10 Best Budget Processors in 2015

10 Best Budget Processors in 2015
CPUs for any budget

The Best Processors that will not kill your wallet


In the world of PC building there is no piece more important, more crucial than the CPU (Central Processing Unit). Your whole build is centered on what CPU you are going to use. The CPU is the most important piece of a PC. Without the CPU the computer cannot process any information and in plain old English your computer is dead. Choosing the right CPU for your computer is vital, but the term “best” is subjective. What might be best for you, might not be the best for someone else. It all comes down to two factors.

What are you going to be using the PC for?
What is your budget?

If you are going to be using the computer for light office work, internet use, listening to music, and maybe light movie watching, then you will not need anything more than a dual core or even a low quad core processor. If you are going to do heavy 1080p 4k gaming, heavy multitasking, video and music editing, or any of those combinations, then you are going to need a high performance six core+ CPU.

No matter what budget you have, these CPU’s will serve your needs. Here the top ten Budget Processors as of June 2015.


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