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Diablo (1996)

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The land of Sanctuary has been consumed by an evil force of no known origin. A grand puzzle has been let loose and set before you: a mad king, his missing heir and a mysterious archbishop. As you journey to the town of Tristam, inhabited by only a handful of survivors, you soon find yourself facing hostile creatures macabre and horrid, far beyond your wildest nightmares.

In this dark and gothic fantasy world, Diablo pits you as a hero facing demons, monsters, and the undead that have risen, terrorizing the populace. Summon all your courage as you adventure deep into the dungeons and catacombs to find the source of evil plaguing the lands and put an end to it.

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All Comments (22)

shad0fx's picture

shad0fx 3 months 1 week ago

I see the cover and I can hear the music start playing. I love this title. I'm glad it's back on Battle Net.

albertalba's picture

albertalba 3 years 9 months ago

I loved playing this as a kid. This game needs a remaster!

Chodale's picture

Chodale 4 years 2 months ago

Absolutely legendary. The game that changed so many things in gaming world. No need to explain anything....just start the game and enjoy.

selfsearcher's picture

selfsearcher 8 years 9 months ago

Maybe graphics a a bit outdated but Diablo deserves to be played. It's just too fun! Addictive, nice music and great effects (I loved the sounds of dyind daemons).

Manuelagirre's picture

Manuelagirre 8 years 10 months ago

This is my first RPG. Despite of some boring when you play long I think this game is a legend in the world of RPG games. It is not hard for understanding the development of your character because the system of gaining expirience and levels is not complicate. Classical balance of three classes not make you think long when choose the character. Atmosphere of the game is so strong that sometimes I feel myself afraid a little. I think that this game merits to be the legend.

rickcubillas's picture

rickcubillas 8 years 10 months ago

I call this game "old reliable". Whenever I get bored and find myself with time to kill, I just threw in a Diablo CD and I got myself good nostalgic fun for hours. This game aged pretty well filled with challenging game play and gripping story line. I own Diablo 2 and Diablo 3 both epic in their own right but I play homage to the original the one that hooked me then and still do today Diablo.

SpaceZombiRobot's picture

SpaceZombiRobot 8 years 10 months ago

The entire series is one of my favorite. The ambiance is haunting and the artwork is definitely top grade. What engaged me to this game (played in the year 2000) was the leveling system which allowed players to model his character for his strengths and playing style. Different races had its own strengths (warrior,rogue or sorcerer) and with the series progression the classes expanded to include more variety and depth. I was always partial to the warrior and the sorcerer spending hours in front of my CRT monitor lost in the dark and deary world of Diablo. Unfortunately i havent played the 3rd iteration in the series YET. I certainly look forward to hours of gameplay and two player bliss (Diablo 3)

Strider's picture

Strider 8 years 11 months ago

Diablo 1 is an old RPG game. It can get pretty scary. Most interesting about it are the randomly generated levels. The protagonist is a lone hero who wants to find what is causing the light of an infernal color shine out of the formerly sacred cathedral in the town Tristram.

CATALINA31's picture

CATALINA31 8 years 11 months ago

Diablo is one of the coolest games, and at the same time the first RPG I played. The atmosphere created is shrouded in mystery, full of suspense, action unfolding in a maze full of treasures, zombies, skeletons, mischievous magicians, and many other fearsome foes. From the quiet Tristram, we get in the labyrinth under the Cathedral, that descends to catacombs, dark caves and finally to hell. During the game we find a variety of items, from normal usual ones, to magic items and sometimes we get lucky and get our hands on unique items, that are very powerful and helpful too in our combat. There are many types of weapons, like staffs, clubs, axes, scrolls, magic books, armor and other. Our character can evolve with each level gained, improves his attributes, is becoming more powerful, in order to be prepared to meet Diablo, Lord of Destruction. I have played this game at least ten times, and I think I would play it again!

327's picture

327 8 years 11 months ago

One of Blizzard's first offerings into the RPG world, it helped forge a generation of point-click-kill-loot specialists. Complex lore kept the story players engaged while those who chose not to "Stay awhile, and listen..." still had plenty to do. A high level of item customization based on gem combinations and drops allows you to outfit any class and spec to your own personal playstyle. LAN and online gaming added a whole new dimension of party to this must-play classic!

dan_kohn's picture

dan_kohn 8 years 11 months ago

Diablo created what we can call to today RPG. On a land full of demons and monsters, a Hero emerges and you level you way through never ending dungeons. They simplicity and the potential complexity of the game gets us very excited on every run. Choosing the best outcome of every level and making the best out of every item - simply amazing.

natqoh's picture

natqoh 8 years 11 months ago

Here we have an amazing game from Blizzard, a dynamic, challenging dungeon crawler that transverses multiple genres. Action, Adventure, RPG, Horror. Replay value is never ending.This game picked up fans in an immersive world and drops them on there heads, and to think all from one town.

GoranB's picture

GoranB 8 years 11 months ago

Awesome simplicity combined with great detail, enchants you with minutes of playing. Descending, sinister darkness moves in every corner of your sight, music and skeletons sounds gives a great atmosphere for playing in night hours. Addiction of the game, variety of objects, made me play Diablo over and over again.

TheSergeant's picture

TheSergeant 8 years 11 months ago

Even though I have played this RPG since I was 10 years old, it never gets boring. Diablo may be defined as a simple game yet very addictive. The possibility of getting different types of items for each character is endless. Every minute devoted in finishing this game is worth it because its difficulty is not something that may be called a walk on the park.

BassA's picture

BassA 8 years 11 months ago

The re-playability of this RPG is amazing. No play through is ever the same, thanks to randomly-generated dungeons, monsters, and loot. This is a true-blue dungeon crawl, minus that grindy feeling that happens in other RPG and dungeon crawl style games when you need to advance the story, but your character isn't a high enough level. There is always an interesting monster to squash or a dungeon to explore.

Shpendi's picture

Shpendi 8 years 11 months ago

Even though the adventure can seem a bit short at first glance, the numerous content that is randomly generated make the game length infinite. Multiplayer mode will contribute for great moments with friends, thus sometimes cooperation can become a synonym of betrayal. Thanks to this game, a historical page just has been written in the small world of hack and slash games, which can as well be referred to as "Diablo-like games".

Sabre2100's picture

Sabre2100 8 years 11 months ago

Diablo is different flair to the normal hack and slash game play. There are three classes, each of which plays differently. You can choose to play melee, fighting things up close, from afar or using spells. Unique drops and randomized dungeon levels add a new flair each time you play. Sometimes the randomness hurts, if your stats or equipment are too low for a certain level. There are quests, but most of the fun in the game is exploring the dungeons, fighting the endless hordes sent after you.

Brdjanin's picture

Brdjanin 8 years 11 months ago

Apart from being the first celebrated game in the genre, the one that paved way for its successors, this game doesn't offer that much immersion in the storyline. Even though the story is original and inventive, one cannot be fully immersed in it due to the being overwhelmed by the frenzy of clicking on healing and mana potion buttons in order to survive the swarms of monsters. To be honest, however, it is to be praised for gathering millions of fans. Such a game cannot be that bad.

Shogun's picture

Shogun 8 years 12 months ago

I believe that Diablo is one of the best games I've played, is a perfect combination of hack and slash and RPG, it is one of the few games that even after so many years I can play again with the same emotion. It is definitely one of the games that has most marked PC gamers

anjatutubo's picture

anjatutubo 8 years 12 months ago

Diablo was one of the greatest game in 1996 it was like a training ground for online rpg such as Perfect world. but hey diablo was one of the best rpg in 1996 hack and slash while accomplishing quests. and they did well with the graphics back then. but compared to the graphics nowadays well, i'd still say its okay

RiotGirlAi's picture

RiotGirlAi 9 years 2 days ago

Diablo probably set the bar for all the succeeding RPGs and games that I have played. It also served as a benchmark for all the friends I made thereafter. Diablo is a bit dark, with tales of demons, angels and all those monsters in between. It is a point-and-click tole-playing game with a gameplay that is easy on the pick up, has a very compelling storyline with a vivid storytelling factor and a lush in-game environment. A 6 out of 5 stars. :)

deedlesndeedles's picture

deedlesndeedles 9 years 3 days ago

Arguably one of the top most influential games, Diablo has shaped the expectations of millions of RPG fans worldwide. Crawl your way through level after level of dynamically created dungeons fighting insidious demons and undead to build your power and acquire powerful magic for the ultimate challenge--fighting Diablo himself.

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