Mass Effect

Mass Effect
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Mass Effect (2008)

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The galaxy is vast, and humanity is only just finding its place. In a galaxy populated by various races competing for political power, humanity has only just entered the political sphere and is rising to power. Commander Shepard is a member of the Spectre Corps, a cross-species force that aims to bring peace to a galaxy in constant political turmoil.

Mass Effect is the beginning of a grandiose space saga in which players take on the role of Commander Shepard and combat enemy forces attempting to disrupt the galactic peace, while also building relationships with team members, and uncovering dangerous secrets.

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Keirdolan's picture

Keirdolan 9 years 3 days ago

What an incredible game. Engrossing and intelligent with keen attention to detail that exploits the platforms graphics advantages; this is truly one of the best RPG games I have ever played in terms of story and presentation. Highly recommended for any fan of the genre. 9/10.

Nick's picture

Nick 9 years 1 week ago

Just amazing! This trilogy has everything to build a fantastic story on. Action-packed sequences are just too good to be true, while the surreal graphics add an element of fantasy. Overall a superb creation Bio Ware.

rpgkyle's picture

rpgkyle 9 years 3 weeks ago

Set off on a journey across a massive universe, fighting alongside several unique characters and shaping how others view you through your dialogue. Defeat your enemies with gunfire, telekinetic powers or mechanical means. Be warned, once you beat this game, and if you enjoyed building your character, you’ll want more.

rafaelbernar's picture

rafaelbernar 9 years 4 weeks ago

You may think that it is an impossible task to create a good and completely new universe in the space opera gender. Bioware does the job with Mass Effect. It tells the story of Commander Shepard and crew trying to defeat an ancient alien species that threatens the universe. There is a lot to uncover in the game, but the mixing of RPG and shooter makes it easy for you to feel the story. Plus it has very cool characters with cool weapons and powers. Hell, it even has a sex scene, so enjoy it...

ellonganiza's picture

ellonganiza 9 years 1 month ago

When you think of an RPG the first thing to come to mind are Classes, Races, Magic and Stories. In short a whole new Universe to explore is what RPGs offer. Shooters promise Unrelenting action, multitude of weapons and myriads of enemies. Mass Effect takes the best of both and mixes them with stories and characters you will never forget. These elements unfold in a universe threatened by an ancient force that Reaps all traces of intelligent life every 10.000 years. Jump in and explore!!

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