10 Things Players Hate About League of Legends

10 Things Players Hate About League of Legends
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10 Things that Players Hate About League of Legends

 League of Legends has become the absolute most popular e-sports game in existence. It has one of the largest player bases in the world and leads the moba industry. There are lots of fans who still can’t let go of the game after years of playing. It is fun, it is competitive, and it is intense. However, there are some recurring elements that a lot of players hate. This list is for those people. Here are the top ten things people hate about League of Legends.

10. Patches

Kassadin and his annoying riftwalk is often considered one of the best champions in the game

Starting at number 10 is the constant patching that Riot does. Some people, like me, love the constant updatesgame changes. It makes the game feel alive. The huge jungling changes in season 5 serve as just one of the examples of how drastic the changes can be. Some people can’t stand this because it requires them to adapt and play differently. These people usually play steamrolling champions like Kassadin (RIP) that fear the ever looming nerf to come. If you want to play OP champions and grief the enemy team you’ve got to pick one of Riot’s little love bugs that never get touched. Riven, I’m looking at you.

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