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Standard Spectre still securing kills
Spectre is one of the most important weapons not because of the... Read More
Dull but deadly
In Valorant we all get carried away and want to rush Odin to pin down... Read More
Just your normal Vandal, it's all about who's carrying it
Vandal has been one of the best weapons in Valorant since launching!... Read More
[Top 15] Valorant Most Popular Skins That Look Awesome
Besides its strategic gameplay, Valorant is also famous for its... Read More
[Top 15] Valorant Most Expensive Skins That Look Freakin' Awesome
Do you believe in skin buffs? Skins are the cosmetics part of... Read More
  Can’t afford to buy that Operator this round?... Read More
Valorant: How To Buy Skins
    Playing Valorant would not be... Read More
    How to buy skins not in Valorant store... Read More
Valorant: How To Buy Old Skins
  Do you want to buy the famous Elderflame Vandal... Read More
Phoenix, Killjoy, and Viper
The Phantom is arguably the best gun in VALORANT. Why? Because of its... Read More
Vision with Sova and a one tap with the Operator!
The Operator is a scary weapon in Valorant! You can easily taste the... Read More
Ares is broken but also your aim my friend.
If you have played Valorant then you must have heard of the Ares! But... Read More
Giving one taps isn't as easy as receiving them.
All shooting games lovers must have tried being a sniper once! But... Read More
Many Valorant agents but you still only insta-lock one!
In Valorant we have all heard of the concept called “One Tap”.... Read More
Jett's blades are sharp but funny if they're missed!
Valorant is considered a fresh game but it has been released since... Read More
The Judge is one of the best, if not the best, effective close-range... Read More
Viper holding a Bucky in DUALITY
The Bucky is the best close-range eco weapon. Less versatile than the... Read More
The Ego Skin Collection - VALORANT
The Stinger is an extremely efficient anti-eco or half-buy weapon. It... Read More
Pheonix holding a Spectre
The Spectre is everyone’s favorite run and gun weapon in VALORANT.... Read More
Yoru holding a Sheriff
The Sheriff is the best, and most expensive, sidearm in the game. It’... Read More
VALORANT Champions Skin
We all love good skins, especially in FPS games. That being said:... Read More
Prime // 2.0 VALORANT skin bundle
VALORANT has some amazing-looking skins. Some are cheap, some are... Read More
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