[Top 5] MHW Best Weapons Against Alatreon

It’s no secret Alatreon is the game's hardest fight in the game (at the time of this writing Fatalis has not arrived yet so I’m prepared to stick my foot where the Alatreon doesn’t burst.) However, there's a few specific weapons that will help ease the fight. Here are the top five best weapons to use against Alatreon! Trust me. I’ve died to him more times than most monsters. Nothing will bring me more joy than helping a fellow hunter cut his face with their multi-changing switchblades.

5. Kjarr Dual Blades

Kjarr Daggers “Rage” and Kjarr Daggers “Ice” both work excellently in defeating Alatreon.

Dual Blades reach Alatreon’s elemental DPS check easily due to their high amount of hits and elemental attack values

Both of these dual blades have very high ice and fire element, making them great for both Alatreon’s Fire and Ice active stages

Both versions of these builds have a link from the respective video making it easy to build for your own Alatreon hating needs:

Fire build: https://honeyhunterworld.com/mhwbi/?2

Ice build: https://honeyhunterworld.com/mhwbi/?2...


4. Alatreon Dominator



I know what you’re thinking: This weapon needs parts from Alatreon doesn’t it? Yes and no. You don’t actually need very many parts to create this. If you’ve already lost a couple of times from Alatreon but have gotten shiny drops, Palico gadget drops or maybe some pity bonus rewards for breaking off a part or two, you’ll have enough to craft what's known as Alatreon Razer. The Razer is a rarity 11 version. Alatreon Dominator is the Rarity 12 version but you can just as easily beat Alatreon with the Razer(source: my first time actually beating him.)

Alatreon Razer and Dominator, aka the Light Bowgun, has the very unique property of being able to use all elemental ammo

It can use fire, ice, water and lightning ammo all in one gun!

You can not only easily pass Alatreons elemental DPS check this way, but totally ignore the aspect of having to break his horns if you choose. After all, you can just use different ammo for his different modes.

The build also has a link, making a clean shave just a click away and you can easily replace Dominator and change around the build if needed with Razer:

Alatreon Dominator https://honeyhunterworld.com/mhwbi/?2


3. Safis Hellbow



Safis Hellbow is a good and relatively easy to get weapon, specifically for Alatreon’s ice active mode. The fire damage makes for an easy ice active topple.

Hellbow has good elemental fire damage

Easy to dodge Alatreons attacks with Bow moveset

Easily do plenty of damage at any given stage of the fight

The Build is as follows:

Brachy Helm b

Silver mail b

Silver braces b

Silver coil b

Silver greaves b

Blade Charm V

Generally use Expert, Destroyer, Attack, Might Bow, and Vitality decos


2. Kjarr Strongarm “King”



Charge Blades are a great weapon to use against Alatreon due to their high elemental damage. Kjarr Strongarm King is no different.

High fire element

Relatively good raw

The build:

Safi crown b

Safi chest a

Safi vambraces b

Safi belt b

Safi boots b

Blaze Charm V

Tenderizer, Ironwall, Charger, and Vitality decos are generally used


1.Safis Frostspear



Frostspear is such an easy way to take out our chaotic friend here. Its no secret mounting and flinchshotting can be ahem, used effectively in Monster Hunter World. Since there are long periods where this moron just won’t stay on the ground, Frostspear makes for an easy mount.

Being able to mount with insect glaive is easy as slapping a fly with a particle deconstructor which isn’t a thing and I just made it up 

Frostspear gives a good amount of element damage

The build:

Kaiser crown b

Brachy mail b

Kaiser braces b

Kaiser coil b

Brachy greaves

Frost Charm V

Challenger, Critical, Frost, Attack and Phoenix decos 


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