The 30 Best Mileena Cosplays of All Time

Best Mileena Cosplay Mortal Kombat
Mileena just wants a kiss... and the kingdom.

Is Mileena the sexiest female ninja in Mortal Kombat?

Mileena debuted in Mortal Kombat II (1993) as the evil clone of Princess Kitana of Outworld. She wore purple and wielded a pair of devastating sais; and we all just wanted to know what was under the mask. Since that debut, Mileena has had some of the most amazing character design evolution of any MK character. And the cosplays of her… *muah!*. We’re pretty sure some of these cosplays simply defy the laws of physics…

30- Vikahnum

Mileena cosplay by Vikhanum

Vikhanum mileena cosplay

Cosplay by Vikahnum

Mileena doesn’t do shy. She may look like Kitana, but the clone has always shown more skin.

29- Morgana Cosplay

Morgana cosplay Mileena

Cosplay by Morgana Cosplay

Remember when Kitana went down into the Flesh Pits and first discovered Mileena? She was definitely the most unfinished mummy we’ve ever seen.

28- Brynhild Cosplay

Cosplay by Brynhild

We know, we know. We were shocked to see Mileena wearing pants too.

27- Lucid Belle

Lucid Belle Mileena cosplay

lucid belle cosplay mileena

Cosplay by Lucid Belle

Even an evil queen deserves a crown. Mileena will be Kahnum if it kills her.

26- Khainsaw

Khainsaw Mileena Cosplay

Khainsaw cosplay Mileena

Cosplay by Khainsaw

Kitana’s evil clone is one of the most dangerous fighters in Mortal Kombat. Her Tarkatan blood gives her strength and agility the average fighter doesn’t have.

25- Ireland Reid

Ireland Reid Mileena

Ireland Reid Mileena cosplay

Cosplay by Ireland Reid

Ireland Reid looks like she will kill us in our sleep. We might be ok with that...

24- Anapaulajil

Ana Paula Jil Mileena

Anapaulajil mileena cosplay

Cosplay by Ana Paula

This is why you must always be suspicious of the entertainment at the festival. Mileena looks like a dancer but moves like an assassin.

23- Candy Cosplays

Candy Cosplays Mileena

Candy cosplays Mileena

Cosplay by Candy Cosplays

Could we really list the 30 best Mileena cosplays without having a nod to the original, the klassic version, of Mileena? Of course not. We especially love the very real Sais she’s ready to throw.

22- Cin Von Quinzel

Con von Quinzel Mileena

Mileena cosplay Cin Von Quinzel

Cosplay by Cin Von Quinzel

Ultimate MK3 was the last time that Mileena was just a palette swap of her sister. After this, she started to develop her own style.

21- Aretasan

Aretasan Mileena Cosplay

Aretasan cosplay Mileena

Cosplay by Aretasan 

Is that Mortal Kombat: Deception Mileena? Yes, and she has never been shy about using her body to distract you in a fight.

20-Ariane Saint-Amour

Ariane St Amour Mileena cosplay

Ariane Saint Amour cosplay Mileena

Cosplay by Ariane Saint-Amour

Mortal Kombat: Deception Mileena… in pleather…  our brains are broken.

19- Satsu Mad Atelier

Satsu Mad Atelier Mileena cosplay

Satsu Mad Atelier cosplay Mileena

Cosplay by Satsu Mad Atelier

Mileena’s MKX leather armor is practical but still sexy. Outworld and Edenia will be hers to rule!

18- Larxenne Cosplay

Larxenne cosplay Mileena

Larxenne cosplay Mileena

Cosplay by Larxenne

Would you dare challenge her? Nothing that ever came from the Flesh Pits has been easy to kill.

17- Ksana Stankevich

Ksana Stankevich Mileena gypsy

ksana stankevich gypsy mileena

Cosplay by Ksana Stankevich

Is she a belly dancer? Or a gypsy? Either way, Ksana’s variation on Mileena is creative and well done. Despite the softened color, the assassin is still ready to strike at any moment.

16- AsherWarr

Mileena Asher Warr

Asher Warr Mileena cosplay

Cosplay by Asher Warr 

AsherWarr’s cosplay looks so good, these pics could pass for an in-game render. She definitely embodies the darkness that encompasses Mileena when we first see her.

15- Zyunka Mukhina Cosplay

Zyunka Mukhina cosplay Mileena

zyunka Mukhina Mileena

Cosplay by Zyunka Mukhina 

Mileena’s hatred for Kitana and desire to replace her has motivated her to survive multiple tournaments and scheme for power.

14- Lyonegra Costuming

Lyonegra cosplay Mileena

Lyonegra cosplay mileena mortal kombat

Cosplay by Lyonegra

This blood spatter lets you know this tournament is not a game. Lyonegra takes no prisoners.

13- Jakuri-Nu Cosplay

Jakuri-Nu cosplay Mileena

Jakuri-Nu cosplay mortal kombat

Cosplay by Jakuri-Nu

OG Mileena FTW! We had to wait all the way to the end of the game to see what was under the mask. Jakuri-Nu wins all the throwback points today.

12- Viva Valentina Cosplay

Viva Valentina cosplay mortal kombat mileena

Mileena cosplay viva valentina

Cosplay by Viva Valentina 

You are mistaken if you think  Mortal Kombat Trilogy Mileena is not ready for you. Viva Valentina gets bonus points for the stiletto heels on those boots, too!

11- Valeriya DarkElf

Valeriya DarkElf cosplay Mileena

Valeriya DarkElf cosplay mileena

Cosplay by Valeriya DarlkElf Cosplay 

Mileena serves Shao Khan earnestly, but has always felt she was destined for greater things. Edenia will be hers, eventually.

10- Yuriko Akiyama

Yuriko Akiyama Mileena

Mileena cosplay Yuriko Akiyama

Cosplay by Yuriko Akiyama 

Let Mileena give you a hand, and you’ll probably pull back a nub. Does Yuriko look trustworthy in this cosplay? We’ll chance it!

9- Rosanna Rocha

Rosanna Rocha mileena cosplay

Mileena cosplay rosanna rocha

Cosplay by Rosanna Rocha

Mileena only has one constant: a deep hatred for her twin sister Kitana.

8- Nephilim Cosplay

Nephilim cosplay Mileena MK

Mortal Kombat Nephilim cosplay

Cosplay by Nephilim

Shang Tsung created an ambitious but evil creature when he spliced Edenian and Tarkatan DNA to make Mileena in the Flesh Pits. But look how far she’s come now.

7- Rose-Maiden Cosplay

Rose Maiden Mileena cosplay

Mortal Kombat cosplay Rose Maiden

Cosplay by Rose-Maiden Cosplay  Photo credit: Jason Laboy

When she ties the hair up you know that means you’re about to get the business. She will not rest until Kitana is either captured or dead!

6- Ayun Celebelen

Ayun Celebelen Mileena

Mileena cosplay Ayun Celebelen

Cosplay by Ayun Celebelen 

Brazil is lucky to have to have this sexy but terrifying Mileena cosplayer. Don’t let the delicate makeup fool you, she’s looking for a face to chew off with those fangs.

5- Tasha Tremer

Tasha Tremer mileena cosplay

Tasha Tremer cosplay Mileena MK

Cosplay by Tasha Tremer 

Why is Mileena so crazy? Is it because she’s a sorcery experiment created from the darkest magic? Or does she really just prefer things this way?

4- Luna Gabriella

Luna Gabriella cosplay Mileena

Luna Gabriella cosplay MK

Cosplay by Luna Gabriella 

Luna Gabriella makes the MK Trilogy look good. The black eye effect might just portray exactly how evil Mileena is. Maybe.

3- Lana Marie Live

Lana Marie Live cosplay Mileena

Lana Marie Mileena

Cosplay by Lana Marie 

Mileena knows exactly what you’re here to see.

2- LeelooKris

LeelooKris cosplay Mileena

cosplay MK leelookris mileena

Cosplay by LeelooKris

There’s blood. There’s tongue. What more could you need? Mileena doesn’t normally wear this much clothing, but look at all the different things she can stab you with.


Serene September cosplay Mileena

sereneseptember cosplay Mileena

Cosplay by SereneSeptember

The Kahnum of Outworld will order your execution and then dance on your grave.

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