Mount & Blade

Mount & Blade rating and user reviews
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Mount & Blade (2007)

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Calradia, a continent torn apart by constant war. It is a land of many kingdoms, each one ruled by a power hungry king with one goal in life, to rule over it all. They send their armies to conquer,to fight and to kill, growing their kingdom with each bloody victory. In the wake of the bloodshed, bandits and groups of deserters raid small villages and farms, stealing all that they can get their hands on. But with the bloodshed comes chances for glory, wealth and fame across all of Calradia. You are an unknown stranger to these lands but even you can potentially shape this blood soaked continent and take the power for yourself.

Become a knight and pledge yourself to the king of your choice, fight in his wars and rise in his ranks, maybe even try to take the throne from him. Or maybe the life of a lord isn't for you? Spend your days raiding villages as a feared bandit, or sell your sword to the highest bidder as a mercenary. The choice is yours.

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