50 Images That Show Us The Legacy of Chaos Space Marines

Chaos Space Marines
Greetings mortal. You must be blessed by the four gods of Chaos, because now you are to witness the magnificence of the Warp

Do not be fooled by the pathetic followers of the false God Emperor and their teachings, because the truth to real power lies beyond the Eye of Terror.

1) After the death of Horus, the former Sons of Horus retreat to the Eye of Terror and renamed themselves as the Black Legion, to show their disappointment with their former commander


2) Raptors are close combat troops. They are very egotistical and operate in cults. The Night Lords often use them as special troops


3) Khorne’s berserkers were former World Eaters whom became so obsessed with butchery and battle that is all they care now. They despise their former brothers in arms, the Adeptus Astartes, and call them weaklings and cowards because they don’t face their enemies in hand to hand combat


4) Even before the Horus Heresy, the Night Lords were seen by their fellow comrade in arms as wicked and brutal and too fond of violence and torture


5) The Alpha Legion is the most mysterious of the traitor legions. They don`t worship any of the Chaos gods, but they fight against the Imperium. What are they real purpose? Nobody knows


6) The Astral Claws were a loyal Space Marine Chapter but their Chapter Master, Huron, rebelled against the Emperor. Now, they called themselves the Red Corsairs


7) Once, the Word Bearers were fanatical followers of the Imperial Cult. But when the Emperor chastised them for their fanatical views, they chose to serve something more “worthy”


8) The Death Guard pleads their allegiance to Papa Nurgle, the Chaos God of Corruption, Disease and Pestilence


9) Noise Marines are followers of the Dark God Slaanesh. Their senses have been enhanced so they only enjoy pleasure with the most extreme sensations, like sounds so strong that they can use as weapons


10) The Iron Warriors, like the Iron Hands were great artificers. But the Iron Warriors also became as cold and inhuman as the machines they created


11) None know who or what is Malice, but an entire Space Marine Chapter, the Sons of Malice, betrayed the Imperium to swear loyalty to this entity


12) The Crimson Slaughter used to be a loyal Space Marine Chapter, until strange voices started to haunt them. Only when they kill their enemies, the voices shut up. So they started to kill more and more often


13) Obliterators are cursed traitor marines, infected with the terrible Obliterator Virus, which turned them into merciless weapons



14) The psychic mutation was too common among the Thousand Sons. When the Space Wolves arrived to their homeworld of Prospero to destroy them all, they had no choice but to ally the Chaos God Tzeentch


15) To some Chaos Space Marines, the desire for combat and bloodshed are so strong that they mutate into horrendous murderous beasts that are almost unbeatable in hand to hand combat


16) Some Chaos Space Marines willingly allow themselves to be possessed by warp daemons


17) Often, for an aspirant Chaos Champion, the only way to acquire Terminator armor is to kill its previous owner. These Chaos Champions usually become the bodyguard of the highest ranking leader


18) “Blood for the Blood God. Skulls for the Throne of Skulls” The battlecry of the followers of Khorne


19) After the death of their Primarch, Konrad Kurze, the Night Lords disbanded into many small units called Claws. They do not seek to please any of the Chaos Gods, just revenge against the Imperium


20) The Night Lords scorn all forms of faith and respect only temporal and material power. Many of them even consider themselves free of the taint of Chaos and despise those they deem to be corrupted


21) A Black Crusade is an incursion that is formed by united Chaos forces under the command of a particular strong Chaos Champion and go en masse to wage war against the Imperium

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22) The Blood Disciples were once a loyal company of space marines, but a heretic known as the Red Prophet, tainted them with his own cursed blood and turned them into Khorne followers


23) It is said that a mysterious alien organization known as The Cabal, convinced Alpharius, primarch of the Alpha Legion, to betray the Emperor


24) Chaos Marines still use gene-seeds to create new marines, but they use a more cruel and perverted process to refill their ranks


25) By the end of the 41 millennium, the Black Legion is the most powerful of the traitor legions, in part thanks to their policy to accept any renegade war band into their ranks

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26) Typhus, former captain of the Death Guard, became the host of the dreaded Destroyer Plague


27) The Desolate Brotherhood suffered the degradation of their gene-seed. More and more they were assigned dangerous, almost suicidal missions. Each time they thought they had won reprieve, they only received another hazardous mission. Finally they swore allegiance to the gods of Chaos


28) Many of the Thousand Sons became empty carcasses and living armor automatons after Ahriman used a powerful spell, ironically, trying to protect their humanity


29) Even before the Horus Heresy, the World Eaters were merciless bloodthirsty hand to hand combatants



30) Ahriman was the post powerful psyker of the Thousand Sons, only after Magnus the Red himself


31) Many traitor Legions disbanded after the Horus Heresy and turned into small warbands across the galaxy


32) For the Word Bearers, Chaos is the only true divine power in the universe


33) Former proud and brave marines now are ready to exchange their humanity for power



34) The infamous battle of Istvaan III. The first battle where the traitor legions fought and killed their loyalist brothers


35) The Slave Wars were a conflict that confronted the Emperor’s Children with many other Chaos Legions. In the end, the World Eaters and the Emperor’s Children were shattered into small war bands


36) Abaddon the Despoiler became the heir to Horus and the Warmaster of the Black Legion


37)  The 13 Black Crusade ended with the personal defeat of Abaddon, but the loss of the Cadian Gate


38) Konrad Curze, also known as the Night Hunter, was the Primarch of the Night Lords


39) Not only the traitor legions are as powerful as the Space Marines, but many also command the powers of the warp


40) The Dark Wolves are rumored to be a splinter faction of the Space Wolves whom turned to Chaos


41) Horus Lupercal was the Emperor's most beloved son. He refused to believe in his treason until the very end


42) Sanguinius was the first one to meet Horus in battle before the Emperor. Horus proved to be too powerful to anyone but the Emperor himself


43) For the followers of the God Slaanesh, nothing is forbidden as long as it brings pleasure to them


44) Chaos Space Marines rule over Daemon Worlds; planets they conquered and dedicate to the Dark Gods they serve. Each Daemon World is unique, molded after the Champion who consecrated it



45) The Raven Guard, The Iron Hands and the Salamanders were almost wiped out by Horus and the Traitor Legions during the infamous Drop Site Massacre


46) There are two main gates into the realm of Chaos; the one called the Eye of Terror and the one called The Maelstrom


47) When the Chaos Space Marines go to war, alongside them goes the other many servants of the Dark Gods: the fanatics, the mutants and the Daemons


48) The Imperium of Man may be their main antagonist, but the forces of Chaos will fight against anything for the glory of the Dark Gods


49) There are many reasons why a Chaos Space Marine will go to war: to conquer, to enslave, to realize a sacrifice in the name of their gods, for personal glory, to fulfill an unknown agenda, or just because it’s Wednesday



50) Many Chaos Space Marines have lived for thousands of years and their hate against their former brothers in arms is still burning. There is only one way to end this eternal conflict, total victory or total oblivion



In the grim darkness of the 41 millennium, there is only war. But not any war. It is a war of faith and survival. Humanity faces the greatest threat ever, caught between eternal damnation and total extinction.

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