Top 10 Games Like DayZ: If You Like DayZ, You'll Love These Games

Top 10 Games Like DayZ: If You Like DayZ, You'll Love These Games

Can you survive the zombie apocalypse? Play games like DayZ and find out!

“Do I have what it takes to survive the zombie apocalypse?”

It’s one of the most important questions in life, next to “should I invest in a life insurance plan?” and “should I name my second child after that Mass Effect character?”

DayZ, a mod of the military simulation ARMA 2, was created in time to jump into the zombie hype train that everyone is currently riding right now. And the best thing about it? It puts all your undead survival theories to the test.

But there are other titles that leave you stranded in a wasteland with nothing but your wits and the barest of necessities to fend off hordes of man-eaters. So how do you know which one will satisfy all your zombie survival needs?

Worry not, dear friends! This article, which lists the Top 10 Games Like DayZ, will help you decide! So pull that hatchet out of that still-squirming corpse and put on your best Daryl Dixon scowl, ‘coz we’ve got zombies to slaughter!

10. H1Z1

H1Z1 01

Death on all sides

Few games like DayZ get the mod’s formula just right. We’re glad to say H1Z1 aims to please.

Like DayZ, H1Z1 is an MMO survival game set in a massive open-world infested with rotting, stinking undead. Think of it as The Walking Dead game that everyone wants to play but was never made.

You’re one of thousands of players running around rural America trying to survive everything from zombies to nature itself. This entails plenty of scavenging, shelters to build, and items to craft. Not to mention you can’t trust everyone; even though teamwork should be at the center of everyone’s game plan, the direness of the situation turns some survivors into hostile douchebags. If fighting zombies as well as the living sounds intense, that’s because it is.

H1Z1 02

He just wants to say hello!

H1Z1 03

Sunset slaughter

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