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Is this the face on an inventor or a mad genius? No one's entirely sure...

Artificers are one of the most fun classes to play. With knowledge of all things magical (and mildly explosive) and a knack for accidentally creating weapons of war, Artificer can bring a level of chaos to your game that can’t be achieved any other way. 

Whether you want to play an Alchemist (creating potions on the fly and trying to discover the secret to immortality), a Battlesmith (defending your party with the help of your steel defender), or even an Artillerist (fighting in a very magical and explosive way), there’s a different subclass of artificer for everyone.

While artificers are quite powerful, they still need a little bit of assistance, whether that be needing protection from enemies or just a buff to help with their spells. Luckily for them, though, with the right tool (or just determination while they’re exploring a dungeon), they can very easily make the weapons and armor necessary for them to reach their full potential. 


15. Half-Plate Armor

A good way to protect your Artificer, just pray enemies don't aim for your legs

One of the better pieces of armor that your Artificer can wear. One of the better pieces of armor that your Artificer can wear. It covers the majority of the body except for the legs, which are protected by a pair of simple greaves attached with leather strips. 

Why is Half-Plate Armor Great for an Artificer?

  • They have proficiency in medium armor, meaning they can ignore the disadvantage the armor would have given to Stealth
  • Their armor class is improved to 15, which is better than the starting armor they would have chosen (Studded Leather Armor (AC: 12) or Scalemail Armour (AC: 14)

How to get Half-Plate Armor?

Being an Artificer has many perks. One of those perks includes being able to make your own armor. This is especially true if you have a proficiency in Smith’s Tools. All you would have to do is find enough material to build the armor.

Alternatively, it should be possible to find the armor while you are off on your adventures and picking the bodies of your fallen enemies clean or raiding a dungeon. You could also buy (or steal) the armor from a smithy.

Half-Plate Armor Details: http://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/5e_SRD:Half_Plate_(Armor)


14. Mithral Armor

Best Armor for sneaking and adding further protection to your Artificer

In the world of D&D, many creatures are gunning to kill you, so it’s good to give yourself some extra protection. And what luck it is if your Artificer happens to stumble across Mithral armor.

Why is Mithral Armor Great for an Artificer?

  • Doesn’t give you a disadvantage on Dexterity checks or require you to have a certain strength level, which is great because Artificers don’t use strength for any of their items.
  • Adds Dex modifier (max: 2) to armor class, which can be improved upon with the artificer infusion Enhanced Defense which adds a bonus to your armor class (+1 - improves to +2 once level 10 has been reached).

How to get Mithral Armor?

Depending on the weight and cost of the armor you want to craft, your skills with Smiths tools, and the mood of your DM, it would probably be easiest to either buy the armor from a Smithy that is known to hold some Underdark-specific items or to nab it off of a fallen enemy.

Mithral Armor Details: http://www.dndbeyond.com/magic-items/5381-mithral-armor


13. Animated Shield

Keep yourself protected with a freehand shield

Sometimes in a battle, an Artificer may feel like they have too few hands. Fortunately for them, someone invented a hands-free shield that they can hide behind while they prepare their most damaging spell to throw at their enemy, and all they have to do to activate it is speak the command word.

Why is an Animated Shield Great for an Artificer?

  • They add a +2 to your armor class (I don’t think anyone would say no to extra protection)
  • Leaves a hand free long enough for your character to grab another item that would be useful to them during a fight, giving them more of an edge (shield command is a bonus action, so you can still take damage off your enemy on your turn

How to get an Animated Shield?

This is an item you would have to find while exploring the D&D world. Though you could technically make it as well, the materials are very expensive and the preparation needed to make it will take a very long time. It would be easier and cheaper to just buy the item from a Cleric of Boccob.

Animated Shield Details: http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/wondrous-items:animated-shield


12. Acheron Blade

Terrify enemies and take on the undead without fear 

This is a very rare weapon crafted with a mysterious Arcane Alloy. If an Artificer is down on all their spell slots and has no other option, the Acheron Blade can save them in a pinch. And they get the bonus effect of being immune to effects that turn undead.

Why is an Acheron Blade Great for an Artificer?

  • If they are filled in on the knowledge of what specific material is used to craft the blade, they can use that knowledge to make one for themselves.
  • They can give themselves 1d4 + 4 temporary hit points when they use the sword's Dark Blessing on themselves, though it can’t be used again until the next dawn.
  • If they use Disheartening Strike on an attack, they cause their target to be filled with dread, giving them a disadvantage on their next saving throw before the end of your Artificer’s next turn.

How to get an Acheron Blade?

With the correct material, your Artificer could craft the weapon themselves, otherwise, you could probably find the item hidden in an abandoned Mage tower.

Acheron Blade Details: http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/wondrous-items:acheron-blade


11. Longbow

A good weapon for your Battle Smith Artificer

The Longbow is one of the standard weapons in D&D. While it might seem like a bit of a strange weapon to suggest for an Artificer, who only gains proficiency in simple weapons, however, the Longbow is still a great weapon, specifically for the Battlesmith subclass.

Why is a Longbow Great for an Artificer?

  • As a Battlesmith, you can now add your proficiency bonus to your Longbow (and other martial weapons).
  • If the bow is magical in any way, you can use your Intelligence Modifier for attack and damage rolls, giving you a much better advantage over your enemies
  • If the artificer infusion Enhanced Weapon is used on the Longbow, it gets a bonus (+1) to attack and damage rolls. Combine this with your intelligence modifier and you might find yourself with a very lethal weapon. (bonus becomes +2 after LVL 10)

How to get a Longbow?

You could probably very easily find a Longbow on your many adventures, or you could buy one from a weaponsmith.

Longbow Details: http://roll20.net/compendium/dnd5e/Longbow#content


10. Shatterspike

Take your revenge out uncooperative inanimate objects

On your adventures, you will encounter and make many enemies. Most of your enemies will be animated and will attack you with a weapon or magic, but occasionally you will run into an object that just doesn’t want to cooperate with you. Artificers, with their many inventions, may run into this problem the most. What better option for a weapon than one that allows you to absolutely obliterate your greatest enemy: the table you keep kicking your toe on whenever you walk past it?

Why is a Shatterspike Great for an Artificer?

  • It allows your artificer to crit on any attack it makes against an object, dealing bludgeoning or slashing damage—attacking a creature's armor would be very helpful to your party during a battle
  • Nonmagical sources cannot harm the weapon, making it perfectly acceptable to attack a door rather than pick the lock

How to get Shatterspike?

You would probably have to spend time looking for it on your adventures, or you would have to buy it from someone.

Alternatively, if you have a more chaotic creature who has something against random objects, you could have them obsessively search for the one weapon that would help them perfectly destroy said objects. Talk to your DM about it.

Shatterspike Details: http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/wondrous-items:shatterspike


9. Adamantine Armor

Be extra protected against any enemies you might have made during your adventures

Adamantine is an extremely strong and sturdy material used to make armor and weapons. Crafted by skilled Dwares, the armor is virtually indestructible and is resistant to damage.

Why is Adamantine Armor Great for an Artificer?

  • Any medium armor can be crafted from Adamantine, making it still wearable for an artificer
  • Any critical hit made against the Artificer in this armor would still count as a normal hit.

How to get Adamantine Armor?

Your party would have to find a very skilled armorer who is known for selling such armor. If you feel like being a law-abiding citizen, you could buy the armor (perhaps maybe haggle down the price if you feel so inclined), but if you feel like taking the cheaper, but much riskier route, you could steal the armor and then hightail it out of the town once you have it.

Adamantine Armor Details: http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/wondrous-items:adamantine-armor


8. Armor of Resistance

Give your artificer a better chance at surviving failed experiments

An Artificer works with a lot of items that can cause them harm (varying depending on the subclass), so it would probably be a good idea for them to try and find or learn about, something that would make them resistant to certain types of damage.

Why is Armor of Resistance Great for an Artificer?

  • It lets you gain resistance to a certain type of damage
  • At 15th level, as an Alchemist, you gain resistance to acid and poison damage anyway, so this would just improve your artificer even more.

How to get Armor of Resistance?

If your Artificer learns the infusion Resistant Armor, they can gain the ability on any armor they wear. You could also buy the armor from another Artificer, although it would definitely be cheaper to do it yourself.

Armor of Resistance Details:  http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/wondrous-items:armor-of-resistance


7. Armor of Invulnerability

Make your artificer practically invulnerable

One of the better armors your artificer can don. This legendary armor will protect your artificer from most attacks to the best of its ability. With its high armor class, hitting you is going to become a lot more difficult.

Why Armor of Invulnerability is great for an Artificer?

  • Armor Class is improved to 18
  • The wearer is resistant to nonmagical damage and can use an action to make themselves immune to nonmagical damage for 10 minutes

How to get Armor of Invulnerability?

It must be found while you are on an adventure, or it can be gifted to you.

Armor of Invulnerability Details: http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/wondrous-items:armor-of-invulnerability


6. Spellguard Shield

Make it more difficult for your Artificer to get hit by magic

The Spellguard Shield is one of the better items for your character to have, especially if they have a habit of picking fights with more magical creatures. The shield makes it harder for magical attacks to hit you.

Why is a Spellguard Shield Great for an Artificer?

You get an advantage on spell-based saving throws and your enemies get a disadvantage on spell attacks, so it is incredibly difficult for magical attacks to hit your Artificer

Your Armor Class is also given a bonus (+2), making you that much harder to hit

How to get a Spellguard Shield?

You may encounter this shield in one of the more difficult dungeons you explore, or perhaps in a long-abandoned mage tower.

Spellguard Shield Details: http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/wondrous-items:spellguard-shield


5. Holy Avenger

Take revenge on your enemies and destroy undead with radiant damage

A magical sword that is usually meant for a Paladin may seem like a bit of an odd choice for an Artificer until you remember that at 14th level, artificers can ignore all class, race, spell, and level requirements when it comes to being attuned to and using any magical items.

Why is the Holy Avenger Great for an Artificer?

  • You gain a bonus (+3) to attack and damage rolls whenever you use this sword 
  • Whenever you hit a fiend or undead creature the sword deals its own damage as well as an extra 2d10 radiant damage.
  • While holding the sword, you and all the creatures within 10ft that are friendly to you gain an advantage on saving throws against any sort of magical damage or effects.
  • If you randomly stumble across the item at 14th level it won’t be completely useless to you.

How to get the Holy Avenger?

If you’re feeling like you’re up for a challenge, you could attempt to steal the sword from a Paladin (which could have fatal consequences, but anything in the name of chaos, am I right? Alternatively, if you happen to stumble across a fallen Paladin, you might be able to find the sword on them. 

Holy Avenger Details: http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/wondrous-items:holy-avenger


4. Staff of Power

Shock your enemies by preforming non-Artificer spells

The Staff of Power is another one of the more powerful items your Artificer can wield if they’re at a high enough level. Originally a staff made to be used by a sorcerer, warlock, or wizard, an Artificer who stumbles upon this staff may take the opportunity to cause absolute havoc with it, if they feel so inclined.

Why is the Staff of Power Great for an Artificer?

  • You can get a bonus (+2) not just to attack and damage rolls, but also to your armor class, spell attack rolls, and saving throws
  • The Staff’s 20 charges allow you to cast several spells that aren’t even specific to you. Your spells can also be cast without expending one of the staff’s charges
  • If the staff runs out of charges in battle, you can use an action to cast Retributive Strike, which forces every creature within a 30ft radius, including yourself, to make a saving throw that, if failed, causes them to take force damage that changes depending on how far from the blast they were. 

How to get the Staff of Power

You could probably steal it from a fallen or unaware Sorcerer, Wizard, or Warlock, or stumble upon it, perchance while exploring a dungeon.

Staff of Power Details: http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/wondrous-items:staff-of-power


3. Staff of the Magi

Deal extensive damage to your enemies with spells they'll never see coming. Are you a Wizard? An Artificer? A Sorcer? Who knows?

While very similar to the Staff of Power, the Staff of the Magi has its own tricks. Another weapon that is meant for a Sorcerer, Wizard, or Warlock, whose requirements can be ignored once the Artificer reaches level 14. A legendary weapon, built to assist its user and help them on the field of battle.

Why is the Staff of the Magi Great for an Artificer?

  • Gain a bonus (+2) to attack, spell attack, and damage rolls while wielding it.
  • 50 Charges that can be used to cast spells previously unknown to your Artificer
  • You have an advantage on saving throws against spells
  • You can absorb spells as a reaction, canceling its effect and regaining charges equal to the spell's level. However, if you gain more than 50 charges the staff will explode as if you’ve just activated Retributive Strike.

How to get the Staff of the Magi?

Being that it is a legendary weapon, it’s less something you can just pick up at a magic shop and more something you need to come across or be gifted while on your adventure.

Staff of the Magi Details: http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/wondrous-items:staff-of-the-magi


2. Pistol

Taking advantage of accidental discovers of gunpowder is a very Artificer thing to do

Artificers are inventors, and when inventions fail or go haywire, they may discover something new, like gunpowder. While pistols are not typically used in D&D, an Artificer would definitely be the person that would accidentally invent one (make sure to talk to your DM about the addition of firearms in your campaign). 

Why is a Pistol Great for an Artificer?

  • If you choose to subclass as a Battlesmith, you will be able to use the pistol at its truest potential due to your proficiency in martial weapons
  • The addition of the infusion Repeating Shot will improve the weapon that much more.

How to get a Pistol?

As an Artificer, with some time, effort, and tinkering, you should easily be able to craft not only the pistol but its ammunition as well.

 Pistol Details: http://www.dndbeyond.com/equipment/pistol


1. All-Purpose Tool

Your enemies don't stand a chance against you when they're still trying to figure out how the screwdriver you were carrying just turned into a flask

As an Artificer, your best bet and the thing that always works for you is usually your tools, but it can be a bit cumbersome carrying them around with you. What better way to solve that problem than with a tool that does absolutely everything?

Why is an All-Purpose Tool Great for an Artificer?

  • It can change into any type of Artisan’s tool of your choice, and you become proficient with whatever form the tool takes
  • You gain a bonus to spell attack rolls and the spell save DC for your Artificer spells
  • You can choose a cantrip from any spell list and channel it with your tool for 8 hours

How to get an All-Purpose Tool?

You may stumble upon the weapon/tool in a dungeon. After journeying down a dungeon for three sessions and finding an All-Purpose Tool it is definitely worth it. 

All-Purpose Tool Details: http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/wondrous-items:all-purpose-tool


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