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Portal (2007)

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Chell wakes up to find herself in an antiseptic, white, test subject environment only to find that a megalomaniac, test-obsessed artificial intelligence wants her to run tests. Using the Portal Gun to bend the laws of physics, players must pass the increasingly hazardous trials of GLaDOS.

In Portal, players are presented with a unique story-driven puzzler in which they must use their wits and reflexes to pass ingenious and dangerous tests.

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All Comments (9)

Niviria's picture

Niviria 9 months 1 week ago

Portal is an amazing, must play game for any puzzle lover!

SpazzyMurphy02's picture

SpazzyMurphy02 1 year 7 months ago

Portal is a neat concept, and much like it's "sequel" of sorts, it's quite fun to play! Whether that's on your own or with your friends is up to you, as both are available. Plus... Glados is hilarious. Sassy, cruel and hilarious!

AhYesAnts's picture

AhYesAnts 1 year 11 months ago

Amazingly fun game.

MaxwellDenton's picture

MaxwellDenton 6 years 4 months ago

Hands down one of the best First-Person games I've ever played. I went in thinking it was going to be some 3D version of a 2D platformer, but I was absolutely amazed by both the story and the mechanics. I would love to play again. It's especially fun for those who love to work out the math used in a game environment. Play this and you won't regret it.

adazhang's picture

adazhang 9 years 2 weeks ago

Portal is amazing - that's all there is to it. I was initially skeptical about a first-person shooter without any guns (that do damage, at least), but the puzzle aspect of the game had me enjoying the mental stretch every time I played it. The storyline is also fantastic, and the game isn't overwhelmingly expensive, which definitely adds to its appeal.

tiemahshoo's picture

tiemahshoo 9 years 1 month ago

Although this game is currently (6/9/25) ranked at 76%, Portal is a must play. Portal's captivating yet simple game play is highlight with humor as you pass through a maze designed by a homicidal robot. Need I say more?

Braferon's picture

Braferon 9 years 1 month ago

Fun game to play, filled with mind puzzling puzzles. Make a portal and go through the obstacles. Like a real game cheater, just that you are not cheating but following the game story.

Blizpeak's picture

Blizpeak 9 years 1 month ago

Besides a crash course in gravity, Portal establishes its intricate story without delay. The game succeeds in subtlety—the sometimes-tense puzzles and tell-tale setting share more plot with the player than GLaDOS probably wanted the player to know.

milica89's picture

milica89 9 years 2 months ago

Portal is a single player game that has one goal – get through the mysterious sci-fi factory by making portals that will take you from one place to another. By using logic and your portal gun, you need to find a way out of the mysterious laboratory. And to make your journey more pleasant, there is an omnipresent voice with its funny and sometimes ‘ironic’ comments. Though it might seem easy in the beginning, what are you going to do when you see your other self through a portal you've just made?

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