The 15 Best Star Wars Outfits For Your Costume Needs

Get to wear your Fandom out in the open.

Cosplaying is one of the most fun forms of expression a fan can show. To faithfully recreate a costume and embody that character can be a wonderful experience. Being aware of the subtle details and making them ‘just right’ rewards the extensive knowledge of the character or franchise. Star Wars, in particular, has a lot of characters to cosplay as, with a lot of different costumes throughout the series. Choosing a character can be tough so here is a list of the best outfits for your next Halloween party or con outing.

15. Rebel Pilot

Cosplay by Caroline Julianna

Dream of flying an X-Wing or Y-Wing against the might of the empire? With this costume, feel like a real pilot from Star Wars. The bright orange jumpsuit with the white vest has become instantly recognizable. Plus the ability to customize the helmet to look like one from the film or a new creation is a fun perk.

14. Finn

Cosplay by jjgriffin

A newer addition to the Star Wars canon in the recent films. Don the fighter jacket that used to belong to Poe before becoming the iconic look of this new protagonist. Pick from either the Force Awakens or Last Jedi varieties with patchwork on the back of the jacket for the latter. This could add a new challenge to creating the costume if having the jacket is too simple.

13. Darth Nihulus

Cosplay by Paige Gardner

A Sith Lord from the Legends universe with an intimidating look that is sure to be a big hit in the photo booth. It is a relatively simple costume with a dark cloak and a creepy mask. The look is instantly eye-catching and would look great as part of an assembly of other Sith Lords from the other eras of Star Wars.

12. Luke Skywalker

Cosplay by itsLOKI

The main character of the original trilogy has gone through several looks. From the all-white robes of Episode 4 to the mostly black look of Episode 6, there is a lot to choose from with this character. Luke has appeared in five Star Wars movies, with different costumes in each picking a favorite will come down to a personal decision. Most cosplays lean towards the episode 6, full Jedi look, but there are options for fans of his costume in Empire Strikes Back and The Last Jedi.

11. Darth Revan

Cosplay by Wicked Armors

Another character from the now debunked Legends universe. This powerful Sith Lord sports a complicated if very interesting costume. A full cloak, with a cummerbund type waist ban to break up the mono-colors of the look. A special focus needs to be given to the Mandalorian mask this character wears through the series. It is a great, simple design that can feel intimidating but still interesting.

10. Darth Maul

Cosplay by Stylouz Cosplay

Another Sith Lord, this time from the prequel era. Easily one of the most recognizable looks from thate prequel trilogy and will probably receive a resurgence given recent events. The costume itself is relatively easy to recreate, simple Jedi-style robes that fit tightly. The real trick is the face paint and the horns. Adding those to your look will provide some challenges but the results will be worth it in the end and easily make for an amazing costume that will have people talking.

9. Rey

Cosplay by Nebulaluben

The central protagonist from the sequel trilogy, Rey also has comegone through some shifts in costuming. Go for the Force Awakens’ dirty scavenger look with tan robes and dirty looking arm wraps. Or go for the colorful outfit form the end of The Last Jedi with browns and gray mixed together to create look more her owna more unique look. Then choose from different sets of accessories, like remaking her famous staff or adding the Skywalker lightsaber to her belt for an extra nod to Star Wars canon.

8. Han Solo

Cosplay by milkchess

One of the most famous characters from the franchise with a lot of different outfits throughout the eras to choose from. Go with the classic white shirt with black vest look from Episode 4 or the new young Han look from Solo. Either way, you can’t go wrong with the smuggler look. Then you can add accessories, like his blaster or his lucky dice that have received a bump in prominence in the recent years.

7. Kylo Ren

Cosplay by lady narven

The newly introduced villain of the Star Wars saga. He has a robed look with a great looking mask that can easily be the centerpiece of the costume. If you prefer to go without a mask, work on the fake scar from The Last Jedi and just keep the black costume. Whatever choice is made, add to it with the now famous cross-bladed lightsaber that easily steals the show.

6. Imperial Officer

Cosplay by Bria Silivern

The simple, yet effective military uniform is much more breathable than most of the other villainous looks of the Star Wars universe. Go for either a governor Tarkin look with a balding head, or don the imperial cap and go as a regular officer. Regardless, it is a look that demands respect if pulled off.

5. Princess Leia

Cosplay by Scruffy Rebel

The princess of the ill-fated planet of Alderaan has had so many different outfits and looks throughout her five appearances. Some simple, like the winter gear from Empire or the military camo from Return of the Jedi. Some more complicated, like slave Leia from Return of the Jedi. But the most famous look of them all would have to be the white robe with the side buns from A New Hope, the most easily identifiable look she has had in her long history.

4. Darth Vader

Cosplay by Funkster Cosplay

The first Sith Lord ever seen on screen. It is an instantly iconic look that will draw many eyes as you make your way through the convention center. The costume would be difficult to make in a DIY sense but still, but the payoff of getting to have the commanding presence of the dark lord of the Sith f Vader would be a memorable one.

3. Jedi Knight

Cosplay by Nefret

A look first seen by audiences on Obi-Wan in A New Hope, but then mastered in the prequel era. So many people have worn these robes that options for cosplaying are nearly limitless. Step out as Obi-Wan, Mace Windu or even create a new character with this simple yet effective lookoutfit. Just remember to grab a lightsaber for your belt to complete the lookcostume.

2. Mandalorian Mercenary

Cosplay by Mandalorian Mercs

Stand with famous characters like Boba Fett as a galaxy-renowned fighter in the customizable armor of the Mandalorians. Join with the Mandalorian Mercs, a costume group where they create their own sets of armor and weapons. Be creativity with the fandom of Star Wars by customizing a set of armor with different colors, accessories, and attachments.

1. Stormtrooper

Cosplay by The 501st 

Perhaps one of the most instantly realizedmemorable looks in Star Wars is the Imperial Stormtrooper. With There is a version in every era of the franchise, from the Clone Troopers in the prequels to the new First Order. There is so much variety to these choices, with every movie adding more and more options for trooper design. Then there is the 501st Legion, an official organization of Stormtroopers that help members creator their own armor and connect Star Wars fans together.

Which character is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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