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About - Samuel Gallew: I'd put my 3 favorite games on my profile, but I can't find them. They are Ori and the Will of the Wisps, Dungeons and Dragons, and Minecraft. I have hundreds of hours in D&D as well as Minecraft, though Ori and the Will of the Wisps is a little short for me to get 100+ hours in without lots of speedrunning challenges, I love seeing the stories some of these games unfold, and the creativity that stems from them. I currently run 3 Campaigns for 5e, 1 of which I'm co-DMing and teaching the other DM, and if you get me started on D&D it can take a while for me to run out of things to talk about. I would consider myself an expert on game mechanics as I do make a lot of homebrew for my D&D campaigns, and enjoy thinking about how things work. I have been homeschooled from a young age and absorbed the stories I was soaked in. I learned the tricks that story authors put down, and more recently, I have started running D&D campaigns. My most popular campaign started as a One-Shot that the players wanted to keep going. Back in the period of flash games, I would game jump a lot until I hit a game I really enjoyed and then would keep playing that until I beat it or it stopped grabbing my attention. Nowadays, I play a lot of games, gravitating to those where I get to work on problem-solving (like Tech packs in Minecraft), platforming (like Celeste), creative writing (like D&D), or appreciating a masterpiece (like the Ori games). My favorite part of writing about games is sharing experiences I have playing them with people who are considering playing them, then moving them on their decisions to play those games.

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