Top 10 Games Like Saints Row (Games Better Than Saints Row in Their Own Way)

Okay, okay. I know I’m going to get some hate for this. But I really think Saints Row is just one of the most badass action-adventure games around. And yes, there are a lot of those game genres, but the open world format along with the satire makes it one of my favorites. (Don’t worry my GTA Fans, you will get your spotlight) However, I realized that there’s clearly more games than just Saint’s Row for the gamer’s world and I want to experience each one. Here is a list of 10 games that are considered like Saints Row, and even better in their own way.

10. Scarface: The World Is Yours 

“Scarface: The World is Yours” random gameplay

The 2006 gameplay phenomenon is one that can be held dear to our hearts. And a reason to revolt for a re-make long overdue. It’s based in another element of the movie. Where instead, Tony Montana survives and plots revenge on those who tried to get rid of him. Playing 3rd person view, you play as Tony (and eventually Tony’s employees) in attempt to regain control of Miami’s drug trade and get revenge. It’s fun to run around doing drug deals and putting Tony in his slow-motion blind rage mode. Very classic feel and always a good re-play when I feel nostalgic.

“Say hello to my big friend” BOOM

“Of course, Tony would eye up the Cigar store”

9. Just Cause 4

Just Cause 4 Gameplay Demo

Set to release December 2018, the Just Cause series is fun to play because of the unique “Sandbox style offered” and storyline following Rico Rodriguez looking into his past. With the new apex engine to add a more realistic time and creative gadgets. Just Cause 4 will be an exciting addition to the series where South Africa is your new playground with a great storyline to look forward to.

Gliding the skies over the beautiful Solis

A beautiful view of a tornado about to destroy a town

8. Hitman 2

Hitman 2 Review

More of a tactical/stealth storyline, Hitman 2 is a game to own. Taking off from Hitman released in 2016. We follow agent 47 as he goes through 6 different missions and location. Taking out high profile targets in effort to locate and kill the “Shadow Client” and his militia. While the game can be very hard to fulfill missions being stealthy vs your regular shoot and run. There are many different styles to carry out and replay including side stories and timed missions. Along with some rather…. Interesting outfits. Hitman 2 is more a game that is a constant replay with all the accessible perks and missions after finishing the mission a certain way.

Preparing for the next hit

I wasn’t kidding about the outfits…

7. Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 Free Roam Gameplay LIVE! Robbing Stores, Bounties, Hunting, Fishing!

Based as a Western themed open world concept. You play in Dutch’s gang as you roam the land’s trying to evade the law. While there is a great story line. You also can enjoy free roaming with realistic actions for survival like hunting, and fishing. You explore towns and can live like the old west. A huge favorite for sure as you're always going to have something to do and gives a real life feel with the need to eat, bath, and survive.

Enjoying the open world

Fishing is bound to become a favorite activity for many

6. Agents of Mayhem

Agents of Mayhem Free Roam Gameplay
While more story based than actual open world (You can still roam and have fun, I swear). Agents of Mayhem is a spin-off taking place after Saints Row IV. In fact, you can have 3 additional characters from Saints Row in the game! Though rather cartoonish and 80’s style with the crazy evil doers from L.E.G.I.O.N. you can’t not laugh at the puns and personalities of each character. While some feel that it’s too close to Saint’s Row to be considered playing. I personally think the characters and storyline make up for it. Especially with each character having their own battle style and “mayhem” ability.

The city of Seoul, Korea can be a playground

Come on... You can’t deny these characters and insanity

5. Max Payne 3

Max Payne 3 Gameplay

9 years after Max Payne 2, we follow the story of Max drowning his sorrows at the bottom of the bottle. Following a drunken argument with a local mob boss’s son being killed. Max ends up taking a job Sao Paulo, Brazil as hired protection for a wealthy family. From here we follow a series of events in the game. While it’s not an open world concept, the story and 3rd person shooter elements make it much more memorable. Along with the details for the city being fantastic. It’s a favorite among many along with the multiplayer as well.

One of the many shooting styles to play

Online co-op

4. GTA Online


Okay my GTA fans, I said you’ll get your spotlight. So here it is. Released in 2013, GTA online is still going strong. Open world concept where your character can roam the streets of San Andreas with up to 30 players a server. You can play a numerous amount of side-missions, races, deathmatches etc... You begin to build your status and one of my personal favorites is that you have an annoying kid or troll, you can have a bounty placed on them. However, that can also backfire. Hours of playing and fun. Never a dull moment.

Just another day to compete

Business as usual

3. Mafia 2

“Mafia 2 Gameplay HD #1” (Music was muted due to Youtube’s copyright licensing. But there is sound elsewhere)

Now I know some will question why I have Mafia 2 instead of Mafia 3. Well, I consider Mafia 3’s storyline to be superb, but rather lacking in the open world concept and rather repetitive in playing. In comparison, Mafia 2 is much more enjoyable. Based in the 40’s-50’s. You play as Vito. There are a lot of era like gameplay design. Including the vehicles, weapons, and lifestyles. The cars driven will act according to your skill and the weather elements (i.e.: sliding in the snow) And the high language and mafia lifestyle set gets me a little nostalgic due to some early family days growing up. The story I consider fantastic and the ending makes me happier due to the Mafia’s view for deals.

You can’t deny that background and sweet suit

Just another day chasing your enemies

2. Sleeping Dogs

Sleeping Dogs Gameplay Free Roam

Sleeping Dogs happens to be a huge favorite of mine due to the storyline and located in modern day Hong Kong there quite a few changes to the average open world concept due to that location. You play as Wei Shen, an undercover officer set to take down the Triad Organization. Because of this, Shen must perform various tasks for the police while also committing crimes to impress the Triads causing conflict for him. This game stands out because of the martial arts aspect giving more unique action. Along with putting victims in the trunk of a vehicle. The only thing that frustrates me would be the lack of music more native to the location that is modern at the time versus more Americanized music playing. (Petty, I know. Don’t judge me) Other than that. I enjoy revisiting this game with what’s offered.

The detail surrounding its location and weather is astounding

I don’t think you can stuff a body in the gas tank, but still fun to drive

1. Shenmue 3

Shenmue 3 Latest Information: Yu Suzuki & Hiroaki Takeuchi at TGS 2018 [English subtitles]

Set to release August 2019 (Hopefully) Shenmue follows teenage martial artist Ryo trying to locate his father’s killer set in the 1987. This game was released via Dreamcast in 1999 and 2001. Which created a cult like following and was one of the best games of all time. It’s great to see the game resurface and continue for newer generations. Following Shenmue 2, we follow Ryo traveling to various areas and he meets Ling who is in his dreams, and their paths are crossed and entwined. Lan DI will also return along with another villain, Niao. While there is so much to the game that isn’t revealed. There will be various elements such as temples, hotels, shops and different areas to travel. Martial arts will remain a huge aspect. However, the game will not finish the story. As developer Yu Suzuki wishes to further the series in future game developments. I don’t blame him as Shenmue is considered one of the most requested games to be made and had raised $2 million in 8 hours ($6 million altogether) on Kickstarter. Currently the fastest funded campaign and highest funded video game in history. Making it worth the wait and excitement.

A beautiful starry sky

Our heroes in the world



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