10 Movies Every Starcraft Player Should Watch

10 Movies Every Starcraft Player Should Watch
Jim Raynor in his marine armor.

Will Blizzard ever make a Starcraft movie?

If you’re an avid StarCraft fan such as myself, you must have wondered, why hasn’t Blizzard made a movie from such an amazing storyline? All the fundamental elements of an award winning movie of epic proportions have already been laid. Starcraft has, love, hatred, anger, heroes, villains, monsters and even robots. What more could a science fiction fanatic need?

Sure the game has its occasional flaws and what the heck moments, but which good movie doesn’t? Unfortunately, a Starcraft movie does not currently exist, but nevertheless we can keep our fingers crossed. In the meantime, there are movies which strongly resemble the Starcraft universe.

The tenacity of the Terran, swarm-like characteristics of the Zerg, and technological superiority of the Protoss is elements captured several times on the big screen in varying forms. This countdown is dedicated to the top ten movies that every Starcraft player should see.

Sit back and enjoy the countdown, because at the moment, these films are the closest you can get to a live action Starcraft movie. 

10. Star Trek Into Darkness

Starting the countdown of 10 movies every StarCraft player must watch is Star trek into Darkness.

The plot essentially revolves around captain James Tiberius Kirk seeking revenge for his fallen mentor while unveiling a conspiracy which extends to the highest ranks of star fleet. 

James Raynor, one of the main protagonists in the StarCraft universe, is essentially a less arrogant version of captain Kirk. Relentlessly pursuing his corrupted love, James Raynor stops at nothing to recover the lovely Sarah Kerrigan.

Both of these captains command powerful ships capable of immense destruction.  StarCraft and Star Trek into Darkness both share similar ideas as well as technologies. These captains will destroy any foe and stop at nothing to regain that which was lost.


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