10 Best PC Games of 2013 You May Have Missed Out On

Liz from BioShock Infinite wearing a white and blue uniform. She is holding a blue book and acting aggressively.
Liz from BioShock Infinite, ready to drop some wisdom on you.

BioShock Infinite is almost 4 years old? Are you serious?

Are you ready to ruminate? Read on and rediscover 10 of the best PC games from 2013 you may have missed out on.

10. BioShock Infinite

Your name is Booker DeWitt, a former detective. Debt has you in a stranglehold. Nothing else explains why you would take on a mission that seems impossible. Impossible? Well, your mission requires you to rescue Elizabeth, a prisoner of the floating city Columbia. Straight forward so far. But the city is missing. Oh, and she is being watched by Songbird. Why has Elizabeth been imprisoned here for so long? 

The official trailer for BioShock Infinite.

If you have played the other Bioshock titles, you’ll find Infinite easy to love. Get your hands on weapons galore, and don’t forget the magic. Explore Columbia and experience the conflict that has gripped its inhabitants. Immerse yourself in rich dialogues and experience the emotions that rise to the surface as DeWitt and Elizabeth find their synergy.

Hot headed man from BioShock Infinite
Look, bud, I’m just here to ride the gondola

If you only have time to play one game, go for this one. It’s by far one of the best PC games from 2013 that you may have missed out on.


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