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About - Søren Karlsen: Søren is an experienced science fiction writer and author from Denmark. With multiple books published on Amazon, where he hosts his own sci-fi novel series. Currently, he is also working on a comic book as well. He is an expert in the stealth and RPG genres, having mastered old-school classics like Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy VII, where he spent over hundreds of hours. Here he developed a natural inclination towards sneaking in the shadows, and diving deep into the characters, loving to envelop himself in the story of the games. An inclination that would later lead him to explore the endless possibilities of fiction to become a writer himself. Having completed every single MGS game to date, he has spent most of his life following in the footprints of Solid Snake, a character he deems his all-time favorite. Søren's experience with writing surpasses five years, covering a total of 7 books, with several short stories released on the side. He is an accomplished multimedia designer with experience in coding, graphics design, and video editing, about to undertake a bachelor to become a project manager. Besides gaming and writing, Søren also has a passion for strength training, running, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in which he holds a blue belt. Introduced to gaming at the age of six, Søren's first experience with gaming was when his friend's brother bought a Playstation, back in 1996. The amount of glorious, uncountable hours that followed behind the screen every day after school would take no end. All-time classics such as Gran Tourismo, Destruction Derby, Tekken II, Resident Evil, Final Fantasy VII and Abe's Oddysey were some of the first titles he ever played. At the age of 10, having saved up an allowance for two years, he finally had enough money to buy a Playstation himself and Metal Gear Solid, from where the introduction to cutting-edge military stealth action, deep conspiracies, and intriguing stories and characters, would influence his person to this very day. Soon after, he got Final Fantasy VII as a birthday gift, a game that showed him how powerful simple dialogue could be. With a gorgeous world set in the wondrous setting of steampunk, he suddenly experienced how powerfully emotions could be portrayed by characters, even without them saying a word. On top of this was an ingenious turn-based RPG with endless amounts of customizable features, allowing you to build and tailor characters exactly how you wanted. The freedom was almost too much. Søren's passion for gaming, and why he loves writing about games, is because just like books, movies, comics or any other media, it allows you to completely dive into another universe. Is it for a couple of minutes? Hours? Days? Even years? It doesn't matter. Some games will leave a permanent mark on you, they will give you something unique that you will carry with you for the rest of your life. It could be a certain experience, a powerful emotion, a shocking twist, an incredible joy or sense of accomplishment, but what makes writing about gaming so great is that all of us gamers can relate to this, and it's here, in the middle of this beautiful, orchestrated chaos of emotions that we gamers meet! To tell, listen, discuss, argue, agree and disagree about every game from A to Z, and that is what makes writing about games so interesting!

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