[Top 50] Best Teen Horror Movies To Watch Right Now

Friends forever....right?

When you think of ‘teen horror’ you probably have similar ideas to us.

 A bunch of vulnerable college kids being inexplicably hunted by a homicidal maniac…

Maybe a large-breasted blonde hottie or two doing her best ‘I’m about to be stabbed’ impression...

Add in a bunch of hopes and dreams being rapidly snuffed out and you got a full house.


Even if a little predictable, we do love them. The humble teen horror is always good to burn a few hours, so we made a list of the top 50 best teen horror movies to watch right now! Entries in this list either feature teen characters or are geared to attract a teenage audience.

A lot of these movies are GENUINELY scary. But be warned- the scariest thing of all?

What Hollywood considers a ‘college age’ actor to be. 


50.Truth Or Dare

Goody two-shoes Olivia (Lucy Hale) has just finished college and her buddies persuade her to live a little down in Mexico to celebrate.

Straight-laced Liv meets a charming stranger named Carter (Landon Loboiron), who persuades her and her buddies to play Truth Or Dare in an abandoned church. But when Carter reveals they’ve been lured into an evil spirit’s game it pretty much ends the night right there. 

Smashing fun movie. (sorry)

Soon the crew begin to experience hallucinations demanding that they play the game. But when it gets too sadistic to bear, the guys learn that they two options-

They either play to win...

Or they die!


49. Raw

For as long as she’s been alive, Justine (Garance Marillier) has been a vegetarian. But college is a great time to try new things. So during the first week of vet school, she and her new roomie Adrien (Rabah Nait Oufella) are viciously hazed into eating raw rabbit kidneys.

Resisting at first, Justine’s sister Alexia (Ella Rumpf) forces her, waking up a hunger the girl didn’t know she had. 

Psstt.....Act natural

Pretty soon, Justine finds herself eating everything- raw chicken, grown men’s lips, her sister’s finger…...and she just CAN’T stop.

Raw is a different kind of horror, dealing with what may be the last taboo in the horror genre- the cannibalistic consumption of a human being’s flesh


48. Happy Deathday

Let's do the timewarp again!

Tree (Jessica Rothe) is a pretty unlikeable girl. -S self- centred and a touch narcissistic, it’s not totally heartbreaking to see her get murdered.

But almost immediately, she wakes back up in the exact same place she started her day. Weird. Shaking it off, she cracks on with her day, this time avoiding the tunnel she (maybe?) was murdered in.

'OMG. Stop. Talking.'

But again, POW. Dead. Or not. Wait!

Tree discovers she’s caught in one sick time loop. With no other option, she decides to investigate cause and effect in an effort to discover just WHO her masked murderer is.


47. Hellfest

Three young couples plan to spend their Halloween at the infamous Hellfest, a yearly horror-themed carnival with a bit of a dark past- one year some maniac decided to slaughter a girl and hang her corpse in one of the rides.

PR nightmare for sure BUT, Hellfest has taken the proper health and safety precautions.

They’ve put ‘no weapons’ signs in a couple of places. So it's safe now...

There's rock n roll, then there's murder.

But someone’s a bit too rock ‘n’ roll for the rules man, because the killer’s back to play. Taking a leisurely stroll through the carnival, the psycho hides in plain sight, basically being helped in his murderous exploits by other ticket-holders just assuming it’s all part of the ride.

The fight for survival is on- but how do you stop a killer in camouflage?


46. A Nightmare On Elm Street (2010)

Freddy Krueger is one of the all-time horrifying characters, being the original reason why nobody who saw his movies ever wanted to fall asleep again.

The reboot of Nightmare On Elm Street, gives Freddy fans another little window into the character through Jackie Earle Haley.

Just a bunch of high-school dreamers

In the sleepy town of Springwood, teenagers are all having  a nightmare about the same character- a man, in flames, sporting a bladed right hand and a tacky jumper.

It isn’t until the unexplainable deaths of her buddies that Nancy (Rooney Mara) catches on that this dream figure is very much real. She and her remaining insomniacs plan to somehow, someway, put an end to the nightmare and kill Freddy Krueger and sleep easy once again.


45. Unfriended: Dark Web

When Matias (Colin Woodell) finds a laptop just chillin’ in a local cyber cafe, he thinks nothing of taking it home with him. Skyping his buddies, he starts getting weird and uncomfortable emails to the point he decides to return it back where he ‘ found ’ it.

Before he does though, he can’t help but have a little sneaky-peek through the files on the machine, with his friends in full spectator mode. Stumbling across a mysterious folder that seems  to show people in serious danger, Matias learns he’s connected to the dark web.

check your email for invite

And someone’s playing games with him and his friends.

Feeling all the more realistic post-pandemic. Unfriended is just more reason to delete your TOR browser and never look at the silk road again.


44. Ouija

Two movies make an ouija board a spooky idea:

One is The Exorcist

The other is Ouija.

After trying and failing to burn an old ouija board in her fireplace, Debbie Galardi (Shelley Hellig) hangs herself in her home. Consumed by grief, best friend Laine (Olivia Cooke) gets their group of friends together to use the very same ouija board to say farewell to their departed friend.

Summoning the dead almost always is a terrible idea.

Instead of Debbie, the group contacts a malicious spirit called DZ. Pretty soon, strange and dark things start happening.

With the realisation that Debbie didn’t kill herself, the kids at the seance need to work together to find a way to be done with the ouija board for good, before they meet the same fate as their dead friend.


43. Urban Legends- Bloody Mary

A direct to video flick featuring a young Kate Mara of pre-House Of Cards fame. Urban Legends- Bloody Mary may have skipped the box office but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a decent flick.

Three teen girls are having a sleepover when Sam (Mara) decides to try and spook her girl-pals with the tale of ‘Bloody Mary’- a young girl suffocated in a trunk by a high school football captain.

Straight to DVD doesn't always mean it's a bad movie. Here's the proof.

Looking for a cheap thrill, the trio ‘summon’ bloody Mary’s spirit. When nothing happens, they think nothing of it.

Until people start dying.

The girls work together to try and discover a pattern to who’s next, and hopefully survive the vengeful wrath of poor Mary.


42. Friday The 13th Part 2

When the leader of the brand new school for camp counsellors relays the tale of Jason one night, the kids give it the ‘cool story bro’ reaction. They don’t really think much of it and are more concerned with going out and having fun.

One night, while everybody’s out at a bar in town, Jason proves he’s not a story. Leaving plenty of evidence, he slaughters the whole camp and lies in wait for the remaining members to come home.

One time, at band camp.....the guy came and stabbed everyone.

With the dawning discovery that Mr. Voorhees is very much alive, the campers find themselves fighting for their lives.

Friday the 13th is one of the biggest slasher franchises for a reason- it’s managed to age well in a genre that’s made leaps and bounds in technology.


41. The Final Girls

The horror genre has some real diamonds to offer, but sometimes it has coal. The final Girls takes all that coal and makes a diamond.

Max Cartwright (Taissa Farmiga) is a newly orphaned daughter to a notorious actress of a cult hit- horror B movie. When her mother’s movie is organised for live screening, her friends encourage her to come with them to see it.

Universal facial expression for 'OH [email protected]!?'

During the movie, the cinema gets engulfed in flames and our young horror fanatics barely escape alive. Waking up in the woods, things start to feel all too familiar - our plucky protagonists have been somehow ABSORBED into the movie they were watching.

Forced to use their collective knowledge of horror movie tropes, picture The Final Girls as like a life or death game of  ‘what happens next ’?


40. Black Christmas (2010)

A remake of one of the OG slashers, Black Christmas tells the story of a group of sorority girls gearing up for their yearly Christmas party. On her way back home to join her sisters, Lindsay (Lucy Currey) gets utterly impaled with an icicle by a man in a mask.

Happy holidays- get the hell out.

Cut to the house and Riley (Imogen Poots) is saving her buddy from a frat boy that doesn’t understand the word no. As the realisation that the girls aren’t just being raped looms over their heads, the remaining sisters of Mu Kappa Epsilon club together and decide they won’t be victims anymore.

Decking the halls with blood and gore, the killer quickly wishes he stayed by the fire this Christmas.



Who would’ve thought that a harmless little meme born as a story on an internet forum would be seen on the silver screen ten years later? Isn’t the internet wonderful?

In Slenderman, four friends learn the hard way how ‘harmless’ he is when they summon him to their sleepy town. Two weeks afterwards, their buddy Katie (Annalisse Basso) suddenly vanishes on a class trip.

You never know what you read about on the web is real.

The ‘ story ’ of Slenderman is all too real for the girls. Now not only do they need to save Katie, but they also need to save themselves from the impending danger they’re in. The figure in black looms large, casting a shadow over the teenagers’ lives.


38. The Final

If you’ve ever been bullied before in your life, you owe it to yourself to watch The Final and get your vicarious own back!

A bunch of easy-picking social outcasts are fed up with being victims of the popular kids (god we’ve all been there). The designated losers begin scheming to teach their bullies a lesson.  Organising a party in a secluded cabin (not shady), they spike the punch and wait for the ‘cool kids’ to get thirsty.

Don't be a bully, it might save your life

When they wake up, the movie goes full- on Saw from here, minus the chance of escape- they’re brutalized and tortured to the brink of death.

That's it really. Proof gratuitous violence CAN be therapeutic.


37.The Babysitter

Sex and violence. The winning combo of a teen horror, and indeed most things in entertainment.

Young Cole (Judah Lewis) has a new babysitter in Bee (Samara Weaving) and promptly falls in preteen love with her. She protects him from bullies, gives him booze and looks after him-winner!

When Cole’s friend puts the idea in his head to see what the hot blonde babysitter gets up to after dark, he sneaks out of bed to spy on her. 

To this day, we dont know why he isn't wearing a shirt

What he sees at first is almost a turn on- Bee’s getting a little bit wild downstairs! Until she goes overboard and stabs her partner in the head with two daggers.

Aware that Cole has seen them, Bee and her pals are determined not to let Cole leak their whole ‘part of a murderous satanic cult’ secret.

And Cole just wants to survive


36. Happy Deathday 2U

Jessica Rothe is back!

And this time Tree (Rothe) isn’t stuck in a time loop, she’s stuck in an entirely different parallel universe! Turns out her buddy Ryan (Phi Vu) has been tinkering with a next- level ‘quantum reactor’ in his dorm room and he’s accidentally caused the world to turn reality upside down.

Such a happy smile you forget the bitch she was in the prequel

When Ryan gets murdered by the all-too-familiar Mr Babymask, in a panic he comes to Tree and boyfriend Carter (Israel Broussard). Together the three have to navigate a chaotic universe with a psychopathic killer on the loose and unmask the man behind the baby one more time.


35. Halloween (1978)

When six- year- old Michael Meyers viciously takes his sister's life, it kicks off a murderous career that’s spanned FORTY blood-spurting years so far!

Sentenced for murder, the cute little psychopath has been a ward of the state for 15 years until a routine transfer affords him a chance to break out of jail. Stealing a car and hitting the gas, murderous Mike escapes to his hometown of Haddonfield.

Hunted In Haddonfield

And after 15 years, he’s just dying to whet his blade again. The unlucky mark? Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis).

Clocking the masked figure Meyers stalking her all throughout her day-to-day life,  tensions soon escalate to a deadly confrontation.


34. Better Watch Out

Imagine if Home Alone was like real life. Murderous intruders breaking in wouldn’t be so adorably fun, it’d be more like this flick. Take elements of The Babysitter,  Black Christmas and Home Alone and you got yourself Better Watch Out.

17- year- old Ashley (Olivia Dejonge) is taking care of the lovestruck 12- year- old Luke (Levi Miller) when he tries to put the moves on her during a movie. Unfortunately for him, his buddy Garrett (Ed Oxenbould) intrudes to ‘visit’.

Physical contact- you did it kid!

When a window is smashed in with a brick, an attached message reads ‘U leave U Die’. Freaked out, Garrett leaves. And Garrett dies.

Must not have got the message.

Soon the house is under siege and it’s up to the older Ashley to protect herself and Luke against home invaders that aren’t playing any games.


33. Piranha 3D

The least obscene-looking image we could get our hands on. If you’re looking for a deep, dark, masterfully crafted horror- this ain’t it.

The Piranha  films are unashamedly sexy entertainment and 3D has one really strong hook.

Well, two hooks.

The girl on the left? She's a sheriff.

We haven’t done the maths but we’re willing to bet there are’s more boobs than Piranhas. But for a movie set during spring break, it would be expected.

An underwater earthquake releases a species of prehistoric Piranhas that invade the shallow waters of Lake Victoria during spring break.  Officer Julie Forester (Elizabeth Shue) has to team up with a gang of misfits to save the partygoers from being snacks for the vicious aquatic predators.

If your parents didn't have Wi-Fi as ateenager- you probably watched this movie a lot.


32. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

One of the very earliest teen horrors.  Sally and her wheelchair- bound brother Frank (Marilyn Burns/Paul Partain) are informed their late father’s gravesite has been vandalised. Distraught, they take their friends on a drive to investigate.

Detouring at the family’s old home, they stumble across a family of crazed lunatics squatting next door. Introductions don’t go well when they come face-to-face with the murderous Leatherface (Gunnar Hansen)- a chainsaw waving, mask-wearing psychopath.

OG Slasher T.C.M- has to be seen by serious horror fans.

The race is on to escape the family’s old homestead, but Leatherface and co. have a different idea on the length of the visitors’ stay.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre broke ground when it was first released. It set a formula for teen horror that you can still see in today’s films.


31. The Craft: Legacy

Soft reboot and direct sequel of 1996’s The Craft, Legacy sports a trio of young witches on the lookout for a fourth to join their coven and help them freeze time.

When new girl Lily (Cailee Spaeny) confronts her bully after class and psychically smashes him into the lockers, the girls all agree


They’ve found their fourth member. Together they taste-test their collective powers and succeed in stopping time for a bit.

Drunk with power, the girls soon find themselves pushing their limits and their personal ethics on a quest to see just how much they can achieve together. When people start dying and things start getting darker, the four witches are pitted against dark forces that may be too strong for them to overcome.


30. Final Destination


The original Final Destination pits a bunch of youngsters against the statistically biggest killer of all- death itself. As such, there’s no real ‘villain’ here, but that doesn’t affect the scares one bit.

After Alex’s (Devon Sawa) premonition of a burning plane frightens him to the point it gets him and his classmates kicked off of a flight to Paris, a huge fight breaks out amongst the group.

But when the plane does indeed go down in flames, the mood changes. Alex is now a suspicious person to the FBI and only Clear (Ali Larter) believes his story about a vision. A month and a bit after and one of their classmates inexplicably hangs himself.

Death lurks around every corner in Final Destination

Enlisting Clear for help, they sneak into the local funeral home to be told by the mortician that death itself is after all the survivors of the plane crash.

And you can only cheat it so many times before it catches you.


29. Hostel I

Eli Roth’s Hostel series was a ‘can you handle it’ test for a lot of teenagers as the movies were coming out. Possibly one of the most brutally sadistic horrors out there, it’s rated R for a reason.

Josh and Paxton (Derek Richardson/Jay Hernandez) are college grads travelling around Europe to celebrate. They link up with Oli (Eythor Gudjonsson and the three young bachelors go on a quest for sex and drugs.

Hostel turns the gore level up to 11- strong stomachs required!

Lured to a notorious party hostel somewhere in Slovakia, the three check in and promptly see some action. But when Oli goes missing the night after, the mood shifts and the party stops. 


28. The Cabin In The Woods

The Cabin In The Woods is a self- aware teen horror that was everything we needed it to be when it was released. Taking shots at the common formula for what felt like EVERY straight-to-DVD horror at the time, it’s got a solid fan base behind it.

Fresh from college, a gang of kids rent a secluded cabin and assume they’re alone. Little do they know that they’re being watched and manipulated into being part of a ritual where, if the slightest thing goes wrong, it’s the end of the world. 

Cabin crew

Slowly our young friends clue themselves into the fact that something isn’t right and that zombies aren’t supposed to exist. Wanting nothing more than to leave, the gang makes a break for it.

But where they go isn’t up to them anymore.


27. The Faculty

The Faculty is a great cult-classic watch that is surprising in that it hasn’t received the almost obligatory remake that’s been doing the horror rounds lately.

Kids have always considered their teachers as alien to them. For the students of Harrington High, their teachers are LITERALLY that. Aliens. One by one, the school’s employees attempt to infect the students with the parasite that’s controlling their minds.

Teacher leave those.....Kids alone...

With their backs against the wall, four students club together to address the alien threat. A drug dealer (Josh Hartnett) A football jock (Shawn Hatosy) and a cheerleader (Jordana Brewster) link up with new girl Marybeth (Laura Harris) to defend their soft minds from outside control.

If only we could’ve done the same when we were at school.


26. Ma

A bunch of underage kids approach average, middle-aged Sue Ann (Octavia Spencer) to persuade her to buy them beer. Through dodgy means, she does the teens one better and let’s them party in her basement-but she’s got some rules:

One of them stays sober, nobody curses and nobody. NOBODY goes upstairs

Not an outright violent ‘horror’, this psych horror/thriller is captivating.

Little bit weird, but when you’re getting free booze and a place to party, it’s a deal worth taking right?

Pretty soon Sue Ann’s is THE hangout spot and as more students join the parties, she gets more and more popular. But things turn south when ‘ma’ (as SueAnn now likes to be called) impresses more and more into the kids' personal lives.

When her ‘hospitality’ gets too much, things get dark. And dangerous.


25. The Last House On The Left

Mari and her bestie Paige (Sara Paxton/Martha Macisaac) meet Justin (Spencer Clark) at Paige’s work. When they decide to smoke weed with him at the hotel after Paige’s shift, it leads to them being kidnapped and violated in the worst possible ways.

Forced to watch her friend stabbed to death, Mari is brutally raped and left for dead in the water. As a vicious storm gathers, the attackers decide to ask for shelter in a summerhouse nearby.

Aaron Paul looking sketchy AF

Unaware that the homeowners are Mari’s parents, when Mari miraculously survives and gets back, Mom and Dad discover what happened to their little girl.

And they’re not going to let it slide.

The remake of the 1972 hit, The Last House On The Left is one big revenge story. It’s in a similar vein to I spit On Your Grave or Mandy without the psychedelics.


24. Fright Night

Charley (Anton Yelchin) is one of those school kids that you were jealous of- popular, hot girlfriend, the works. One day he gets a new neighbour in Jerry (Colin Farrell) and weird things start happening- kids start going missing.

Initially not believing his best mate Ed’s (Christopher Plasse) claims that ol’ Jerry is a vampire, he starts noticing weird things happening next door. Investigating Jerry’s home while he’s out, he’s left with no doubt- the man is not a man. He is, in fact, a vampire.

Vamp, vamp!

Attempting to enlist vampire slayer Peter (David Tennant) Charlie finds himself at war with his next- door neighbour. It’s kill, or be killed.


23. Blair Witch Project

The movie that made the found- footage style what all the cool kids should be doing- it’s the Blair Witch Project.

In 1998, three friends join forces to travel to a small town in Maryland to gather footage for a documentary on the local Blair witch legend. Looking for realism, the trio enter the Maryland backwoods.

Also, lost camera. Contact for reward

After several days, they’re never seen again and all that remains is the video camera to piece together what happened to them.

Lost in the woods, seeing things and hearing voices, it seems that something or someone was watching them. As the footage unveils, the possibility that the Blair witch is more than just a story becomes stronger and stronger.


22. Wish Upon

Be careful what you wish for, because it just might come true.

That old saying has never been so relevant as it is in Wish Upon.

John (Ryan Phillipe) discovers an ornate music box with mandarin lettering on it. Thinking it to be a perfect present, he offers it to his college-going daughter Clare (Joey King) as an  early birthday present.  Decoding one of the symbols on the box as ‘seven wishes’, Clare halfheartedly wishes her school bully ‘would rot’.

Wish upon is like making a deal with the devil- you'll get what you want, but not without a price

The next day, when the bully gets admitted into the ICU with gangrene, Clare can’t believe it. That same night her beloved dog Max is eaten alive by rats and she realises that for every wish she makes with the box, it causes her loved ones to die in horrific ways.


21. Evil Dead (2013)

Don’t do drugs kids, or you’ll end up like Mia (Jane Levy) - murderous, foul- mouthed and demon- possessed!

Vowing to never touch heroin again, Mia tasks her four friends to sit with her in a secluded cabin while she’s working through a nasty withdrawal. To pass the time, her friend Eric (Lou Pucci) explores the cabin and discovers a spellbook that, frankly, just screams ‘please don’t read me’

Whatever's in the basement- just leave it there.

Reading the forbidden words releases one of the nastiest demons in horror history, an entity on a mission to claim five souls to release ‘the abomination’. Possessing the physically weakened Mia, her friends fight an unspeakable evil that threatens to unleash hell on earth.

Remake of the eponymous 90’s movie, Evil Dead has hardcore gore and an ending that would make thrashers Slayer proud.


20. The Babysitter 2: Killer Queen

(Genuinely- SPOILERS HERE)

Two years after young Cole’s (Judah Lewis) defeat of his satanic babysitter and her gang of murder cultists, he’s still struggling to put the ordeal behind him- even his parents think he had a mental episode. Learning that his parents put him in a school for kids with psychiatric issues, he chucks everything off to go and party for a bit.

Halfway through a game on a boat, Cole’s mate Boom-Boom (Jennifer Foster)  gets killed with a boathook.

Brown felt suit, always a winner.

As the chaos engulfs him, Cole realises that the satanic cult he thought he put to bed two years back isn’t  finished with him.

Hell-bent on acquiring Cole’s blood as an offering for fame and fortune, the murderous members will stop at nothing to make their dreams come true.


19. My Super Psycho Sweet 16

A parody of MTV’s notorious Super Sweet 16. A show about rich, spoiled teenagers with little to no appreciation and gratitude. My Super Psycho Sweet 16 gives the unsympathetic Madison Penrose (Julianna Guill) planning her grossly excessive birthday bash.

Wanting the biggest and best venue in town, Madison brats her parents into re-opening the notorious rollerdome- an old skating rink that played host to a brutal series of murders.

Glitz, glamour and spoiled teenagers. That's the gist of this movie.

Despite the protests around holding her party there, what Madison wants, Madison gets. Her spoiled demands lead to all the cattiness you would expect before the party and a deadly night to remember.


Fans of the MTV show definitely will want to give this one a crack for a bit of light entertainment.


18. Scream 1

One of the greatest teen horrors Hollywood ever produced, Scream is….well, it’s a scream. Funny and self- aware, it hits the middle ground between goofy and serious.

One year ago, Sydney’s (Neve Campbell) mother was murdered and the anniversary date fast approaches. As she sits in her home she receives a threatening, taunting call. Freaked out but OK, it isn’t until a killer breaks in and makes an attempt on her life that she takes it seriously.

What a scream

First suspecting her boyfriend Billy (Skeet Ulrich) of making the call, she flees and has him arrested. But when his name is cleared, Sydney’s back to the drawing board. Continuing calls keep coming and adding to the stress is self- involved reporter Gale Weathers (Courteney Cox.)

The shadow of the murderer looms large over Sydney’s life. But WHO is he?


17. Run

We all know people with unhealthy relationships, but the award for ‘most co-dependent’ has to go to the mother/daughter duo in Run.

Diane (Sarah Paulson) dotes on her daughter Chloe (Kiera Allen) and has done so since her premature birth seventeen years ago. Now 17 years old, the wheelchair- bound Chloe has lived her entire life in near isolation, not even being allowed to see the mail.

Run Chloe. Or at least move, as fast as you can!

Chloe begins to expect Diane’s intentions may not be the purest when she finds pharmaceuticals subscribed to her mother with Chloe’s name on them.

Every attempt to broaden her horizons is shut down by her obsessive mother. When Chloe decides it’s time to wrestle free, she finds out that  it’s not going to be a clean break.


16. Terrifier

Without giving the plot away, we need to say Terrifier is NOT for the faint of heart. Showing one of the most brutal kills we’ve seen in recent memory, this is one for the seasoned vets or slightly psychopathic among us. (Or both?)

On Halloween night, young party girls Dawn and Tara (Charlotte Corcoran/Jenna Kanell) stop by a diner and interact with an unsettlingly creepy clown (David Howard Thornton) that slashes their car tires. 

Horror? You bet. Teens? You decide

Calling her sister Vicky (Samantha Scaffidi) to come pick them up, the girls take a bathroom break in a condemned building while they wait for a rescue,

But the killer clown lies in wait, springing a sadistic surprise that you won’t find funny.


15. It Follows

Jay (Maika Monroe) has been dating her new beauboyfriend  Hugh (Jake Weary) for a while and after a couple of dates, she decides to have sex with him in his car.

Live your lives,  kids!

Things take a dark turn when he drugs her and ties her to a wheelchair. Waking up in an old building, loverboy tells Jay that when they had sex, he passed on a dangerous curse and that she’ll be hunted foreover by a demon only she can see.

Admit it- you've slept in worse places

Or, she can pass it on.

Trying to go back to normal life proves difficult as Jaime quickly realises Hugh is telling the truth- something IS following her and it’s not going to stop until it has her.


14.House Of Wax

House Of Wax is an overlooked teen horror, but it’s something of a diamond in the rough.

A group of college kids have made plans to go to a Louisiana football game together. But when the fan belt on their car gives out they’re forced to make a detour to nearby Ambrose to get what they need.

Happening across a funeral in the local church,  they meet Bo (Brian Van Holt), who tells the kids he’ll gladly sell them a fan belt. AFTER the funeral.

College frat boys and Paris Hilton. Couldn't be more teen horror.

As they wait, the kids decide to explore the town’s ‘House Of Wax’ and remark on the level of detail in the ‘figures’.

But as time draws on, layer by layer the secrets to the House Of Wax come out to reveal a horrifying truth.


13. Sorority Row

. Megan (Audrina Patridge) is feeling mischievous and fancies roping her sorority sisters in on the ol’ fake death prank on her boyfriend Garrett (Matt O Leary).

And honestly? They took it WAY too far!

Sorority Row is something of a mix between a non-seasonal ‘Black Christmas’  and ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’

Driving Megan’s ‘dead’ but breathing body out to the local lake, they improv with Garrett that they need to dump her in the water. Garrett, being too deep in the ‘prank’, sees Meghan is still breathing and drives a tire iron into her heart- HORRIFYING her friends.

Dumping the now- dead Megan and swearing not to speak another word of the event, after graduation everybody involved begins to be pestered with video messages that show the worst case scenario-


Someone saw what happened. 


12. I Know What You Did Last Summer

Now for something a LOT more like I Know What You Did Last Summer:

I Know What You Did Last Summer:

One 4th of July weekend, Julie James (Jennifer Love Hewitt) and her college entourage are driving down a quiet road by the coast. All of a sudden they hit and presumably kill a pedestrian. Rather than doing the responsible thing and calling an ambulance, they do the next best thing-


Burying him at sea.

Back in the early days of the 00's, this was considered good fashion.

All is well for about a year. Until Julie returns home from college and gets a letter saying:


‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’.

We don’t want to overuse the words  ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’. So we’ll just say this movie is a good movie, and leave it at that.


11. Freak

Freaky is a darkly humorous take on the beloved Lindsay Lohan movie Freaky Friday.

Except where Lindsay traded bodies with her mother,  Millie (Anna Kessler) trades bodies with the notorious Blissfield butcher (Vince Vaughn), a serial killer who’s so far offed at least four teenagers.

After he tries to get his cursed knife into Millie and she survives, the pair wake up the next to discover that overnight they ‘bodyswitched’ (is that a thing?)

Lets get Freaky. And kill a bunch of people!

With both of them making their way to school, the two begin a quiet spree of murders. Millie, in the butcher’s body, takes her rage out on her bully.

 While the butcher, in Millie’s body, mostly continues as normal. Which for him, is killing indiscriminately.

The two’s eventual confrontation makes the movie- Freaky is a good ‘un for sure.


10. Carrie

Carrie (Chloe Grace Moretz) has a hard time living with her psychic powers AND her devoutly religious mom Margaret (Julianne Moore). Living a sheltered life, she hasn’t been prepared for womanhood in the way other girls have.

One day after gym class, she gets her first period and believes she’s dying. Darting out of the showers in a frenzy, her situation is food for every school bully in a ten- mile radius. Actually, they filmed her for YouTube, so it’s probably more.

Looking at her, you wouldn't think poor Carrie could blow up a van with nothing but an angry face

Still, she tries hard to be normal. She even gets invited to the senior prom! But when she discovers that being named prom queen was just more bullying, the other kids find out just how badly Carrie reacts to the embarrassment.

With horrifying consequences.


9. Hostel II

Hostel II is more or less the same as Hostel, but with twice as much of what made the prequel so hard to stomach- more blood, more shock, more sexiness.

This time offering three American women travelling through Rome, the trio are encouraged by their life model Axelle (Vera Jordanova) to accompany her on a ‘spa trip’ in Slovakia.

Lauren German in Hostel 2, before she met Lucifer

Taking her offer, the girls jet over and check into a hostel, where their passports are scanned and uploaded to a database for auction.

When two businessmen win the successful bid for the girls, they travel to the city. One by one, the poor damsels are tortured and abused for the perverse pleasures of the wealthy gentlemen.

A great movie, but not for the faint-hearted.


8. Warm Bodies

R (Nicholas Hoault) isn’t your average zombie. Starting off as just your average brain munch, when he comes across the doe-eyed Julie (Teresa Palmer) she pretty much kickstarts his again.

Feeling conflicted at first, R notices that the person he becomes around Julia is more……..’actual person’.

At first petrified of the zombieman, Julie starts to warm to R as he does all he can to protect her and her delicious brains from the hordes and the ‘Bonies’- skeletons that prey on anything with a heartbeat (which now includes R.)

Me. R. U. Pretty.  Awhhh what a charmer

Picture Warm Bodies like Romeo And Juliet happened somewhere after 28 Days Later. One for the guys that think they’re not into romance movies. One for the girls that don’t dig zombies.


Everybody’s happy!


7.Satanic Panic

Sam (Hayley Griffith) is new to the grind of adult life, starting her first day as a pizza delivery girl. The tips have been terrible all day, but when she gets an order for a rich fancy shmancy part of town, she’s optimistic that’s going to change.

So imagine her fury when the guy stiffs her and leaves her with exactly $0!

Not taking it lying down, Sam comes into the mansion to discover a full- blown satanic cult in mid-ritual. All the leader Danica  (Rebecca Romijn) need is a virgin. Any virgin will do. The first one that walks in….ah!

Satanic Panic- a movie so goofy it's hard to be scared.


Satanic Panic is a flippant and satirical movie that takes a theme as terrifying as a satanic cult…

And completely turns it on it’s head.


6. Get Out

At first glance, you wouldn’t think of Get Out as strictly ‘teen’ horror. But Jordan Peele’s sociopolitical piece focussing on race dynamics and dating is culturally relevant to a lot of younger people.

Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) and his girlfriend Rose Armitage (Allison Williams) are gearing up to meet Rose’s parents for a weekend stay. But Chris can’t shake the anxiety that being black is going to be a problem.

Get out is a social commentary on interracial woes.

Over the weekend, Chris is exposed to a constant feeling that something isn’t quite right. When the Armitages hold their annual get together and Rose’s parents start getting into Chris’ head, the feeling of discomfort grows into outright fright.

Feeling trapped in the middle of nowhere, Chris knows at least that he has his girl by his side.




5. The Town That Dreaded Sundown (2014)

Produced by the mind that brought us the titan that is American Horror Story, remade for a modern audience.

The Town That Dreaded Sundown is a theatrical sequel to the loose take on a real killing spree in a small Texas town in the post-war USA. Number two begins in 2013 in a drive-in cinema showing the 1974 original. Cori and Jami (Spencer Clark/Addison Timlin) sneak off halfway for some 1-1 time, where Corey gets 1-1 time with a serial killer’s blade.

Mr AHS Ryan Murphy himself produced this dark-yet-colourful remake.

It seems to all that the notorious ‘Phantom’ is back, or at least a copycat has hit the streets. Determined to make the townspeople ‘remember’, he stalks Jami relentlessly, murdering couples in his spare time. 


Fans of serial killers, have at it


4. Jennifer's Body

Next up- it’s Jennifer’s Body. And if the suggestive title doesn’t give it away, this is a movie making full use of gratuitous sex. There’s also blood and murder, but it’s the sex you’ll probably notice first.

School hottie Jennifer (Megan Fox) rocks up in her bestie Needy’s (Amanda Seyfried) kitchen one night soaked in blood with a mighty appetite. All Needy knows is after they went to a bar, Jen decided to go SOMEWHERE with the local band that was playing.

Careful guys- one of them is a real demon.

Jen was meant to be a bride of Satan, but the ritual the band performed went horribly wrong because it needed a virgin.


Now Jennifer is a demon-possessed succubus, preying on the boys at school for blood and food. It’s up to Needy to lift the curse and hopefully save her dear friend.


3. Jeepers Creepers

This turn of the millennium horror follows brother/sister combo Darry and Trish (Justin Long/Gina Philips) on their road trip back home from college.

A routine drive soon becomes a nightmare when Darry lets his curiosity get the better of him. Encouraging Trish to stop and explore an abandoned church with him, the pair hear noises coming from a nearby pipe.

Never has whistling felt so creepy.

Taking leave of his senses, Darry explores the pipe to discover a horrific shrine of blood, gore and death. Fleeing in terror, the pair receive a call from a strange woman letting them know that they’re in danger.

But from just what, is a mystery. And a dangerous one at that.


2. IT, Chapter II

Praise be to Stephen King! A man that’s done more for horror than arguably anybody else.

1988, Derry, Maine. A young boy by the name of Georgie goes out in the rain and doesn’t come back. One year later and his brother Bill (Jaeden Martell) still can’t get over it. He enlists his seven- strong  band of self- described losers in the hunt for Georgie, refusing to believe his baby brother is dead.

Look up, but don't look in IT's mouth

During their hunt for answers, the ‘loser’s club’ make contact with their worst nightmare- An evil, child-munching, shapeshifting ‘clown’ that’s anything but entertaining.

Together the gang confront their worst fears and fight the demon they see, as well as the demons they feel in their own young lives.


1. Split

It wouldn’t be a wild statement to say that Split is James McAvoy’s best performance. Directed by the notorious twist-loving M. Night Shyamalan, this movie is as dangerous and explosive as the man McAvoy plays.

Kevin is sick. How sick? Well, he’s got 24 personalities besides his own swimming in his head. 23 Of which are known to his therapist (Betty Buckley).

He's got that look in his eyes again.

When #24 starts to rear it’s domineering head, it persuades Kevin to abduct and imprison three young teen girls. As you can imagine, the girls want out. Fast.

Trying to overpower the dangerously unstable Kevin doesn’t work. So the girls go the long route and explore the characters in their captors head. Looking for that one, just that one, that will show them the compassion they need to aid their escape.



That does it for the list of top 50 best teen horror movies to watch right now. Nothing left to do exce--


Wait…..don’t turn around. But we think something’s in the room with you. Just keep reading, maybe it’ll go away…..





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