NBA 2K15

NBA 2K15
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NBA 2K15 (2014)

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Aim for the stars with NBA 2K15. Choose the team of your heart and play against rivals in the most popular basketball courts in the world. Play as the great Tim Duncan for the San Antonio Spurs, or as Cleveland Cavalier’s Lebron James, or even as Kevin Durant (who’s also featuring in the game’s official cover art) for the Oklahoma City Thunder.

In NBA 2K15, you’re free to play with the team you want. You can also challenge yourself with the revamped MyTeam mode, where experienced players can put their skills to test and run their own teams. Hire new players, manage your economy, do your best to beat the lineups of players to earn more money and badges. Take advantage of the new upgrading system to get more virtual currency from endorsements and challenges. The players are also assisted by a new coaching system, which provides real-time feedback based on the player’s performance. With so much to offer, NBA 2K15 is a complete game for players and basketball fans.


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gbueso's picture

gbueso 8 years 11 months ago

2KSports is at it again! The amazingly detailed graphics of this game can make anyone believe they are actually watching a live basketball game. The story allows us all to immerse ourselves into a player's life and how take a look at how the NBA works with and around the players and the teams. NBA 2K has been around for 16 years, throughout the years we have only seen improvements, in gameplay, graphics and the stories in career modes. A must have game every year for every basketball fan!

jed_ds's picture

jed_ds 8 years 11 months ago

“You can never beat me when I play Wizards!!” This game has always been about being unstoppable and the 2K15 edition is no exception. EA Sports delivers stunning, true-to-life basketball action right at your face. Let your friends know how it feels to get served by your team!

LukeAD's picture

LukeAD 8 years 11 months ago

Visually impressive and gameplay mechanics have been improved to give a realistic and smooth feel. if you can get past the anger with EA putting out a half finished product, you'll find countless hours of fun to be had whether solo or with friends.