Little Inferno

Little Inferno
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Little Inferno (2012)

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Ever wanted to watch something burn just for the sake of it? Little Inferno Entertainment Fireplace is the perfect product that allows kids to take their most prized possessions and watch them burn to smithereens, all making for quality family fun. Layered with black comedy and commentary, Little Inferno throws players into a consumerist world where they buy more, burn more - only to buy even more, and burn even more. But does it stop there?

Little Inferno is an art game in which players experience a commentary on consumerist culture, all while experimenting with fire, and naturally, basking in the warm glow of flammable objects.

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silverxdiamond's picture

silverxdiamond 2 years 5 months ago

This game...I love it. I adore its unique concept of burning things, making it different from the other puzzle games I have ever played. Initially, players may feel lost, wondering about the purpose of buying items just to burn them away, and whether what happens when the burning ends. However, after reaching towards the end, you will experience settings which are both beautiful yet thought-provoking. Coupled with hauntingly nostalgic music, Little Inferno makes for a totally enjoyable game.

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