10 Hottest King of Fighters Female Characters

10 Hottest King of Fighters Female Characters

If it wasn’t for having the ultimate Japanese geek nerd of a buddy, I would never have known the joy that is King of Fighters, or its girls. I thought I’d played this series quite a lot in my day, but looking back, I realise now I never really even scratched the surface. I’d forgotten just how many of them there actually are. I mean seriously, how many characters can one f****** game series have? I also thought that picking the 10 hottest King of Fighters female characters would be easy. Well it wasn’t. It was quite tough actually because as I’ve already said, there’s a lot of them, and they’re pretty much all hot.

But here we go again anyway. Read on for the definitive list of the 10 Hottest King of Fighters Female Characters.


10. Shermie

First appearance: KOF 97

Not to sure about the hair….

92 cm bust. Mysterious origin. Pet hamster.

Shermie is almost unique in that she is tied with fellow fighter, Angel, for the largest mammaries in KOF history. Despite being top heavy, Shermie is powerful, yet agile, and is so confident in her own abilities, she often pauses to take cell calls while fighting. Utilising a whole bunch of grabs and Japanese wrestling submission moves, and a wired-to-the-moon backstory, Shermie initially comes across as shallow and materialistic because basically, she is. In that respect she is very similar to me. I tried the whole simple life thing once myself, but quickly found I need my X-Box, PS4 and gaming PC. I just can’t live without them.

9: Leona

First Appearance: KOF 96

 “This is how hair is done, Shermie

The Silent Soldier. Ikari Warrior. Hates Blood.

You have to love a chick who is not only good looking but uses assassination techniques while fighting.  And if that isn’t enough for you, she also fights using exploding jewellery. Despite being raised in a solitary village surrounded by wise clans’ folk, she struggles to overcome the psycho Orochi lineage she possesses. That doesn’t mean she aint hot though.

8: Whip

First appearance KOF 99

Stick and stones will break my bones, but whips held by Whip excite me

Cyborg. Clone. Assassin. Sally.

Whip is an anagram of Winnie-the-Pooh. (Apparently) Of course it is; because you know Whip is such an ordinary everyday name, completely unlike her codename, Sally...Taking the Pooh bear analogy further, Whip’s favourite food is honey and she is no fan of disloyalty. Somewhere one of the game designers is probably still laughing softly in a corner of their padded cell. While quiet and studious, Whip still has her constant companion, Voodoo, at her side; a whip that can become a gun, or a sword depending on the situation. Of course she sure is  also very pretty, huh, huh.


7: King

First appearance: Original Art of Fighting, 1992

Most useless boy disguise ever

Loyal. Violent. Unforgiving. Bar Owner.

King has one of those stories you’d expect to see in a ‘good’ Van Damme film of the early 80’s, or a Shakespeare comedy. King’s story is that she disguises herself as a boy so as to be taken more seriously as a fighter and entering fighting tournaments so can use the prize money to help her brother walk again…sheesh…there has to be an easier way. She’s fast, agile, and cute to boot, has a sensitive side, and will kick your ass lightning fast if you betray her. So don’t cheat on her. Oh and she also knows Muay Thai.



6. Vice

First appearance: KOF 96.

Those earrings with that shirt? Darling, please….

Powerful. Evil. Likes Killing. Loner.

I’ll be honest, in game, there is nothing I like more than kicking this evil bitch’s ass. That doesn’t mean she isn’t hot, but she is bad. While she has this power suit 80’s throwback thing going on impersonating secretaries, she also stays in peoples dreams which is a little bit trippy if we’re honest. She’s big into power moves, which pretty much describes her fighting as well: This makes her great for getting to the bar in King’s place. Perfect for one night if you're into thrills and danger.

Just don't go to sleep first.

5. Mature

First appearance: KOF 96.

Yeah, she looks all grown up….

Ruthless. Cruel. Not Mature. Charming.

I like blondes that are into role play and snowboarding. She’s like, my perfect woman, just way too vicious. She also might be bi, which is good for male fantasies, but her true master, like Vice, is Orochi, and that just sucks. She’s also very negative, and my ego couldn’t handle that for long. This negative energy also forms the basis for one of her biggest attacks. It’s a bitch to defend against. I still would though, on an occasional basis   


4: Yuri Sakazaki

First appearance: Art of Fighting series


Damsel. Pink Bra. Ryo’s little sis.

Would you want to get involved with Ryo’s little sis, knowing who he is? Just a question.

Yuri is pretty much self-taught when it comes to fighting, which is no bad thing. While initially showing up as a girl who needs to be rescued, she continually feels the need to prove herself and gets stronger and more deadly the further her character progresses through the series. She is the embodiment of the ‘good girl,’ in KOF, is just generally  nice, but has a hint of rich girl rebel about her. Everyone is into rebels.


3: Blue Mary

First appearance: Fatal Fury 3

“Easy Rider, she ain't.”

Lonely Wolf. Cats. P.I. Motor Bikes.

Oh baby, come to me! I love Mary. She’s a walking cliché, but a beautiful kick ass one, so it’s ok. She lost her father and lover in mysterious circumstances, but kept on going. It is said she rarely smiles, but with a face and body like that, it’s something we can live with. Also she’s a chick who rides motor bikes, and so wears leathers. Nice. While friendly toward everyone, she is preoccupied with her job, so getting some you time might be difficult.


2. Bonne Jenet

First appearance: Fatal Fury Series.

Jolly Roger

Pirate. Tennis. Rich kid gone bad.

She’s blonde, rich, and she’s a pirate. A pirate. Nothing else on earth is that cool, or hot. Who cares if she can fight or not. Everyone wants to have a rich gf who’s also a pirate. Actually, why isn’t she number one? Oh, that’s why,,,

1: Mai Shiranui

First Appearance: Fatal Fury Series.

Mai Shiranui “The hottest of all KOF girls.”

Temperamental. Fiery. Japanese beauty. Ninja.

Mai was designed to be an icon, to be lusted after. And who can say it hasn’t worked. Mai has been around since 16 bit gaming was still cutting edge. Anyone who can last that long has something going for them. Legend has it that parts of her body were modelled on two popular Japanese model/actresses of the time, Fumie Hosokawa and Ai Iijima. I could well believe it. Her character is partly based on the idea of the legendary geisha assassin feigning to appear unthreatening until she moves in for the kill. She regularly appears in the top five of polls for the hottest video game girls, and you can’t argue with that weight of evidence. She also has the ability to create fire and wield it against her opponents. When not incinerating opponents she act like an airhead, but an airhead who is also a superb ninja.


But what do you think?

Have I got this list right? What would you change? Even better, write your own list, log in, sign up, and let us know.

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