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About - Konstantin Koteski: Konstantin is a dedicated appreciator of well-written narratives and has often encountered them in more than one medium. For more than 20 years now, he's found great pleasure in both literature and console games. He still firmly believes that great stories are born from pure, untainted souls, even though he has a master's degree in civil law. Above else, he revels in artistic works that present causal growth for their fantastical characters. For him, there's always been a parallel between the allegorical hardships of a literary hero and the player's conquering of a captivating video game's challenges. That's why he approaches each worthy example with the right mindset, all while finding ways to savor the adventure, preserving it for longer in his mind. He believes that writing about games is a healthy way to upkeep such obsessions. When he isn't reading a book, you'll probably find him in Lordran, Yharnam, Tristram, or even in an arms race against The Patriots.

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