Top 20 Sims 4 Best Occult Mods

The Sims 4

The Sims 4 introduces some interesting supernatural features. Although some amazing occult features are available, players wanted more. Keep reading to find out more about 20 of the best Sims 4 occult mods that will take your supernatural gameplay to the next level.

20. Sorcerer

Spellcasting and sorcery are very underrated activities in The Sims 4. If you want to spice up the occult vibe in your gameplay, sorcery is just the thing you need. 

  • The Sorcerer mod allows Sims to become a sorcerer with unique abilities and spells.
  • This mod introduces us to magic skills and potion crafting.
  • This mod is interactive and adds new social interactions when your sims become a sorcerer, whether that be a White Magic or Black Magic sorcerer…
  • The great thing about this mod is that there are several types of spells and your sims can pick one to specialize in. 

It doesn’t get more supernatural than this. Download this mod here:


19. Demon Dress-Up

You can’t live a supernatural life if your outfit does not play the role with you. Unfortunately, The Sims 4 is quite limiting when it comes to supernatural wear. Luckily, there is a mod for everything!

  • The Demon Days Mod adds a new pack with occult and demon-themed clothing and hairstyles that you can use to fully customize your sims in Create-a-Sim.
  • This mod not only allows you to customize your sims but also includes occult-themed items that you can find in build-and-buy mode.
  • The fun thing about this mod is that it even includes horns, veins, eye bags, and pallor! 

Transform your gameplay into an occult heaven. Download this mod here:


18. Aliens

Aliens are a big deal when it comes to all things supernatural. 

  • The Aliens mod brings us the biggest supernatural and occult gift of all – ALIENS! This mod works well with The Sims 4 base game seeing as The Sims 4 Get to Work includes aliens in the game.
  • This mod allows for interaction with extra-terrestrial beings. Aliens can drain other sims or boost them up. They can also “Mind-Control” normal sims and the commands are quite varied. 
  • You can even create your alien and perform normal sim activities with them. You can have a normal life as a not-so-normal alien!
  • This mod is great if you want to add an extra layer of supernaturality to your gameplay. It is user-friendly and compatible.

Jump into the wacky world of aliens. Download this mod here:


17. Mermaids

The supernatural and occult world will never be complete without mermaids!

  • The Mermaids mod adds mermaids to The Sims 4
  • With this mod, you get new social interactions and abilities as a mermaid.
  • When you decide to become a mermaid, you get to explore the ocean!
  • Something I enjoy about this mod is that you can transform your sims back into a human sim at any time. You will not be stuck as a mermaid in the ocean for the rest of your lifespan.

I would suggest downloading this mod if you want to expand the diversity of your gameplay. Download this mod here:


16. Wicked Whims

The Sims 4 assigns pretty basic whims and wants to sims. Even sims with the Evil trait can act quite bland. Let’s shake that up!

  • The Wicked Whims mod is the perfect mod if you want to add a more realistic and evil approach to your occult-themed gameplay.
  • This mod adds more mature content to the game and allows for sims to wish harm upon others. Their wants might be a little dark from time to time.
  • The fun thing about this mod is that it not only adds an extra layer of evil to the game but also includes a more realistic approach to romantic relationships.
  • I would suggest collaborating this mod with other occult mods mentioned in this article so that you can truly transform your sims into authentic supernatural beings.

Download this mod here:


15. Ghostly Adventures

Ghosts in The Sims 4 are just an afterthought. When a sim dies, their spirit will show up from time to time, but where is the fun in that?

  • The Ghostly Adventures mod is just the mod you need if you want to explore the afterlife as a ghost!
  • This mod allows for the exploration of the afterlife. You can become a ghost and have the adventure of a lifetime (or after-lifetime…).
  • The great thing about this mod is that it includes new social interactions for ghosts.
  • This mod also includes new abilities for ghosts apart from the good old possession of items.

Live your best afterlife and download this mod here:


14. Fairies

This mod is a fan favorite. If you want to live your life as an elegant fairy sim, this mod is just the answer. 

  • The Fairy mod adds fairies to the game with unique abilities and traits.
  • Your fairy sim will automatically max the gardening skill and they will form special relationships with plants. 
  • This mod allows fairies to fly around instead of walking. They will also have whims that are more outdoorsy, such as catching a fish. 
  • This mod includes the ability to fly and cast spells. 

Start living your best fairy life. Download this mod here:


13. Vampire Lair

Occult-themed gameplay will never be complete without vampires! The next mod is all about creating the perfect vampire lair for your supernatural sims. 

  • The Dark Moon Vampire Lair mod introduces a new lot type – a vampire's lair.
  • This mod offers a dark and spooky lot where vampires can hang out and socialize.
  • It includes several build and buy items that will create the perfect vampire lair atmosphere, including rugs, dressers, kitchen appliances, and many more!
  • The dark and gloomy tones of all the objects will create the perfect environment to protect your vampire sims from the sun. 

All supernaturals need the perfect lair to let their hair (or fur) down, so start with vampires and download this mod here:


12. Werewolves

Werewolves are a staple occult species in the supernatural realm. Although the creators of The Sims 4 have hinted at an expansion pack containing werewolves, modders are always one step ahead. 

  • The Werewolves mod brings werewolves to the game with the ability to transform at night.
  • This mod introduces many interactions and activities, such as hunting, gaining perks, scratching furniture, and many more. 
  • Werewolves also form a sire bond with other sims once they’ve turned them into a werewolf. 
  • The fun thing about this mod is that it also includes interactions between werewolves, creating a “pack mentality” atmosphere. 

Who wouldn’t want massive dog sims running around at night? Download this mod here:


11. Life States

The normal life state of a sim can be quite tedious. I think you need some new life states to give your gameplay the edge. 

  • The Occult Life State mod allows Sims to transform into succubi. If you didn’t know, succubi are demon creatures!
  • Succubi are Sims that feed on the energy of others using lust and seduction to stay young.
  • They have no bladder or thirst decay, don't need to eat food, and their body shape stays the same.
  • They can drain energy or life from other Sims to feed and change their age into young adult, adult, or elder after draining the life from another Sim.
  • They have abilities such as Blink, Seductive Touch, Drain Energy, Drain Life, and Age.

If you want to play The Sims 4 as an entirely new life entity, download this mod here:


10. Angels and Demons

Angels and demons are the perfect pair of supernatural beings to include in your occult-themed gameplay. 

  • The Angels and Demons mod brings another supernatural entity to life - angels and demons. 
  • This mod includes powers of light and healing for angels and powers of darkness and destruction for demons.
  • This entity is brought to your sims through traits. If you choose the Angel or Demon trait in CAS, your sim will start their life as the being you chose. 
  • The fun thing about this mod is that it even includes angel and demon clothing items and accessories for your sims that can be found in CAS. 

The biggest decision now is choosing between good and evil. Download this mod here:


9. Zombies 

The occult world will never be complete without our brain-devouring friends. Let’s add some zombies!

  • The Zombie Apocalypse mod introduces zombies to your gameplay!
  • The fun thing about this mod is that sims of all ages can be zombies with special features, such as biting others and utilizing their unique survival skills. 
  • You can even form partnerships with other zombies to survive the apocalypse. 
  • Fully-functional weapons and ammo are also included in this mod. 
  • If you decide to opt out can change your zombies back into normal sims at any point.

If you’re not afraid of the undead, download this mod here:


8. Armageddon

I know what we are all thinking. The Sims 4 needs some chaos. Luckily for you, I have just the mod to achieve chaos!

  • The Armageddon mod allows your sims to become supervillains and take over the town!
  • With this mod, you can have epic battles with other sims who have possessed superpowers. 
  • As a supervillain, you will have dark powers and be able to cast dark spells. 
  • Dark effects will follow your sim, including bats, red eyes, black ribbons, and fireflies. 

Whenever you are ready to tap into your dark side, download this mod here:


7. Hybrid

Supernatural creatures are a must if you want the full occult feeling, but what if I told you that you can have supernatural hybrids too?

  • The Hybrid mod allows you to mix and match your supernatural entities and their abilities. 
  • With this mod, aliens, vampires, and mermaids can be spellcasters too!
  • Additionally, aliens, mermaids, and spellcasters can be vampires. 
  • Any supernatural entity can take on the abilities of another entity and live their best life as a hybrid. 
  • The great thing about this mod is that all features and abilities work seamlessly and you will not lose certain abilities if you choose to make your sim a hybrid. 

Start living the hybrid life and download this mod here:


6. Book of Chaos

As mentioned before, The Sims 4 can become quite the snooze fest. I think that chaos will be the ultimate catalyst for an amazing gaming experience. 

  • The Book of Chaos mod does just that; it adds extreme chaos to your gameplay!
  • This mod adds a layer of evil to the game. 
  • The Book of Chaos contains spells that sims can cast onto one another to cause harm and make their lives a living hell. 
  • If you want your supernatural sims to boost their malicious agendas, The Book of Chaos is your answer. 

What are you waiting for? Download this mod here:


5. The Possessed Child

What is an occult world without a possessed child?

  • The Possessed Child mod includes a deadly grave where the most dangerous child in the Sims world was buried. 
  • Sims can interact with the grave. 
  • One of these interactions includes chanting the boy’s name. This results in pure chaos!
  • The boy will start killing everyone and everything in his way by biting his victims’ necks, stabbing them, stealing their souls, or striking them with lightning. 

Challenge your sims to the ultimate life-threatening adventure. Download this mod here:


4. Magic Realm

Accessing the Magic Realm in The Sims 4 can be quite a hassle. As you know, I have a mod for every problem!

  • The Modular Portal mod allows you to place portals wherever you like for your sims to enter the magic realm. 
  • The fun thing about this mod is that there are several portals to choose from so that it can match your occult style.
  • This mod makes it easier for your sims to enter the magic realm whenever they want. 

Accessing magic shouldn’t be this hard, so download this mod here:


3. Drifter’s Wonders

How can you live out your occult-themed fantasy without setting the tone?

  • The Drifter’s Wonders mod is an amazing pack that contains all types of items that will create the perfect environment for you to live your best occult-themed life. 
  • This mod includes buy-mode items such as lamps, chairs, sofas, bookcases, plants, and much, much more!
  • The great thing about this mod is that all the items are occult-themed and will be the perfect cherry on the cake for your gameplay. 
  • Apart from amazing furniture, this mod also includes some amazing decorative pieces that will perfect your decor!

What are you waiting for? Download this mod here:


2. After Death

The death process in The Sims 4 is somewhat tedious. I think we need to change that, don’t you?

  • The After Death Helper mod is a fun mod that puts a spin on the death process of The Sims 4. 
  • With this mod, you can bring a sim back to life with ease. No more begging the Grim Reaper!
  • This mod also introduces new interactions with the Grim Reaper, gravestones, and even ghosts!
  • The great thing about this mod is that it only requires the base game. You don’t need any other expansion or game packs to enjoy this mod. 

Out with the old and in with the new! Download this mod here:


1. Genies!

There is one key component missing from The Sims 4. You guessed it; genies!

  • The Genie Gamepack mod adds genies to the game, which can be obtained by completing the Wish Hunter aspiration or selecting the genie trait.
  • Genies can fulfill the wishes of other sims by clicking on them, and if the wish is not successful, the opposite may happen.
  • The Genie trait doesn't change your sim’s appearance, but it alters the sim's voice and increases or decreases certain needs or skills.
  • The genie can cast spells such as Mess With, Random Buff, Give A Wish For Work, Give A Wish For Fitness, and Give Love Wish. Each spell has a different effect on the victim.
  • Other interactions include Read Mind, Genie Kiss, and Magic Introduction, which can give the victim a happy or sad moodlet, but some animations may not work correctly.

I know deep down that we all want to meet (or even be) a genie, so don’t miss out and download this mod here: 

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