[Top 25] PES 21 Best Blackball Players Who Are Amazing

[Top 25] PES 21 Best Blackball Players Who Are Amazing
check out this amazing Blackball Players in PES 21


[Top 25] PES 21 Best Blackball Players Who Are Amazing

Blackball players in PES 21 are players with ratings not less than 85. However, not every player can become a blackball player; for example, those with less than 85 ratings who are trained and surpass 85 cannot hold the blackball crown.

Below, we look at the top Blackball players on PES 21 who are unique, starting from the bottom.

25. Marquinhos, 88

Marquinhos has amazing tackles and skills

Marcos Aoas Correa is a 27-year-old center-back, currently playing for Paris Saint Germain and France national team.

Why is Marquinhos amazing?

  • He is rated 88, with proficiency in:
  • Heading,
  • Jumping,
  • Aggression and
  • Defensive awareness.
  • He is also a long ball expert.

Check out his stats: https://www.pesmaster.com/marquinhos/pes-2021-mobile/player/45993/

24. Son Heung-Min, 88

How Son plays might shock you if you don't believe he is great

Son Heung-min represents the Republic of Korea. He is 29 years old and plays as a left midfielder for his national team and Premier League side Tottenham Hotspurs (Tottenham Wb).

Why is Son Unique?

  • Currently, he is 88-rated with expertise in attacking,
  • He is 89-rated at finishing,
  • 90-rated offensive awareness PES 21
  • Other than attacking, he is a dribbler with an 85-rating.

Check out his overall stats: https://www.pesmaster.com/son-heung-min/pes-2021-mobile/player/43063/

23. Kante, 88

Kante will dribble past you and smile

N'Golo Kante is regarded as "the most complete" defensive midfielder. He is currently 29 years old, representing his national team France and premier league club Chelsea FC.

Why IS Kante amazing?

  • Kante plays with box-to-box style
  • He is best known for his defensive style and physicality.
  • Under defending, his defensive awareness is rated 94,
  • Ball winning capability 93 
  • Aggression 92

Kante overall stats: https://www.pesmaster.com/n-kante/pes-2021/player/101334/

22. Cortouis, 89

Courtois can really save

Courtois Thibaut plays as a goalkeeper for Spanish La Liga side Real Madrid (Madrid Chamartin B) and Belgium's national team. He is 88-rated on PES 21. With a height of 199 centimeters, Courtois is skillful in goalkeeping.

Why is Courtois amazing?

  • His goalkeeping reflexes are rated 95
  • His goalkeeping reach is rated 95
  • Goalkeeping clearing is rated 95
  • He has goalkeeping awareness at 93-rated
  • Goalkeeping catch at 92-rate

Other than goalkeeping skills, he plays:

  • with a defensive style
  • Has high punts
  • Long throws skills

His overall stats in PES 21:https://www.pesmaster.com/t-courtois/pes-2021/player/44383/

21. Casemiro, 89

Defending might be Casemiro's main objective on earth

Carlos Henrique Venancio Casimiro was born in Brazil and is 29 year-old. He plays as a defensive midfielder for Brazil and the Spanish League side Real Madrid (Madrid Charmatin B.)

Casemiro is 89-rated and is regarded as one of the best if not the best defensive midfielders.

Why is Casemiro amazing?

  • He as kicking power rated 87
  • Both ball-winning and aggression are rated 91
  • His defensive awareness is rated 88
  • He can effectively jump, earning him an 88-rate.
  • His physicality is highly rated, with
  • Stamina standing at 92
  • Physical contact at 90
  • He is injury resistance and plays as the anchorman

Casemiro's stats in PES 21:https://www.pesmaster.com/casemiro/pes-2021/player/42669/

20. Benzema, 89

the phenominal Benzema

Karim Benzema is well known for his finishing and ball control abilities. Even with his age, he is considered one of the lethal finishers in the game, the 34-year-old plays for France's national team and the Spanish League team Real Madrid (Madrid Chamartin B).

Why is Benzema amazing?

  • Ball control is rated 91
  • He has a dribbling rating of 85
  • Offensive awareness rating of 88
  • Finishing rating of 86
  • Tight possession of 88
  • He is a goal poacher
  • Can make amazing runs
  • He is a trickster and long ranger.

His overall stats: https://www.pesmaster.com/k-benzema/pes-2021/player/8944/

19. Ramos 89

Ramos needs no introduction when it comes to defending

Sergio Ramos is 35 years old but with defensive capability. He plays as a center back for his national team Spain and France club Paris Saint Germain. He is best known on PES 21 for acting as an extra frontman.

Why is Ramos Amazing?

  • His jumping is 91-rated, while his heading is 94- rated making him one of the best headers.
  • He has defensive awareness rated 86
  • Ball winning capability rated 88
  • Aggression rated 91
  • Physical contact rated 85
  • He is also proficient in long-range ball and shots.

Ramos stats in PES 21:https://www.pesmaster.com/sergio-ramos/pes-2021/player/7329/

18. Van Dijk, 90

Van Dijik defending wins them trophies

The Dutch center-back30-year-old and represents his national team and Premier League side Liverpool FC (Liverpool R) in PES 21. Van Dijk is known for his build-up playing style, solid defense, and heading.

Why is Van Dijk amazing?

  • He has the highest rating in defensive awareness, standing at 99
  • His ball-winning capability is rated 97
  • He has a jump of 90
  • Heading rated 89
  • He is skillful in long ball expert and his leadership skills.

Pes 21 stats: https://www.pesmaster.com/v-van-dijk/pes-2021-mobile/player/44840/

17. Oblak, 91

Oblak might be the greatest goalkeeper ever! Dont you think?

Ranked as one of his generation's best goalkeepers, Jan Oblak hails from Slovenia, representing his national team as the number one goalkeeper. He also plays for Spanish League team Atletico de Madrid (Madrid Rosas RB) on PES 21.

Why is Oblak amazing?

  • Other than his defensive goalkeeping style, he has goalkeeping reflexes rated 96
  • His goalkeeping awareness and catch are both 97-rated
  • Goalkeeping clearing is rated 92
  • He is also skilled in the high punt, long throw, and penalty saving.

Oblak ratings in PES 21: https://www.pesmaster.com/j-oblak/pes-2021/player/44104/

16. Neuer, 90

Neuer can stop a rocket with his goalkeeping skills

Regarded as one of the complete goalkeepers, Manuel Neuer has kicking power than most forwards. He is currently 35years and represents his national team, Germany, and Bundesliga side Bayern Munich. He plays as an offensive goalkeeper and can dribble past players and attack.

Why is Neuer Amazing?

  • Neuer has flexes rated 97
  • His Goalkeeping reach is rated 96
  • Goalkeeping awareness is rated 94
  • Goalkeeping catch has a rating of 91
  • He is also efficient in low punts, long throws, and saving penalties
  • His leadership skills are also appealing.

check out his overall ratings: https://www.pesmaster.com/m-neuer/pes-2021/player/33185/

15.. Sancho, 86

check what Jadon Sancho does with the ball

Jadon Sancho plays as a winger for Premier League side Manchester United (Manchester B) and England national team. He is best known for his game intelligence, trickery, dribbles, and fent skills. He is currently rated 86 and is a prolific winger.

Why is Sancho Amazing?

  • His dribbling ability is topnotch and is rated 93
  • He controls the ball effectively and has a rating of 89
  • He possesses the ball having ratings of 91.
  • He has a pace of 90 with an acceleration of 94.
  • Low passes are rated 86
  • He can perform five-star skills such as double touch, scissors feint, and flip-flap

check out his PES 21 stats: https://www.pesmaster.com/j-sancho/pes-2021/player/118007/

14. De Jong, 87

De Jong plays phenominally

Frenkie De Jong is a versatile midfielder known for passing, dribbling, and passing. He is 24 years old and plays for his national team, the Netherlands, and Spanish League team FC Barcelona. Sancho plays as an orchestrator in PES 21.

Why is De jong Amazing?

  • His ball control is rated 86
  • Tight possession 88 rated
  • Dribbling 85-rated
  • Low passing 89-rated
  • Lofted pass 87-rated
  • He is also a long ball expert and makes impressive runs.

Check out his stats: https://www.pesmaster.com/f-de-jong/pes-2021/player/108662/

13. Bruno Fernandes, 8

Bruno Fernandes lethal passing and skills

Bruno Miguel Borges Fernandes is currently 27 years old and plays as an attacking midfielder for Premier League side Manchester United and Portugal's national team. Bruno is known for his penalty-taking skills, playmaking, and goal-scoring techniques.

Why is Bruno Excellent?

  • He has 87-ratings for dribbling
  • 87-ratings for ball control
  • 89-ratings for kicking power
  • 90-ratings low pass
  • 91-ratings lofted pass
  • 86-ratings curl
  • His physicality is also high, with a stamina rating of 88

Check out his PES 21 stats; https://www.pesmaster.com/bruno-fernandes/pes-2021/player/60512/

12. Mohammed Salah, 89

Mohammed Salah has mastered the art of dribbling

At 29 years, Salah represents Egypt's national team and Premier League side FC Liverpool (Liverpool R). He plays as a right-wing forward for both teams and is currently rated 89. Salah is a phenomenal center-forward known for speed, finishing, and dribbling.

Why is Salah Incredible?

  • He has a speed-rated 92 with 88-ratings acceleration.
  • His offensive awareness is rated 89
  • His ball control is 90-rated.
  • Dribbling 87-rated.
  • Tight possession 90-rated.
  • Balance 90-rated.

Check out his stats: https://www.pesmaster.com/m-salah/pes-2021/player/57123/

11. Lukaku, 89

Lukaku knows how to attack and finish

Currently playing for Premier League side Chelsea, Lukaku is a center-forward representing nation team Belgium. He has an overall rating of 89 on PES 21 and is well known for his finishing and speed.

Why is Lukaku Impressive?

  • He has a speed rating of 88
  • His offensive awareness is rated 86
  • He has finishing ratings of 87
  • Kicking power of 87
  • He plays a style called fox in the box

Check out his stats: https://www.pesmaster.com/r-lukaku/pes-2021/player/40122/

Kane, 90

Kane wonderful goals and assists

Harry Kane is regarded as one of the most prolific strikers globally through his goal-scoring record and finishing. Kane is a 28-year-old center forward playing for Tottenham Hotspurs (Tottenham WB) and captains England's national team. He is effective with attacking abilities and goal poaching techniques.

Why is Kane Excellent?

  • He uses goal poaching style
  • His heading ability is 87-rated
  • His Offensive awareness is rated 94
  • He has a finishing ability rating of 93
  • His kicking power is rated 90
  • He has physical contact of 85
  • His stamina is 88-rated

Check out the stats: https://www.pesmaster.com/h-kane/pes-2021/player/47287/

9. Kevin de Bruyne, 92

De Bruyne is a superb player

Described as a "complete footballer," De Bruyne started his career at Genk and has since developed to be a star. De Bruyne is a 29-year-old who plays as an attacking midfielder for Premier League side Manchester City (Manchester B) and national team Belgium.

He is a creative maker with efficiency in long-range passes and shots.

Why is De Bruyne amazing?

  • His low and lofted passing is rated 96
  • He possesses the ball tightly, having a 92-rating
  • His dribbling is rated 88
  • Offensive awareness is 86-rated
  • Has a kicking power of 88-ratings

check out the stats: https://www.pesmaster.com/k-de-bruyne/pes-2021/player/44379/

8.. Neymar, 91

Neymar with superb skills

Neymar da Silva Santos Junior is a 29-year-old Brazilian who plays as a forward for France's Ligue 1 side Paris Saint Germain. He also captains his national team Brazil. He is regarded as the king of skills and one of the best footballers in the world. He is currently rated 92 in PES 21 due to his creative attacking.

Why is Neymar Amazing?

  • He is 96-rated in dribbling
  • His tight possession is 95-rated
  • His ball control is rated 92
  • He has 86-ratings for offensive awareness
  • His finishing ability is rated 87
  • His low passing ability is 89-rated
  • His lofted pass is rated 85
  • He has a 90-ratings on placekicking
  • He has a rating of 86 on speed and 91 on acceleration

Check out his stats: https://www.pesmaster.com/neymar/pes-2021/player/140691/

7. Cristiano Ronaldo, 92

Ronaldo, the greatest of all times.

At 37 years old, Cristiano Ronaldo holds the Guinness Book of Records for the most goals scored by an individual. Ronaldo captains the Portugal national team and plays as a forward for Premier League side Manchester United. He is often considered the best player due to his winning mentality and records.

Why is Ronaldo Fantastic?

  • With an attacking ability of 91, why should he not be considered exceptional?
  • His finishing is 91-rated
  • His kicking power is rated 92
  • He has a 90-rating for ball control
  • He can dribble efficiently, with an 89-rating
  • He has an 85-rating for balance
  • He has the best jumping, standing at 96-rating and heading of 93
  • He has physicality, with speed being 85-rated
  • His physical contact is 87-rated
  • Acceleration stands at 87-rated
  • He is a prolific winger and can perform five-star skills

check out his stats: https://www.pesmaster.com/cristiano-ronaldo/pes-2021/player/4522/

6. De Ligt

De Ligt is a skillful defender

Matthijs de Ligt is a Dutch footballer who plays for Italy Serie A side Juventus and Netherlands national team. De Ligt is 21 years old and plays as a center-back.

Why is De Ligt Amazing?

  • He has a heading ability rating of 87
  • He also has a jumping rating of 89
  • His defensive awareness is rated 86
  • He has a ball-winning rating of 88 and 84 aggression.
  • His physical contact is rated 89

Check out his overall stats: https://www.pesmaster.com/m-de-ligt/pes-2021/player/114105/

5. Kimmich, 90

one of the best defenders, here comes Kimmich Joshua

Joshua Walter Kimmich is a 25-year-old player who plays as a defensive midfielder for Germany and Bundesliga side Bayern Munich. He is known for his aggression, versatility, and playstyle.

Why is Kimmich Amazing?

  • He has ball control rated 86
  • Balance of 85
  • His passing is rated 88
  • He can loft-pass, with a rating of 86
  • His acceleration is rated 85
  • Has stamina of 90

Check out his overall stats in PES 21: https://www.pesmaster.com/j-kimmich/pes-2021/player/109005/

4. Haaland, 88

among the best in the game right now, watch Haaland destroying opponents

Erling Braut Haaland is a 21 year old Norwegian forward who also plays for Borussia Dortmund. He is a prolific goal scorer and is recognized for his athleticism and finishing.

Why is Haaland Amazing?

  • He has an offensive awareness rating of 87
  • Has finishing rating of 91
  • Can jump highly having an 86-rating
  • He has a speed rating of 90, together with an acceleration of 84
  • His physical contact is rated 88
  • He is a prolific goal poacher and can perform skills including chip shot control

Check out his stats: https://www.pesmaster.com/e-haaland/pes-2021/player/133543/

3.  Lewandoski, 93

Lewandoski's scoring marvellous goals

At the age of 34, Lewandoski is lethal when it comes to goal scoring. He is recognized for his superb finishing and positioning. He is currently rated 93 on PES 21 and plays as a center forward for Poland and Bundesliga side Bayern Munich.

Why is Lewandoski Amazing?

  • He has an offensive awareness rating of 95
  • He has a finishing ability of 93
  • He has a kicking power of 89
  • He can control the ball perfectly and is rated 91
  • His dribbling ability is rated 85
  • He has a heading of 88 and a jumping rating of 89

check out his stats: https://www.pesmaster.com/r-lewandowski/pes-2021/player/40002/

2. Messi, 93

Lionel Messi is a dribbling "alien"

One of the highest-ranked players in PES 21 at 93, Lionel Messi is one of the best if not the best attackers to grace the football pitch. He has won seven Ballon D' Or, the highest number ever won. He is currently 35 years and plays for Argentina national team and Paris Saint Germain.

Why is Messi amazing?

  • His abilities are prolific, and some regard him as an "alien."
  • His dribbling skills are highest ranked at 97-rating
  • He possesses the ball tightly and is 96-rated
  • Ball control ratings are 96
  • He has a balance rating of 96
  • His offensive awareness is rated-95
  • He has a finishing rating of 95

Check out his stats in PES 21: https://www.pesmaster.com/l-messi/pes-2021/player/7511/

1. Mbappe Kylian, 91

Mbappe combining dribbling, skills and top speed 

At the first position comes Kylian Mbappe, ranked the fastest footballer of his generation. Mbappe is a 22-year-old playing for Paris Saint Germain and France's national team. On PES 21, he is a 91-rated center-forward known for his finishing abilities, dribbling, and pace-setter.

Why is Mbappe Incredible?

  • At a tender age, Mbappe has surpassed many players
  • He has a speed rating of 96
  • Has acceleration of 97
  • His dribbling rating is at 94
  • He can control the ball swiftly and is rated-89
  • He uses goal poaching skills
  • Can perform five-star skills.

Check out his stats: https://www.pesmaster.com/k-mbappe/pes-2021/player/110718/

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