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About - Aaron Danvers-Jukes: My name's Aaron, and I am a blind person from the UK. I learned about gaming in the early 90's when I heard a friend playing on a Nintendo GameBoy, and also got to have a go. However, it was the PlayStation that really got me interested. I discovered fighting games, and when I realized I could get somewhere without sighted help, that was the genre I played, and still do to this day. In, I guess, the early 2000's, I discovered audiogames on the pc, games designed for the blind. These literally had no images back then. The scene is fairly far behind when it comes to game genres, in the audiogaming scene we don't even have a MOBA. I am also very interested in the accessibility efforts that have recently started to be made. Sony launched their text to speech on the PS4, but restricted it to the US. Microsoft then launched Narrator on xbox one in the US at first, and then a year later for the UK. Since then, things have slowly started to improve. As a blind person it's fairly hard to play the latest blockbuster games, so I use YouTube a lot, although there are certain modes like Gears 5 Horde and their target lock features, that can be somewhat doable. but that might be changing too. When Naughty Dog released The Last of Us Part II and said there'd be 60 accessibility features, and then we heard reports of blind people being able to play, well, I purchased a PS4 to try this out. I can safely say, after being five hours in with no sighted help, the result has left me very, very excited for the future, with a hope that developers will start to listen and now have examples to work with when it comes to making games accessible. Steam is very slowly beginning to become more accessible as a software platform as well, but it's taking it's time. I have set my genre to rpg for the simple fact that a lot of RPG games have great storylines. It is my hope that one day, I will be able to join you all in playing an amazing RPG and get fully immersed in a huge game. I believe that day will be coming, at some point.

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