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About - Aleksandar Arnaudov: Aleksandar Arnaudov Aleksandar is an entertainment journalist writing about RPG games and action adventure games. his experience is based on constantly reading and studying game engines and reading about new titles that are upcoming, the ambitions and challenges developers have producing their game. He himself spent more than 23 years playing games of many genres that only shows his love for video games and devotion to writing. He is an expert writing about RPG, Action adventure and Strategy games. Aleksandar's education is level is College, has an certificate in English issued by the Gifford College United Kingdom, and he has a passion for video games. Aleksandar has a lot of experience in gaming such as "Assasin's creed" franchise, "Elder Scrolls"franchise , "Total War" franchise, "Grand theft auto" franchise and many more. He likes writing about game development, issues, bugs and bug fixes, dilemmas and upcoming changes with the new patches and so on . Aleksandar is very passionate playing and writing about games because games were part of his growing up, part of his teen - age and also part of his adult life now, games are a window into a world that is specially made just for the gamer, years and years development for a game just to be played by our comfort of our desktop.

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