[Top 15] VRChat Best Worlds To Play In

Some of the basic worlds one can encounter in VRChat
I wonder what worlds are available to play on VRChat today

When it comes to a community/game such as VRChat, there are many worlds to see and many avatars to dress up as. When it comes to in-game worlds, there are many worlds that are built with the single purpose of sightseeing, and truly immersing the player in the environment that they’ve entered. Not only that, there’s also worlds that are meant for the player to play minigames in and interact with the world around them. Just as well, there’s also worlds that are meant specifically to be an “avatar closet” for the player to play dress-up and choose someone that fits them best.

If finding a world is difficult, there’s a bunch of videos to refer to to find some options. The Virtual Reality Show is a great VRChat content creator that has lots of videos about the best worlds to go to, such as this video or even this video. Creators like Funkbuster G also has a list of worlds that they’d highly recommend going to, found right here.

Within this list, we’ll be going over the best worlds that a player could go to, whether for the sole reason of hanging out with other players, sightseeing and exploring the environment, or even being able to choose however many avatars they want.

#15 Remnant VR: Vale, by Dinky_

This world is a coop enemy horde survival game that can be played by up to 4 players, and can even be played solo if one so wishes to. It’s meant to be similar to the likes of the RWBY series, fighting off hordes of Grimm to save the world. The player is allowed a wide assortment of weapons, all differing in style such as different forms of melee and ranged weapons

As the player progresses, they’re also allowed to gain upgrades such as health and damage upgrades, all proving quite necessary in the long run as enemies become a lot tougher as the waves progress. It’s quite a fun gamemode if you have the spare time to play the hero.

#14 Treasure Heist, by Fins

This is an incredibly lengthy adventure world, meant to be a world of discovering the Egyptian tombs with an explorer by the name of Henry Ark. Upon interacting with an ancient Egyptian relic, both you and Henry find yourselves teleported into some Egyptian tombs, and puzzles as well as lots of exploration must be completed if you both wish to escape the tombs.

Featuring high-quality narration and voice actors, players will easily be able to feel immersed within the environment, truly feeling like an explorer of an unknown realm, continuing to explore them to sate your curiosity.

#13 Ivory Tower, by doofmuffinz

This world is a very nice hangout world, meant mostly for players to hang out and spend the hours away chatting and talking about their day. Filled with lots of seats and public hot tubs that players can immerse themselves in, it’s a very cozy site to spend the evening.

Continuing to explore the world, there’s a bunch of options for music and minigames to play with friends (spin the bottle, for example), but there’s also a dome that allows anyone to see the sky’s stars and auroras at their command. It’s incredibly pretty, and would recommend just for general sightseeing.


#12 Crystal Defenders, by Maru

This is a gameplay-based world, a very blocky tower defense gamemode which is more oriented for big parties of players to easily slay hordes of goblins. Here, you’ll be able to place towers and traps that’ll make dealing with hordes of enemies much easier, as well as being able to chuck goblins into the air with your own hands to annihilate them.

As a tower defense gamemode, this take on the genre is super fun, and quite addicting at that. I haven’t exactly gotten far with it, but there was still lots of fun to be had with the few waves that I got through with the world.

#11 Instagib Tournament, by ville762

This world is essentially your usual laser tag game, but with a few extra twists such as anti-gravity and even the option of double jumping. Within this world, you can choose between playing with lots of players, or even choosing to use bots/AI instead to fight off if you can’t gather enough players for a big lobby.

It’s a very simple world of laser tag, but incredibly fun as it is. Would recommend when it comes to practicing your aim or even just a bit of laser tag shenanigans.

#10 The Black Cat, by spookyghostboo

This world is one of the most popular hangout worlds available in the game… and for good reason too. There’s many spots for players to hang out in, as well as lots of interactables (food, drinks, bottles, cups, etc) for players to roleplay with. Not only that, but there’s dedicated stages for people to have lots of fun on, especially for activities like singing and showcasing stuff.

If it’s a very chill and laidback cafe that you’re looking for, then The Black Cat is certainly the one for you

#9 Rad Cyberpunk, by RadicaLee

This world is based on a cyberpunk style: lots and lots of robots in a polluted world filled with high-tech gear all around, no matter what. It seems quite simple at first in terms of buildings and (non-interactable) NPCs to see, but there’s also a “questline” available where the character can go around the map and earn keys to continue progressing.

Beyond the questline mentioned, the map is overall very much an exploration-based map rather than a gameplay-based map… but that’s not to say it’s bad by any means at all. There’s lots to see and experience within this map regardless of what may appear at face value.


#8 Namuanki, by Kevin Mack

This world is meant for exploration around a rocky oasis, allowing the player to swim around the world, as well as to teleport to specific landmarks around the map to explore as they please. There isn’t much to offer gameplay-wise, but when it comes to just exploring the place, there’s quite some sightseeing to be had.

Lots of high points and beautiful views of the map to be seen by the player.

#7 Astral Bounds, by Vectriel

This is a night-themed hangout spot, featuring lots of bright lights and pretty fireworks to fill up the sky. There’s colored pens around the map that allow the player to draw as many silly drawings as they wish, as well as lots of the usual custom world options such as music players and mirrors.

Not only that, there’s also a bunch of map interactables to change the map as they want: adding more or less fireworks in the sky, changing the clouds to be low-quality or high-quality, and even allow whales to jump in and out of the clouds within the world. It’s a very serene and beautiful map, and would highly recommend a spot like this to hang out in.

#6 Complex 7, by Fins

This is an adventure and exploration story world combo, allowing the player to traverse a decaying world due to a virus, now primarily inhabited by lots and lots of robots trying to get their way around life. This map was also created by the same one mentioned in #14’s Treasure Heist, but this new world is by far way more expansive than the previous one.

This world is meant to be a sequel to District Roboto, also done by the same creator, where this world would likely take you longer to explore everything. Here, there’s also a bunch of miniature cat collectibles to grab, lots of robot NPCs to interact with, and just overall lots of secrets to uncover within this huge robotic world. This map is definitely not meant for low-end devices, but if you have the RAM to run this type of map, do give it a try.

#5 The Midnight Bar, by [Jmelt] Kurisu

This world is meant to replicate the feel of the hit cyberpunk visual novel game VA11 HA11-A. Within such a world, the player is allowed to choose from a wide array of official VA11 soundtracks to give the bar a vibe that they truly love. Not only that, players can craft and combine drinks like they could in the actual game, so if one really wishes to roleplay a bartender, it becomes incredibly easy!

The view in the bar is just amazing, and really replicates the visuals of VA11. There’s also lots of tiny references to the actual game, a functioning menu that allows players to see their choice of drinks, and many more to be found within this world.


#4 Super VRBall, by blueasis

This world is meant to be reminiscent gameplay-wise to the likes of Super Monkey Ball: navigate a ball around progressively harder levels to collect melons, and reach the end in the shortest time possible. Personally, it’s a rather difficult game to get into in terms of learning curve, but it’s incredibly fun once you’re able to get the hang of it

Every map is visually super vibrant as well, so there’s lots of scenery to witness among the ever-changing maps available for the player to roll around in. Do give this world a shot!

#3 Zombie Survival, by TealDealMeal

This world is incredibly similar gameplay-wise to the likes of the ever-popular zombie horde survival game Call of Duty Zombies. Featuring a shooting range to test out guns of choice, options to make the gamemode easier or harder depending on preferences, and just overall lots of nice quality-of-life options to change the game however you wish to play it.

Pick up a weapon to fight off the endless hordes of zombies, upgrade your gear and try out lots of weapons, and even obtain perk upgrades that enhance your combat abilities such as providing extra health and movement speed. Definitely one of my favorite gameplay worlds to return to, it’s just incredibly fun. 

#2 Prismic’s Avatar Search, by Prismic427


In a game like VRChat, a player needs to have a model/avatar/character that they really adore, whether it be by personal attachment, preference, or even by how great the avatar looks. Within this world, the player is able to look for an avatar based off of keywords that they want, or even by looking up names for an avatar (ex. Mario from Super Mario). Not only that, they’re also given an option to search for an author/creator of an avatar, so if there’s a creator that a player really loves, they can search for all of that creator’s avatars.

After searching, the player is able to look at a vast assortment of avatars related to the keyword entered, ranging between high-quality and low-quality avatars, even allowing to find some really hidden gems upon all the large amount of avatars available. One’s also able to scroll through many pages of avatars, so be sure to look for what you want the most!

There’s also a big mirror available to make viewing of an avatar that much easier: easy to look at and admire, and able to choose what you want on the spot… very convenient!


#1 ORGANISM, by DrMorro

By far one of the best trippy exploration worlds that VRChat has to offer. Upon entering, the player will be led to a very strange-looking building, but upon continuing exploration of said building will they discover just how much this world has to offer.

Upon first blind visit to this world, a player can completely immerse themselves in exploring it for a couple of hours… there’s so much to explore in this world, and one simply cannot get enough of it after they completely finish it. When it comes to a world that’s built solely on sightseeing and world exploration, this is by far one of the best ever.

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