus Aran's Power Suit

I was originally going to put Megaman’s arm buster on this, but then I realized that Samus had a better version because it’s attached a suit of armor.
Against hordes of zombies, you have infinite ammunition with energy shots and the ability to turn into a small ball that grants you infinite mines. Backed into a corner? Turn into a ball and roll away while blowing them all to smithereens. I have no idea how you would physically be able to shrink that small without it killing you, but we’re going off video game physics here.

This suit would also be useful against other survivors who might want to try and pick a fight with you over your food. A bulletproof suit and energy blasts will put a quick stop to any survivor scuffles you might find yourself in.

I'm pretty sure this is going to be one of your best bets to survive

3. TF2's Medigun

Think about it, your friend break his leg running away? Heal it in a heartbeat. Cornered into a tiny alleyway by a horde of zombies? Hopefully you’ve healed enough that you can uber your way through.
While the Medigun may be useless in a combat situation without its uber, once you’re out of combat, this is probably going to be one of your most useful tools. This weapon can be the difference between dying to another survivor’s bullet, or surviving another day.

If this gun can keep a person missing his heart alive through surgery, then its usage for survival is going to be amazing

4. Mass Effect 1's Assault Rifle Line

The reason this gun is here is for the same reason Samus’ arm cannon made it onto this list: infinite ammo. The difference is that the fire rate on the Avenger is higher and is only limited based on how hot you want to run it (how close you want to get to overheating). This gun is pretty much a standard assault rifle that you will never need to reload, which makes it the perfect weapon to scythe through hordes of the undead.

I miss the days of mass Effect 1
Infinite ammo can be pretty useful

5. Destiny's Bad Juju

While the Lancer provides infinite ammo if you’re smart, Destiny’s Bad JuJu gives you infinite ammo if you can aim. The way it works is that, through the power of space magic, every kill will regenerate the entire clip. This means you can blast through an entire city’s worth of zombies without ever needing to reload. Definitely a tool you’re going to want to pack in case you ever need to kill zombies non-stop.

Bad Juju
Plus the bird skull just adds to your bad ass points

6. Portal Gun

Valve is getting a lot of love in this list. But the weapons they’ve made can be so useful. The Portal Gun would allow you to travel to wherever you want as long as it’s in eye shot. Stuck in a skyscraper surrounded by zombies? That’s okay, just shoot a portal into the building across from you and walk over there.
Beyond the obvious transportation benefits, if you ever had to fight other survivors or zombies, you could trap them in an infinite falling loop until they reach terminal velocity. After that, it’s just a matter of where you want them to turn into a puddle of gore.

Portal Gun
Now you're thinking with Portals

7. Palutena’s Bow from Smash Brothers

These are probably my favorite weapons on this list. If you need a long range weapon, this weapon becomes a bow that shoots arrows of light (infinite ammo again!). On top of that, you can manipulate where the arrows can curve.

If you don’t need a bow at the time, then you can turn it into two blades. Beyond the obvious of sticking people with the pointy ends, you can also use these to hunt animals for food, chop wood, or anything else you may need a blade for to survive.

Pit and his Bow
Blades when you need them, and a bow for everything else

8. Lightsaber

Just in case you haven’t noticed, the majority of this list has been filled with ranged weapons. The reason for that is it’s rarely ever worth while to get up close and risk a bite if you have a weapon that can solve the same problem but keep you at a safe distance. If you have to get close though, this is probably the weapon you’d want.

Lightsabers cut through practically any material in existence. This means if you get boxed in, you can cut a hole through whatever you want to escape through. On top of that, Lightsabers also don’t get stuck in silly things such as bones or dense muscles like other weapons.

For out of combat situations, if you need to cauterize a bleeding wound then a lightsaber is going to be your best bet. Plus, since lightsabers run off of diatium battery cells, they only use energy when they cut through things, meaning if you use it sparingly, this tool should last you for years without ever needing to charge.

If you’re going to get up close, you might as well do it in style

9. The Ocarina of Time (Majora's Mask)

While this isn’t completely a weapon, this tool can help you and your group survive for longer. For example, say you and your friends meandered into canyon and were immediately flooded by zombies. There’s no escape, and no way you could have known this would have happened otherwise. The only hope in that situation is defend whoever has the Ocarina of Time so they can go back to three days ago and warn everyone not to go there.
The biggest problem is, unless you know the other songs, the Ocarina isn’t going to be very useful in any other situation. If you do know the songs however, you can change whether the sun or moon are up, or if it’s raining or not.  

Ocarina of time
Weather control and time control all in one place. Gotta love music.

10. Bioshock Infinite's Vigors

Imagine if you got superpowers that were powered by coffee, smoking, tea and soda. Yes, you might run out at the worst moments, but powdered coffee lasts a pretty long while and you can make tea out of the most random plants.

That’s the idea behind using Vigors from Bioshock Infinite. As long as you have tea, coffee or soda (not sure about smoking), then you’ll always have powers you can use. Whether you’re allowed more than one bottle of a vigor is up to debate. But if you could only pick one, I’d consider choosing Murder of Crows or Bucking Broncos.  Both of these vigors can handle a variety of situations and either help you escape or shoot your way through zombies and other survivors. From an out of combat perspective, both can be used to hunt for food.

Behold the destructive power of Bucking Bronco!

Good Luck Surviving!

So there you have it, 10 video game weapons you should probably bring with you during the zombie apocalypse.

What weapons would you bring? Do you agree or disagree with some of these choices? Let me know in the comments down below.

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