[Top 5] Best Tomb Raider Games For PC

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1. Shadow of the Tomb Raider (PC / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X&S / Stadia)


Top 3 Badass Scenes In Shadow Of The Tomb Raider [4K PC Ultra Settings]

In this final installment of the franchise's rebooted “Survivor Trilogy”, Lara must travel across Central America to rectify her error after she takes a dagger from a Mayan temple and causes a series of apocalyptic cataclysms. While its predecessors, Rise of the Tomb Raider and TOMB RAIDER (2013) are also worth a play on PC, the details of Shadow’s environments, the mix of modern combat and classic platforming sensibilities, as well as the ability to customize the difficulty of combat, traversal and puzzles separately, make Lara’s latest adventure an easy recommendation.


2. Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness (PC / PS2)


Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness - Graphics mod [1080p]

In the last of Core Design’s original Tomb Raider games, Lara is plunged far down the rabbit hole after she attempts to prove her innocence in the murder of her former mentor, Werner Von Croy, leading her to discover the larger schemes of the black magic cult known as “The Cabal”. While Lara’s debut on PS2 might be infamous for the incomplete state it was launched in, it’s for this exact reason you should buy it on Steam. Fans have given the game much TLC by adding mods that reinstate cut features, crisp up the graphics, and improve the much-maligned controls among many other things. What was once considered a franchise killer twenty years ago is now a solid experience for the modern gamer.


3. Tomb Raider: Underworld (PC / PS2 / PS3 / Wii / Xbox 360 / N-Gage 2.0)


Tomb Raider Underworld 92008) PC vs PS2 vs Xbox 360 vs PS3 vs Wii vs DS vs Java

In the conclusion to the Legend trilogy, Lara ventures across the world to recover the pieces of Thor’s armor that lead to the Norse underworld of Helheim and the answer to what happened to her missing. If the link above is any indicator, the PC is the definitive way to experience this game in order to get the most out of its lush environments, detailed textures, and dynamic control scheme. In fact, with Lara being more flexible than ever in her combat, traversal, and gunslinging, it gives players a taste for how fun, stylish and dynamic the series can be going forward as Square Enix works on their efforts to unify the series’ timelines. Not to mention the fact you’ll get to see a woman weilding Thor’s Hammer, before Natalie Portman made it cool.


4. Tomb Raider (PC / PS1 / Sega Saturn)


Tomb Raider 1 - Windows Playthrough with John Capon's Textures

The one that started all, where Lara is sent all around the globe by tech mogul Jacqueline Natla to recover all the pieces of the legendary Atlantean Scion until, as anyone failair with an Tech CEO could tell you, Natla’s intentions turn out to be more than malicious than simple curiosity. While it may seem like an odd choice to play a twenty-five-year-old PS1 game on a modern PC, especially when many consider its stiff and rigid controls outdated, that's also the exact reason to play it. Providing a solid mix of 90s nostalgia and showing players just how far we’ve come with both graphics and gameplay make this a good one to kick back with and enjoy. Not to mention that similar to Angel of Darkness, installing mods that smooth out the textures and crisp out the graphics can make the game look as fresh as players first remember it all the way back in 1996.


5. Lara Croft Go (PC / iOS/ Android / PS4 / PSVita)


Lara Croft GO PC 60FPS Gameplay 1080p

Perhaps the most unique game mentioned here, and not just because it’s also available on more mobile devices than any others previously listed. An award-winning turn-based puzzle game similar to another developed for a Square Enix property, Hitman Go. Play as Lara while you navigate forty levels featuring deadly creatures and death traps you’ll have to use all your cunning to beat. For fans of the more simplistic, laidback, and puzzle heavy adventures, this is definitely the way to go.

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