SWTOR Best Healers - Which Healer Class Outperforms?

The Consular removes the blight of the Dark side from a Jedi.
Use the Force: Or stimpaks and medkits. Either way, keep your team alive as a healer.

Healers are often forgotten about class in so many parties. Everyone wants to jump in the middle of the fight, taking all the damage or doing more damage to the enemy than anyone else, but nobody ever wants to be the one keeping everyone alive.

Healers are crucial to every party for PVE Operations and raids and in every PVP match, ranked or unranked. Luckily, in Star Wars: The Old Republic there are three main healing classes that are evenly mirrored on both Imperial and Republic sides of the conflict.

While they are all welcome in a time of need, stats taken from the 5.8 version of the game and general consensus says there are clear winners in terms of helpfulness. Of course, a lot of that comes down to knowing how to play each class. Regardless, here are the SWTOR healing classes ranked.

3. Bounty Hunter Mercenary Bodyguard/Trooper Commando Combat Medic 

On Your Feet Soldier: Keep your troops in the fight as Commando Combat Medic or Mercenary Bodyguard.

From the halls of Coruscant to the shores(sands?) of Tatooine, the Republic Trooper Commando Combat Medic and Bounty Hunter Mercenary Bodyguard are always there on the frontline of conflicts providing life-saving Kolto infusions to their allies. With a specialty in burst mechanics, this class can turn the tide of battle at the most desperate points of the fight. 

Healing Skills

  • Kolto Shot/Med Shot: Basic heal, builds Supercharge charges
  • Kolto Missile/Kolto Bomb: AOE heal
  • Progressive Scan/Successive Treatment: Multitarget (Up to 4) AOE heal
  • Kolto Shell/Trauma Probe: Heal Over Time (HoT), heals on damage taken
  • Emergency Scan/Bacta Infusion: Instant heal, increases defense
  • Healing Scan/Advanced Medical Probe: With Proc from ES/BI is instant cast
  • Rapid Scan/Medical Probe: Filler heal, builds Supercharge charges
  • Supercharged Gas/Supercharged Cell: Increases healing done by 5% for 10 seconds; Build 10 charges, using Med Kolto Shot/Shot and Rapid Scan/Medical Probe, then activate it off cooldown

What makes this class a passable healer 

  • Average of 15,172 Heals Per Second (HPS)
  • The lowest % of HPS vs Average HPS (-15.17%) of the three healing classes
  • Medium armor helps with survivability
  • Great burst healing effects

Healing Power Rating: 71/100

2. Sith Inquisitor Sorcerer Corruption/Jedi Consular Sage Seer

He Could Even Keep Those He Loved From Dying: Channel your best tragic Lord of the Sith and use the Force to keep allies in combat. 

Wielding the Force as their ally, the Jedi Consular Sage Seer and Sith Inquisitor Sorcerer Corruption classes are perhaps the most versatile and easiest to learn of the healing classes. With a wide selection of both bursts, AOE, and some HoT abilities, the class is able to handle the full range of situations without sacrificing regen like the other classes. With your Force abilities ready, you will be able to handle whatever comes your way and more as this versatile and easy to learn class.  

Healing Skills 

  • Benevolence/Dark Heal: Short cast, heals for a moderate amount. It can be instant cast with a proc from Dark Infusion, Lightning Strike, Crushing Darkness or Revivification.
  • Healing Trace/Innervate: Healing over a channeled cast, builds Force Surge, which can be used to restore your Force
  • Deliverance/Dark Infusion: Long cast large heal, has the chance to proc an instant cast Benevolence/Dark Heal
  • Salvation/Revivification: Channeled AOE Heal; Salvation also procs up Altruism, which makes Benevolence into a one-time instant-cast ability that consumes zero Force
  • Wandering Mend/Roaming Mend: Large multi-target heal, +3% to Internal/Elemental Damage Reduction
  • Force Mend/Unnatural Preservation: Powerful off-gcd self heal with 30-sec CD; should be used to top off whenever available and you’re missing more than 20% health so you can focus on the party/raid

What makes this class a good healer

  • Average HPS of 17,136
  • When optimized, -4.19% HPS vs Average HPS, right between the two other healer classes
  • Excellent utility healing class, jack of all trades, and the easiest to pick up for new players
  • Good AOE and good single-target healing capabilities 
  • Fairly mobile class and that wonderful Force bubble increase survivability 

Healing Power Rating: 80/100

1. Imperial Agent Operative Medicine/Smuggler Scoundrel Sawbones

All a Bunch of Simple Tricks and Nonsense: Forgo the mystical Force fields and ancient weapons, just keep blaster at your side and a kolto pack to keep your companions alive. 

For those looking for the most challenging but perhaps the most effective in terms of pure stats (as based on the 5.8 data at least), the Operative/Smuggler healing class is for you. A class primarily focusing on HoT, it makes the player proactive as opposed to reactive, forcing them to understand how the fight’s going and where it will be heading next. While it is the most difficult of the healing classes to master, the Medicine/Sawbones discipline yields the highest pure points healed per second average, making it the most effective healer class in SWTOR. 

Healing Skills

  • Slow-release Medpac/Kolto Probe – Your main standard heal
  • Kolto Cloud/Recuperative Nanotech – AOE HoT. Instant cast. Heals up to 4 targets. Gives a “heals received increased” buff for a few seconds
  • Kolto Waves – AOE channel heal. Heals 8 targets that stand in it
  • Emergency Medpac/Surgical Probe – Instant cast, small burst. Use it to refresh Slow-release Medpac when possible. Spammable (as long as you have stacks of Upper Hand available)
  • Kolto Pack/Kolto Infusion – Quick cast, medium burst heal. Gives an “internal/elemental damage reduction” buff
  • Underworld Medicine/Kolto Injection – Your hardest hitting heal. Generates 1 stack of Upper Hand

What makes this class a Superior healer

  • Average of 21,348 Heals Per Second (HPS)
  • The only positive % of HPS vs Average HPS (+19.36%)
  • Rolling evasion inherent in the class overall helps with survivability
  • Great AOE heals capabilities, though they are primarily aimed at Healing Over Time abilities
  • Proactive healing as opposed to reactive healing

Healing Power Rating: 100/100

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