The Best Shadowverse Prebuilt Decks Revealed

Best Shadowverse Prebuilt Decks
Victory is Yours: Best Prebuilt Shadowverse Decks Today!

This is a review of all Prebuilt decks in the game right now, regardless of what set they come from. These decks are guaranteed to give you a triumphant victory!


10. Sins of the Heartless (Portalcraft)

This Portalcraft deck, Sins of the Heartless, is part of set five in the prebuilt decks. The packs that this deck consists of are Brigade of the Sky, Altersphere, and Omen of the Ten. This deck is a varied mix of puppets and general Portalcraft cards that specialize in destruction. It’s heavy hitter, Lishenna, Omen of Destruction, is meant to be what makes the deck so powerful as it summons two extreme amulets that send your opponent's health to the point of no return. 

Deck Review 

  • Destruction of followers overall is very easy to accomplish, and puppets are summoned quickly when followers with last words are destroyed 
  • There are two ward cards for protection in case of an HP emergency and a follower that can summon a healing amulet 
  • This deck is useful for mass destruction across the field for both enemies and followers 
  • However, this deck can be very slow and time-consuming. It is also tough to draw Lishenna, Omen of Destruction, as there are only two of her card in the deck. There are a lot of unnecessary cards taking her place
  • This deck can hold itself up well except against Portalcraft itself, which is a problem considering that three major in story bosses have Portalcraft decks and Portalcraft has become very popular in online matches since it was released 

Deck Power Score: 80/100


9. Warriors of Steel (Portalcraft)

Warriors of Steel is part of set four in the prebuilt decks. The packs that this deck originated from are the ChronoGenesis, Brigade of the Sky, and DawnBreak NightEdge. This deck is another artifact deck, typical for Portalcraft, with a few differences. There are at least three or four basic Portalcraft cards that aren’t artifact exclusive but are cards that will help you draw them. The star of this deck is Silva, Ardent Sniper, and is crucial to making it successful 

Deck Review

  • Artifacts are very easy to draw with the many spells and amulets that allow you to put them in your hand quickly 
  • Cards such as Hamelin and Miriam, Synthetic Being will enable you to copy artifacts in your hand or choose which one to put into play/hand
  • Silva, Ardent Sniper, if played on the third turn instead of the original seventh, lets you do one damage to the enemy leader at the beginning of your turn the first time any follower attacks. This is useful for a quick and easy match
  • However, just like Sins of the Heartless, this deck doesn’t have enough numbers of its heavy hitter in the deck. There is only one Silva in this deck when ideally there would be three
  • This deck can move fast in a successful way but is mostly recommended if you are a more experienced player, something the game doesn’t tell you 

Deck Power: 84/100


8. Enchanted Illusions (Runecraft)

Enchanted Illusions is part of set three in the prebuilt decks. The packs that this deck originated from are Wonderland Dreams and StarForged Legends. This deck is an earth rite deck, meaning that many cards in your deck can put earth rites into play or in your hand, activating special effects on some of your followers. Its key player is meant to be the card Wizardess of Oz, the card on the cover of the deck box

Deck Review 

  • Earth rites are easy to put on the field via followers, meaning that you have something to attack with while waiting to draw a card that will be made useful with the earth rite you have
  • There are earth sigils as well, most of them allowing you to heal your leader while doing damage to the enemy leader. Cards such as Gingerbread House help with this
  • The deck’s hard hitter is the Wizardess of Oz, letting you spellboost every card in your hand to the cost of one. While there is only one of her, the spells and earth rites that allow you to draw cards give her a better chance of popping up. Compared to the two decks above, this is more successful 
  • However, this deck’s biggest problem is that it doesn’t have many hard hitters when it comes to direct attacks on the enemy leader, meaning that the match can be overly drawn out
  • There are a few protection spells you can play early on, but if you want them to be fully effective you have to wait for at least four or five turns until they can pan out

Deck Power: 86/100


7. Garnet: Defiance (Bloodcraft)

Garnet: Defiance is one of the most recent prebuilt decks and is part of set six. The packs that this deck originates from are Altersphere and Steel Rebellion. Garnet: Defiance is one of the few Bloodcraft Machina decks, and specializes more in offensive damage versus reaching Vengeance, something uncommon in Bloodcraft. Garnet: Defiance is a fast deck that sees Vengeance as a backseat, meaning that if it reaches Vengeance on the way to the win, that’s just an added bonus 

Deck Review 

  • In this deck, getting Machina followers destroyed as quickly as possible is its goal so that it might activate the card Mono, Garnet Rebel. You have to destroy at least seven Machina followers so that she gives you the card Alpha Drive
  • It’s very easy to do extensive damage quickly and effectively to the enemy leader with cards such as Slayn, Steelwrought Vampire, and the Destructive Succubus. 
  • There are many cards that can have storm, meaning they can attack the enemy leader the moment they’re played, activated by various effects due to the damage of a number of Machina followers, which this deck is full of
  • However, the focus on the Machina aspects of this deck can distract from the fact that Vengeance is still needed in order to make some cards more effective for you to use. Machina is effective, but missing Vengeance isn’t a good thing
  • There are not many wards or types of protection in this deck, and with Bloodcraft, there aren’t many healing cards either due to the need for Vengeance 

Deck Power: 87/100


6. The Corpsewyrm Beckons (Shadowcraft)

The Corpsewyrm Beckons is part of set five in the prebuilt decks. The packs that this deck originated from are Brigade of the Sky, Altersphere, and Omen of the Ten. This deck specializes in the reanimation of destroyed cards in order to activate their effects again or to give them rush when they come into play so that they can automatically attack. It’s balanced towards the offensive side more than defensive, but Necromancy often makes sure that this isn’t a hindrance to the battle. Speaking of, Necromancy is very easy to achieve with this deck

Deck Review

  • In this deck there are plenty of low-cost followers that can be put onto the field in either your first or second turn, letting you gain shadows quickly and letting you do extensive damage to the leader even quicker. This deck is especially effective against Portalcraft and Havencraft 
  • It’s best cards would have to be Crow, Regent of Darkness, and Charon, Stygian Ferrywoman. They both play well together in that Crow gives you a powerful reanimation amulet that is wonderful in play, and if you have Charon at the same time, you can use her first to turn Crow’s cost to zero. This helps especially with Necromancy counts
  • Unlike any of the decks mentioned before, The Corpsewyrm Beckons has three of each of its most powerful cards in the deck, meaning that you have a better chance of drawing them rather than if you had two or even one
  • However, it’s hard to keep up your defenses while the deck's primary goal is to attack to win. HP gets easily forgettable 
  • This deck doesn’t do as well with faster moving decks such as Forestcraft and Swordcraft, two commonly used crafts in online matches. It can be hard to keep up

Deck Power: 88/100


5. Champions of the Zenith (Dragoncraft)

Champions of the Zenith is part of set six in the prebuilt decks. The packs that this deck originates from are Altersphere and Steel Rebellion. This deck’s primary focus is to continuously draw cards until you come across the one you need. There are a lot of prebuilt decks like Champions, but this deck is still a bit different in that it actually does damage effectively while drawing cards instead of staying idle. This way, while you’re searching for that perfect card, you’re still on the offense at the same time 

Deck Review

  • Many powerful cards such as the Soaring Dragonewt have effects that can be activated by spells in your hand, which this deck has a lot of. These spells are very easy to draw, meaning that the only thing you would originally need in your hand would be the follower
  • This deck has several followers that cannot be attacked or destroyed, leaving them out on the battlefield for the rest of the match unless your opponent has something up their sleeve 
  • Champions of Zenith also has its number of followers spread out evenly, meaning that there aren’t too many low-cost followers or too many high ones that you can’t play early on
  • But it is hard to reach Overflow easily, meaning that certain effects can’t be activated until the seventh turn. Seven turns is a long time to wait, and you could be taken out before then, especially against Forestcraft or Swordcraft
  • Speaking of, this deck doesn’t do well against either of those crafts simply because it’s not fast enough to keep up with them. Since it struggles to get to Overflow quickly, it has to compensate offensively, meaning that your opponent already has a strategy while this deck is waiting for a chance to even begin 

Deck Power: 90/100


4. Silent Maiden (Forestcraft)

Silent Maiden is part of set five in the prebuilt decks. The packs that this deck originates from are Brigade of the Sky, Altersphere, and Omen of the Ten. Silent Maiden is about drawing cards and adding attack and defense to your followers when you draw them. It also focuses on playing many low-cost cards in one turn so that effects for other cards in your hand can become active when you play at least two or over

Deck Review 

  • Easy on the offense. If this deck has a chance of going first it has a great shot at victory. Even though it’s low-cost cards might seem insignificant on the field, those tiny points of damage really add up if you get them out quick enough
  • This deck is one of the main few that can go up against Swordcraft and come through with a major victory. It’s speed and quick attacks make it very similar and compatible with Swordcraft, but it’s ward, Luxglaive Bayle, is used as a great insurance/defense card. It makes your leader harder to hit
  • It’s very well balanced. Despite there being a lot, the lower costing cards don’t overwhelm the rest of the deck, meaning you still have other hard hitters in your deck that can end things quickly if you decide to follow that route
  • Despite this, some cards are unnecessary and don’t contribute well to the deck or the match in general. For example, the Grasshopper Conductor rarely works out. This card lets you put a follower into your hand that has the same attack of how many cards you played that turn. It seems useful, but there are rarely any times when you need it once you have momentum going. His card is put in the deck three times, taking up space for something more useful 
  • With this deck, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with choices. It’s a good thing to have multiple routes in case of an emergency, but when there are too many, it’s easy to pick the least efficient one

Deck Power: 90/100


3. Hallowed Crusade (Havencraft)

Hallowed Crusade is part of set five in the prebuilt decks. The packs this deck originates from are Brigade of the Sky, Altersphere, and Omen of the Ten. This deck revolves around the power of amulets and spells, not as many wards as other Havencraft decks. In fact, Hallowed Crusade can almost be considered the best offensive Havencraft deck out of each set, considering that Havencraft isn’t very offensive, to begin with 

Deck Review 

  • The spell Holy Lion Crystal is what keeps this deck alive. Not only does it summon the Holy Lion follower, but it also acts as a unique spellboost. The more Crystals you play, you summon stronger lions and even wards. The card Holy Lion Crystal is really common as well, so if you want to make this deck rather than buying it from the store, this makes it easy
  • This deck is excellent at going up against Shadowcraft users, as it primarily banishes enemy followers rather than destroying them. It’s built to help prevent those pesky Necromancy effects we all hate 
  • You don’t necessarily need to use heavy-hitting cards to win the match. This means that you don’t need to hold your breath in anticipation for the card Holylord Eachtar to come into play. He does give rush to all followers for the current turn and summons two minor wards, meaning he is useful. But the weight of the match doesn’t need to rest on his shoulders, meaning that you can win the game without panic
  • However, without the Holy Lion Crystals, this deck falls apart. They’re the backbone of the offense, defense, and resistance. If you use them up too quickly or don’t use them at all, your chances of winning plummet
  • Holy Lion Crystal strategies can be hard to wrap your mind around at first. There’s a lot of spell counting and constant play point watching, which can be stressful for those who just want to play casually. It takes a bit to wrap your head around at first if you choose to take the extra time

Deck Score: 93/100


2. Unsheathed Fury (Swordcraft)

Unsheathed Fury is part of set five of the prebuilt decks. The packs this deck originates from are Brigade of the Sky, Altersphere, and Omen of the Ten. Unsheathed Fury is another gilded deck, meaning that it uses cards such as Gilded Boots and Gilded Blade for success. These are spell cards that can be added to followers in play or can be applied to your leader to heal them or affect their status. This is another fast-moving deck, as it’s already Swordcraft, and makes for clean, quick wins. It is also an easy deck to create if you choose to copy the deck code instead of paying with your crystals

Deck Review 

  • Another deck that doesn’t require you to use many high-cost cards in order to win, making the play point counting less stressful versus other decks 
  • Unsheathed Fury is one of the more rare ward focused Swordcraft decks, with cards such as Rapier Master and Holy Bear Knight. It comes with protection unexpected by the enemy but welcomed by you in case of an emergency. These cards are also low cost, so if you need some insurance early on these are recommended 
  • It does especially well against Bloodcraft and Dragoncraft while waiting for both Overflow and Vengeance to be activated for them. This deck, and Swordcraft in general, don’t have to wait for a leader effect in order to attack swiftly and dangerously 
  • Sometimes, Unsheathed Fury gets a bit difficult to keep up with. While it is very fast, if you get lost in the speed, it’s easy to lose track of what’s in your hand, what card to play next, or even when to attack. People who want to play casually tend to not be fond of watching something so vigilantly
  • It’s very easy to overestimate how many gilded cards you actually have. If you don’t keep an eye on them, you could run low and could even use one when you didn’t mean to. Again, that’s the natural speed of the deck catching you by surprise 

Deck Power: 96/100


Top Prebuilt Deck: Primal Flames (Dragoncraft)

Primal Flames is from set three of the prebuilt decks. The packs this deck originates from are Wonderland Dreams and StarForged Legends. Primal Flames is a heavy Overflow deck, meaning that a lot of its cards activate once Overflow has been reached on your seventh turn. Once it is reached, this deck has many cards that gain bane once they are played, an effect that can take out any follower regardless of their attack. Primal Flames specializes in using spells and other effects to destroy followers as well

Deck Review 

  • With cards such as Dragon Oracle and Dragonrearer Matilda, it’s very simple and fast to reach Overflow while still drawing extra cards. This means that you’ll be prepared for anything important in the near future, readying your hand to be extremely powerful 
  • Primal Flames has many cards that can’t be attacked by any enemy follower once Overflow activates, meaning that once your cards come into play they can’t be touched or damage unless you initiate the attack
  • This deck is very well balanced with high play point and low play point cards, which is very impressive considering that most of the other earlier sets seemed to have a problem in keeping that consistent. This means you won’t have to worry about not having a playable hand once your second turn comes around 
  • Mass attacks across the field are extremely useful and prominent in Primal Flames, the only minor issue being that sometimes mass attacks can also do unnecessary damage to your followers as well. You simply have to time them right
  • The deck also has several useful neutral cards such as Staircase to Paradise and Queen of the Dread Sea that allow you to draw cards when you need them, and even help to discard some in your hand that you might not need. Again, the only thing to watch out for here is your timing. Primal Flames is an excellent deck, it just simply needs some extra attention on the field

Deck Power: 99/100

*All prebuilt decks can be purchased from the Shadowverse store or can be created from your own cards if copy the deck code and put it into the deck creator function of the program*

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